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French Fender DayIn the early days of this blog I put up a post entitled, ever so cleverly, the Trading Post - where readers could use the comments section to trade bicycles, components and other cool stuff with one another. Lacking in slickness of presentation or any sort of structure, this method of facilitating barter exchanges seemed like a recipe for chaos. But it has actually worked out surprisingly well over the years - with lots of folks writing to tell me that they've not only traded, bought or sold things through the page successfully, but have made friends and found soulmates in the process. Okay, so perhaps that last bit is an exaggeration. But my point is, the Trading Post was a nice feature of the blog, and so I've decided to keep it after the update. Comments other than the most recent been removed, and I'll try my best to keep on top of that.

And so, I invite you once again to use the comments section here to post items you have available for sale or trade that you think will be of interest to fellow Lovely Bicycle readers, as well as wish lists of any items you might want.

Trading Post Guidelines:

. Describe the items you have/ want in list form; they are easier to read that way.

. Remember to include your contact information, so that interested parties have a way of getting in touch with you!

. Please do not reply to each other in the comments. If you have any questions for a lister, contact them directly.

. You do not need to post an equal number of "have" and "want" items. It's fine to post only one and not the other.

. Not everything in your list needs to be bicycle-specific. For example: your "want" list can include bicycle components, but your "have" list can include vintage cameras.

. Post as often as you like.

. Please delete your old comments if they contain outdated information.

. This page is for non-commercial entities only. If you wish to promote your shop or restoration business, I invite you to purchase an ad.


Aside form maintaining this page as a courtesy, I have nothing to do with the exchanges or interactions that go on here. I do not benefit financially from any sales or barter exchanges made through this page. I do not vet listings. I am not responsible for comments posted by other readers, for any items offered by other readers, or for your interactions with other readers. As always, when dealing with unknown persons over the internet, please use your judgment!


  1. Hello! I have a 1967 Raleigh DL-1 Tourist, Rod Brake Roadster in great shape,all original besides the tires i believe.
    it is a large sized bike with 28" wheels.. the front brake needs tightening and it needs a shift lever but this is a simple and cheap fix..
    the bike truly is a rare and incredible looking bicycle!.. i am located in Cambridge, Ma. i can be reached via email @ i have a ton of pictures i can send you!.. i would be interested in trading for a road bike (Bianchi?!) or i will sell to a good home, thanks!

  2. Hello,

    I have a 1954 (I believe) Gazelle men's bike.

    Black with white or cream on back of fender.

    Stubby original leather saddle

    This was a "garage find", has been hanging up since the 60s or 70s.

    Rideable the way it is, or really a great candidate for restoration

    Has a really cool wrap-around chain guard

    Really tall bike and comfortable "sit up straight" frame geometry.

    I am looking to trade for a nice vintage acoustic guitar.

    contact me at

    Pictures upon request.

  3. Hello! I have a barely used Batavus BUB. Matte black, step-through frame, comes with both front and rear rack. Fantastic commuter bike with great hauling capacity. I'm downsizing my bicycle collection, so I'm looking to sell rather than to trade. Located in Boston. Please contact me at whitewallaby {at} gmail {dot} com.

  4. I have / pashley butcher/delivery bikes and a lady's royal Enfield all non restored but in use,also I have a cast alloy humber factory sign 3ft6 x12 inch nice piece a must have for a collector.

    ladies royal Enfield curved bar 1949

  5. Hi - I'm in the UK and looking for a Volkscycle in decent condition. I might also be interested in certain Lambert or Viscount too...oh, and a Falcon Black Diamond.
    I have cash or some things to part trade (and old Dawes, a Viscount or two)

  6. Pashley Sovereign Roadster five-speed for sale. Purchased new four years ago and ridden three or four times. Recently serviced for the summer. Heavy English frame is not the right bike for hilly Omaha, Nebraska river country (yes, there are hills here). Please contact me at

  7. Looking for a set of Legnano Pista from forks 1960's
    Can you help ?
    Please email me on

  8. For Sale: Loop Frame rod brake roadster. Probably an Avon or Atlast (Indian manufacture), part-for-part interchangeable with the Raleigh DL-1.

