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As some of you've noticed that my posts have been impersonal lately, I will come clean: My talent for injury has triumphed once again. A few days after arriving in Vienna, I had a silly experience that resulted in a dislocated shoulderblade and injured ribs. The thing about injuries like this, is that nothing can be done about them; you just keep living your life until everything heals - while taking painkillers and anti-inflamatories. For the first week after it happened, I could not move my right arm above the elbow and I couldn't lean forward with the right side of my body. Now I can, but the pain is still there - especially after long days at work. Hopefully by next week I will be all mended and bike-ready.

To ease this pathetic state, I gifted myself a "new" camera (a Rolleicord Ia circa 1941, if that means anything to you). That's the one hanging around my neck with the twin lenses. The one in my hands is a Lumix 3 digital point-and-shoot. And yes, those are bicycles behind me. Ironic, isn't it? I have two bicycles at my disposal... once I have healed enough to ride them, which hopefully will be soon.

In other news, I will be getting together with Anna from Cycling Is Good for You once again tomorrow, to have a look at her new Retrovelo Paula - stay tuned!


  1. ack! I hope the injury was not cycling related; but regardless of cause, I am glad that it was not more serious. My best for your recovery, and congratulations on the new (to you) camera! ... it looks (lovely).

  2. Thanks : )
    And no, it was not from cycling.
    I wish. At least then I would have cycled first.

  3. Oh man, I hope you heal quickly! It's frustrating to be debilitated, not to mention when it hurts like hell.

    Those boots are fantastic by the way.

    My dad used to have a camera very similar to that Rolleicord (though I don't remember the brand for sure), I'm not sure what ever happened to it though. I did, however, get his Ricoh (very similar to this and bag of lenses, which I'm just really starting to use and get used to. Really want to start using it more.

    Those Retrovelo Paulas are gorgeous - Clever Cycles here just recently got a bright cherry red one in, with white tyres... oh man.

  4. ouch, that's never fun. hope it heels soon enough to enjoy some biking before you return stateside!

    nice camera!

  5. So sorry to hear about your injury! I hope you're feeling better soon. I know a thing about arm/shoulder pain and I feel for you...

    You're very smart to distract yourself with another of your loves. Brooding over the unridden bicycles would do you no good at all.

    Wishing you pleasant distractions and quality pain meds while you patiently wait it out.

  6. get well soon, i hope you had not to go to an austrian hospital ;)

  7. max - of course I did; it happened right here in Vienna. The hospital was lots of fun. Everyone got naked and danced to The Sound of Music.

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes and for appreciating the camera love : )

  8. Really bad news, your accident and pain. Glad you can still manage to blog. I've only recently come to your blog, what do you do for a living, you seem to travel a good deal?

  9. Wow, I want to go to a Viennese hospital! Did you sing "these are a few of my favorite things?" :)

  10. (I've woken the dozy dachshund with laughter while picturing Julie Andrews waltzing around the emergency wing, starkers and in full song)

    Rib and shoulder injuries are
    No. Fun.

    Take care, and heal well. And congrats on a fine camera- those lenses are fabulous.

    Looking forward to your impressions of Anna's Retrovelo Paula.

    Corey K

  11. hopefully you didn't need any penicillin, since the Viennese supply has always been considered suspect since that movie the 3rd Man!

    heal fast and well

  12. Sorry for the lewdness everyone, the "naked" comment was a reference to the discussion in the remarks of this post.

    welshcyclist - I don't so much travel, as commute between continents : )

    Thankfully I am allergic to penicillin. I need to watch The 3rd Man again.

  13. If a reference to nudity is considered lewd we are all in trouble. Heal, but accept no antibiotics from Harry Lime.

  14. Oh, get better soon!!

    I am beyond excited to hear about the Paula. It's been on my list of maybe-buys for a while... do tell us all about it!

  15. Although my pics are by no means fashionable, the title of your post inspired me to take some pictures on my way home today. I will be posting pictures of my new, longer commute on my blog shortly. (Last year I had a 7 mile commute; now it's 17.)

    Your pictures are so much more artistic than mine, which are best described as "documentary."

  16. Yikes, sorry to hear about your injuries. Must be extra-crappy to be far from the Co-H. The one good thing about being sick/injured is making the partner do everything for me :)

    I hope you are nevertheless enjoying Vienna, when you're not working. That camera looks and sounds super cool. I'd love to hear more about it.

  17. So sad to hear about your injuries, Velouria. No fun. (Though I'm trying not to giggle at musical nudist hospital images!)

  18. "The hospital was lots of fun. Everyone got naked and danced to The Sound of Music. "

    What on earth did they give you for painkillers? Can I have some?

    And you got a Rolleicord too. Lovely camera!

  19. Sorry to hear of your accident. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  20. Sorry to hear about your shoulder and ribs - hope you heal soon! giggling at the idea of Viennese hospitals though; must have been *some* painkillers they gave you. That Rolleicord is a stunner; I love old cameras. Is it medium format?


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