Friday, July 10, 2009

Da Vinci Bicycle... Or Not

Forget the Fendi Bicycle. It has been proposed that the first Italian designer bike was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci. The wooden construction above is a model "Da Vinci Bicycle", from an exhibition of the artist's inventions.

A bicycle-like sketch was discovered in 1974 during the restoration of the Codex Atlanticus and attributed to Da Vinci. Conferences were held about this discovery; academic articles written... until 1997, when the sketch was proven to be a 20th century forgery.

Okay, so Leonardo Da Vinci did not really invent the bicycle. But it's a romantic idea.


  1. The design is funny. Looking at it, it seem a bit of a stretch that Da Vinci would invent the peddles, chain and handle bars. But hindsight is 20/20.

    Still I am disppointed that he didn't invent it.

  2. I was disappointed too. The idea seemed so natural!