    This is a single-speed bicycle with 28" wheels and a coaster brake (so you don't have to rely on the rod brakes). Full chaincase, rear rack, new white schwalbe tires, older Brooks B72 saddle. Email for photos, details etc. Price is $250 + shipping if outside the NYC metro area.

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  10. Want to Buy: " Novara" bicycle shopping bag in the older (original?) black with red accent trim in new or nearly new condition. I already have one of these so I am hoping to find another that matches it and will balance the bike a little better. Please contact me at patpflum at oct dot net. Thank you so much! And Merry Christmas, too!

  11. Have:
    52cm Soma Grand Randonneur frameset - assembled, but never ridden - like new!

    54-55cm 650b randonneur frameset
    Cannon EF mount lenses
    Randonneur style handlebar bag
    $350 shipped (or $325 local pick-up)
    XTR/XT/SLX hydro disc brake set

    Contact me if interested: bwbailey90(a)gmail

  12. Hello, I have a Brooks B72 Saddle in black (which you can no longer get from Brooks) and a matching black Brooks Challenge Tool Bag. They are both in like new condition. $200 for both, including shipping within the Continental US.

    I also have a Brooks B72 in brown that is new in the box. $145, including shipping within the Continental US.

    I can be reached at jabunnell {at} comcast {dot} net

  13. 1955 Norman Ladies 3spd, 21" frame, cobalt blue. Pre-Raleigh. Preposterously good condition. Ready to ride (qualified below).

    I found this bike on CL two years ago and talked a friend into getting it. The bike was preserved under a coat of oil when found and approximately NOS. In many ways it still is. It has been used and the paint has been scuffed and scraped quite a bit. My friend is getting on in years and orthopedic issues have her shopping for a Biria. I would like to find another home for the old dear.

    Those paint scrapes are recent and I find no corrosion. The decals are all there and very very good. The paint is still shiny and lustrous and more than 95% there, someone skilled at touchup could still bring it back to museum quality. Or just make it a rider.

    The standout on this bike is the chrome. All of it is excellent for a 60 year old bike and some is simply show quality. The bar and stem in particular look like someone replated and polished yesterday. But I think it's original, there are enough Old Blighty imperfections to make it look real and not like someone was creating a concours motorcycle. I have been doing this a long time and have never seen any bike this old with chrome this good. Few bikes of any vintage have chrome this good.

    The tires and tubes are new. The Sturmey trigger appears newer than the bike, without research I'll guess late 1960s. The pedal rubbers look like replacements. They are period correct non-reflector replacements. Everything else is original as far as I can tell. The original Lycett spring mattress in tan has no marks or stains and is the finest I've ever seen. Original and un-yellowed white inflator. The whole bike is full of that sort of pleasant surprise. And it weighs a good bit less than you expect from a 3spd.

    The original handgrips are hard as rocks and are slightly eroded. I mean slightly. If you want originality or if you don't mind hard grips you will keep them. Period Brit grips are readily available. I would get new grips.

    About ready to ride. This is an English steel rim bike. The brake levers, cables, cable casings, cable runs, brake calipers, and rims are all in seriously excellent condition. Given which it should stop better than average for a bike of it's type. The bike stops about average for an old English 3spd. I suspect the brake pads need replacement. I recommend Fibrax pads and I can tell you where to get new ones. If you like KoolStop that's fine too. I am not responsible for your safety. I cannot ride your bike for you. You are responsible for your personal safety. OTOH if you think you simply must have aluminium rims or you will die this is entirely the wrong bike for you.

    If you have a healthy bank account you can pay me for this bike. If you have a collection of 40s 50s 60s bike parts let's talk trades. 1970s Campy works too. If you are young and broke and personable I might let you have it free. Be warned I'm an old grouch and do not suffer fools gladly. "Upgraders" and hipsters will not receive answers and will not have this bike.

    Local pickup in Chicago strongly preferred. I would also like to meet you. Someone could make some money selling this bike for parts and the only defense I have against that is your character. This bike should be kept together. If it were to be parted the cranks and a few other pieces would go on my own bikes. So either local or someone who presents very well by email. Shipping is possible but the bike will be boxed by my LBS and the buyer covers all costs. In no case will I subsidize shipping. Photos for asking but please be patient. Contact me at wilsontaxi at yahoo dot com.

