Roadster in the Rain

My Co-Habitant never tires of tantalising me with photos of his Pashley Roadster, while I suffer here alone and bicycle-less in distant lands. Here are some close-up shots in the rain...

Oh how the raindrops do glisten on that chrome ding-dong bell...

and on the Sturmey Archer 5-speed hub...

and on the Brooks Glenbrook bag...

Brooks saddles come with this convenient rain cover. Don't know whether I think they look cool or perverse! Either way, I am completely envious.


  1. Is is tantalizing or is the cohabitant just taunting you? Ha! Ha! It is a great bike. I love the Brooks bag.

  2. Heh. Both! : ) The Brooks bags are beautiful, and I think the black-on-black is the perfect look for this Black Stallion of a bike.

  3. Must be the Pashes that come with that fancy pants saddle cover ;-) I use the free shower caps I get at the motels. LOL

    Wonderfull pictures.


  4. They give Brooks shower caps at motels? Time to get on the road then!

  5. I'm really digging that Broogs Bag!
    Don't worry,you'll be there with them (He and the bikes) soon. :)

  6. The saddle cover cracks me up-- very fancy!! I must admit that I use a plastic shipping bag to cover my Brooks seat, but a cute green polka-dotted one from Boden...

  7. I am not sure whether mine will come with the same cover. If not, a polka-dotted bag sounds nice. One could get creative even and hand-make a beautiful custom cover!...


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