VO Mixte Improvements!

The Velo Orange mixte frame that was discussed here a few months back is finally finished and available for sale. I felt the need to announce this, because VO made the crucial change to the original prototype I was so hoping for: They made the seat-cluster as beautiful as the rest of the frame!

I was so excited when I saw the new frame on the VO website and noticed the change!

In case you have no idea what I am talking about: The seat cluster is the part of the bicycle frame where the top of the seat tube meets the two rear stays. On the final VO mixte frame, the seat cluster (image on the left) is beautifully, delicately lugged. Why do I care about that? Well, I just happen to have aesthetic preferences when it comes to seat clusters and fork crowns, so these little details are important to me. It has also been pointed out that the new design allows for greater fender clearance than the prototype.

The difference between the final design and the prototype (image on the right), is that in the prototype the rear stays were connected to the seat tube itself, underneath the lug. Since earlier I criticized the prototype seat cluster, I felt it is only fair that I inform readers of the change.

In my view, this is now hands-down the nicest non-custom mixte frame available for sale at the moment, especially if you prefer the classic "split top tube" (twin lateral stays) version of a mixte. Oh, and the price is $525 USD. I fear the gods of mixte gluttony will smite me if I covet this frame (oops, I just coveted it!), but who-ever gets one of these beauties will be one lucky lady. If you buy one, please send me pictures of it built up, so that at least I can love it vicariously.

I have no affiliation with Velo Orange other than being a paying customer; just genuinely happy that they made this frame available to the public. [Edited to add: Velo Orange became a sponsor of this blog in 2011, but was not at the time of this post.]


  1. Ahem, I know a few men who want this frameset as well...

    Mixte = Unisex

    Nice upgrades! Glad you spoke up!

  2. True... though these frames are probably suitable for gentlemen under 6' only: the largest frame size is 57cm. Perhaps this is VO's way of gently telling you guys to leave these for the ladies? : ))

  3. I saw this posted to their blog the other day and I agree it looks much better. I was thinking they made a change where the top tubes cross the seat tube too. The lighter blue color looks better too. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one if I was in the market.

  4. Does anybody know whether this blue is a different colour from the prototype? It looks different (nicer) to me, but that might just be due to different lighting in the two sets of pictures.

  5. The tint of the blue in the newer pictures looks different from the prototypes to me, as well. Less red-violet in the mix in this latest version, I think.

    57 CM, eh? That actually might work for my over 6' height, depending on a few things.

    I suppose I'm in trouble. As if I didn't covet enough bikes.

    Corey k

  6. Ahem... there are rather a lot of us under 6' tall. Most of us, in fact. If maxing out at 57 cm is a hint, it's lost on me.

    Fortunately, we rugged-yet-sensitive types are secure enough to hop on a mixte when the fancy strikes.

  7. That new lug arrangement just *works*. It looks far more symmetrical than the prototype. Hmm... Velo Orange ship overseas... but I don't think my budget is up to it at the moment, covet this little beauty as I do now it is for sale.

  8. Gorgeous. But I'm still morally opposed to the logo design. :(

  9. Herzog - Remind me, was the logo design achieved using child labor, or do you not like the aesthetics?

    Carinthia - we can have a VO Mixte Coveters society : )

    Mike - Great. You sensitive and secure types take all the resources away from the ladies! Next you'll be wanting loop frames, like the Dutch men. Well maybe Holland has enough loop frames to go around and France enough mixtes. But in the USA have the decency to leave these tasty morsels for us!

  10. well, the only problem i have with the VO mixte is that the largest frame size is only 57cm! or maybe that's just a problem i have with myself, being 6'1" and needing a 61cm frame! i honestly wonder if any tall people work at VO... even their beautiful polyvalent 650B frameset isn't offered in a size larger than 60cm. :-(

    but in general, i agree, their mixte frame is nicely executed, and the price is quite reasonable.

  11. Velouria, aesthetics.

  12. I'm getting one of these and having it dipped. Holla.

  13. You know, if you like this one, Soma has another one, but it's not lugged. I particularly like the gold and white color scheme on that one


  14. Did men buy up the mixtes? They're sold out now!
    If you look at VO's staff bikes they look like tall folks...and I am too short for the rando, and well the polyvant is sold out too.
    Maybe next time VO will be able to order more sizes and more frames!


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