  14. Hello, and best wishes for the season to everyone who reads this. I hope to finish rebuilding my 1976 Dawes Galaxy in the new year, and need one small part to fit the front Weinmann centre-pull brake. This is the hanger bracket, which is secured by the headset nut (standard one-inch type as used in the 1970s) and to which you attach the barrel adjuster. It seems that all those currently available new have the locating tang at the back. This fits into a groove machined along the steerer tube of the forks. Unfortunately, the Galaxy forks have this groove at the front, so the locating tang must also be at the front. People have suggested I buy a new one and file off the tang, but much thought (and experience in the past) convinces me that the locating tang is vital in keeping the headset tight. Has anybody got one of these hangers (with the front-located tang) which they'd be prepared to sell at a reasonable price? In fairly decent condition, because it's to replace one with very pitted plating. All the best for the new year. My email is patrick.dwyer28 AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk, and I'm in the north of England.

  15. Hi there! I have a rarely used 2014 WorkCycle ladies "Oma" for sale. 8-speed internal Shimano hub. Dynamo front and rear lighting. Full chain case. Skirtguard. Brooks leather saddle. Size 49 frame. In the DC/VA/MD area only. If interested, please contact:

  16. My wife's 1950 Huffy Bike is up for sale if interested

    A stylish 1950s vintage women's bicycle by Huffy. It features a teal finish to the frame, with chromed wheel guards and handle bars. It is single-speed, and still has its vintage white-wall tires, and in good and rideable condition.

    Good condition
    - minor wear and rust flecks to the metal, ready to ride...Great beach bike!

    Presently being up for bidding at the following local Cincinnati EBTH auction site below:

  17. Hi I have what I believe to be a 1954 Indian Scout 3 speed sturmey archer up for sale. It is in great shape with mininal surface rust. It is missing the chain gaurd other than that I think it is complete. Just needs some elbow grease to shine! Fmi please email thank you

  18. Hi everyone.
    I had a 26" Huffy Ladies Cruiser that took me to work and handled all the groceries I could pile on. Unfortunately, it was stolen two nights ago. I have been unable to find work after being laid off a year ago, and have no funds to purchase another. If anyone in the Miami, Florida area has anything remotely similar they would like to donate, I sure could use a break.

  19. I have a 1967 metallic green Sunbeam, large frame, in really wonderful condition. New cream schwalbes. front wicker basket, decals in tact, but for partial on upright. Grip still bright white as was stored, presumably. Older Brooks B72 that looks a bit puckerd but still soft and very serviceable. Has small crease in front fender near brake. Denver. Have too many Raleighs and would like it to go to someone who appreciates it. Lively feel.

    1. Are you located in the boston area? I am very interested. Can you send pics and info to

  20. I have a Bella Ciao Superba in San Francisco. I'm interested in selling it locally. Thank you.

    1. looking for a bella ciao. my email is Thanks!

    2. Sorry I just saw this now! I still have the bicycle. It's almost mint.

  21. I have a nearly-new ladies Gazelle Toer Populair for sale. I've been commuting on it for about three months and now realize I need a more mult-purpose bike. It's beautiful, 8 speed internal Shimano hub, skirt guards, Brooks saddle, front and rear dynamo lights. I'm in the Boston area. Not sure of the exact size, I'm 5'8".

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  22. I have a ladies PASHLEY PRINCESSES for sale ((£ 500 BRAND NEW,)) unfortunately I fell down my steps & broke my leg really badly & was in a wheelchair over 9moths, then on crutches. My leg is plated steel , with screws holding it together. I have to be very careful with my leg hence the reason my beautiful bike for sale. THEY ARE SELLING AT £ 700 + NOW ,SO SHE IS A BARGEN, I only have road my Pashley the once around my village then had my accident. More information please contact me on

  23. FOR SALE

    Pashley Pronto utility/delivery bicycle.
    Custom restoration of this classic Pashley bicycle with high quality specification and beautiful finish. Ideal to promote a business, or simply to enjoy as a private owner.

