Monday Mailbox

Occasionally I dedicate posts to answering questions that readers send over email. Recently I started doing this more systematically, hence the Monday Mailbox. But I include earlier posts here as well.

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  1. Summer has at last arrived here in Ireland.Lovely sunshine and relatively warm weather.The "fair weather" cyclists are emerging to join those of us who are out and about 12 months of the year.Its nice to see you all,fair weather and safe riding to you all.The more the merrier.
    Public opinion is defiantly shifting towards a favorable regard for urban commuting cyclists and the numbers are growing.See Irish Independent article ,yesterdays date 5th June.

  2. I have an old DL1 and getting new tires, probably the white ones you've used. The guy at the bike store says they also used to make ones in orange...haven't seen those... have you?

  3. Recently I've been looking at wood bicycles on the net, I've picked up some links about more or less strange bikes.
    Here are these links:


    One day, will you ever try a test riding on a wood bicycle?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.



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