    •22" Pashley steel frame
    •Rigida wheelset 26" Rear 24" Front
    •Schwalbe Marathon tyres
    •SRAM P5 5-speed Internal Gear Hub
    •Cable actuated drum brakes
    •Edelstahl Rostfrei ergotec stem
    •Alloy riser bar
    •Alloy brake levers
    •Dutch style comfort grips
    •Orange ding-dong Dutch bell
    •Stronglight alloy chainset
    •KMC stainless chain
    •Alloy caged pedals
    •Dawes comfort sprung saddle
    •Kalloy Uno seat post & Shimano chrome QR
    •Hebie polished alloy chain guard
    •Hebie heavy duty double kickstand
    •Pashley chain tensioner
    •Pashley full length mudguards
    •Pashley racks
    •Pashley 16KG SWL cargo box
    •Axa SL7 integrated wheel/cable lock
    •Battery operated integrated LED lights

    £425. CONTACT Andy for further details/photos.
    Location: Merseyside UK

  24. My early '70's Bottecchia Mixte is still available (previously posted here late 2014). Lightly ridden and stored; some very minor modifications. I am in the San Francisco East Bay area. Thank you.

  25. Spectacular URAGO Mixte Randonneur for sale to a loving person. It's a "Green-Gold-Bronze" color both described by friends as both "The most beautiful Color I've ever seen" (looks great in the sunlight!) and "Ugh! Baby-Poop Green!". Cream accents. I guess you either love it or hate it. It's a smallish frame, the seat tube is approx. 50cm. Built-on, integrated rear rack. Previous owner a bike mechanic who took it in trade from the original owner 20 years ago and stored it until I found it. It's completely original except for the tires, which were replaced with slightly used 650b cream Gran Bois Hetre 42's. I have a new pair but the used ones just gave the bike the right vibe... Gorgeous, rare model Stronglight crankset, SIMPLEX shifting components. The cracked front one was replaced with a correct good-used old-stock one. White down tube shifters and brake levers. Amazing lugged PIVO alloy (I believe) Stem. Darn attractive. NOT restored, just cleaned a bit, lubed and tuned, after consulting with a famous Connecticut bike builder who told me "Those WHEELS!!!" They are MAVIC Criterion's, original decal still intact on both wheels. The seat was under a vinyl cover it's entire life, was a near perfect IDEALE #6 Women's saddle. It was dry and hard but in amazing shape, so, after many days of rubbings of saddle soap finished with Proofhide it's now very beautiful. Hammered alloy fenders with cream stripes fitted with a wheel driven Dynamo powering Alloy lights, a CIBIE on the rear, Unknown brand on front, but an awesome alloy bullett! You can see a few pictures on my bike blog: Some of those are "before - after" shots, you can see the same part, the grime and the clean. Nothing too aggressive was done cleaning this up. Have not even waxed it. Those pictures don't have the lights installed yet. If interested further, please contact me for photos and more superlatives: Chris Dutro.

  26. Hello There!
    We have a beautiful 1945 WWII Swiss Army Vintage Collectible Bicycle for sale. Used by the Swiss Bicycle Infantry, this model was introduced in 1905. The basic model saw many variations as it was adapted for use in many different fields of warfare. Some were used for messenger transport. This model is a single speed with rear drum brake system and is also fitted with an integrated headlight on the front, mudguards, and a rear carry rack. The seat is a heavily sprung leather saddle type to offset any roughness on riding terrain and includes a large pump for tires, as well as a small tool hold-all to perform basic maintenance.

    This bicycle is all original and has not been restored, to our knowledge. The original license plate is still on the bike. All serial stamps are in-tacked and the original parts are in working condition.

    Please contact Graham at or Chelsea with serious inquiries only.
    We want this to go to a good home.
    Thank You!

  27. Hi, Everyone!

    I am searching for a NOVARA "'ROUND TOWN" SHOPPING PANNIER, Black with Red Trim. I have one and want a pair, but they aren't making this model or color combo any longer. Should you have one you are willing to sell, please contact me:

    Many thanks. Pat (USA)

  28. I have an original one of a kind Rene Hearse Men's Bike. My father owned it for years before he passed away. He always bragged about it saying there was only one made and Doris Day had the female version. I am not too knowledgeable on bikes and all I can tell you is that it is collapsible has campagnolo parts and is in fantastic shape. He tried to sell it once on Ebay for $10,000 about 10 years ago. I have tried to find more information about this bike and have hit a wall online. Can anyone help me out here? I think it was built in the 60's or 70's, it sports a shiny chrome finish and I unfortunately do not have the original bag that it came in when it was in it's collapsed form.
    Any information would be helpful. Jacqueline

    1. Sounds like the custom bike built for Dr Clifford Graves of the former International Bicycle Touring Society! Is it solid chromed? What frame size

  29. Contact Jan Heine at compass bike. Com. He's an expert.

  30. Hi I have a 2 nitto technomic stems and a nitto classic bar that I am selling . I'm selling them on . Please browse my ads and bid through that site . As you can see from my profile I am a good seller all 100% positive .

  31. This goes in the "items wanted" category: We'd like a Lovely Bicycle decal, your signature LB that is itself so lovely. I'd love to put one on the Seven Axiom S that I'm in the midst of having built. Thanks for considering it!

    1. Such a decal already exists (made by Seven) - though I would prefer it went on bikes to whose design I make some form of contribution.

  32. For sale or trade Beveltech 3sp step-thru by Marushi.Shaft drive, no chain.Externally contracting drum brake rear, caliber front. Built in front wire basket, block generator light,cafe lock. Black

  33. hello, i have a raleigh chiltern 3 speed sturmey archer twist shift gears, 26 inch wheel green frame, rear mud guard broken slightly looking for around 70 pound

  34. Wanted:
    Make: Austro-Daimler Puch
    Model: Michelle
    Frame Style: mixte

    Preferably cream colored - but I don't know if it ever came in any other color.

    50-54 cm or 20-22 in size.

    I live in Oregon, USA, but I am willing to drive to almost anywhere in US. Would consider paying shipping costs for international.

    My AD-P Michelle was stolen last week and for sentimental reasons I'm curious to see if I can find the exact bike anywhere. Nothing on Ebay or the west coast Craigslists yet.

    Please email Emily:

  35. I have a black Brooks Cambium C17 that I would like to trade for the rust color C17. Mine is new in box. I would trade for lightly used, if necessary.

    Please email:

  36. I have come into my possession 4 bicycles that need a bicyclist's restoring hand. I do not know the year of these bicycles. I can send a photo to someone's phone. They are: Suhw-ZZ man's, New Generation 2,000, man's, Royce Union man's, and a Herculees, woman's. Contact at

  37. I have a brand new Swift Industries Ozette handlebar bag, in the largest 15L size in their Carbon Glacier color scheme (cyan and dark teal). I bought it new ten days ago, and am finding it doesn't match my bike as well as I thought. Email Dave to buy or trade for another large handlebar bag.

  38. I'm downsizing my bicycle collection and looking to sell:

    *Pashley Roadster 26 Sovereign, 8-speed, black, gently ridden for a couple of years and in excellent condition.

    *Pilen Sport in "Creme", 8-speed, gently ridden for a couple of years and also in excellent condition.

    Email me at for pictures/more information. I live in Memphis, and I'd be willing to drive a bit if it seemed like a good fit for all parties!

  39. 1978 Schwinn LeTour Mixte - 21" frame - a classic Japanese-built 10 spd that has spent it's entire life indoors - aside from scrapes in the paint, it is in excellent condition - needs a complete overhaul (39 year old grease o_O) - I am giving this away to someone who swears that they will put her back on the road and ride her, as she deserves - local pickup in Indianapolis IN area, or will drop off at LBS for disassembly/shipment at your expense - contact

  40. 2011 Bella Ciao Superba, 1 of 12 bicycles curated by Lovely Bicycle: Selling due to changing interests and life circumstances.

    I also have an unused grey Bern helmet in Men's small, with a winter kit, originally purchased from Adeline Adeline for $108.

    · Bicycle is in excellent, complete condition as shown minus the LB decal
    · Has been used under 50 miles! Almost mint.
    · Saddle is not even broken in

    Selling locally in San Francisco, or willing to ship. For shipping, I'm planning on having Huckleberry Bicycles in SF professionally pack and box the bike, and ship using per their recommendation. Boxing and shipping is approximately $200 in the US.

    Accepting offers. Serious inquires only please.

  41. I have a number of DL1 roadsters, and 26 inch raleighs/rudges etc. Time to downsize, would like to become a rider not a collector again :) Let me know your wants, I also have parts. Prices will be fair.


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