Elections, Lovers, Marching Bands

It was a strange weekend in the EU. Here are some photos of bicycles amidst all the excitement:

These are spectators at what appeared to be a parade of marching bands from around the world. This was the day before the European Parliament elections, and Vienna was abuzz with nervous energy.

Impressive that this couple remained perfectly balanced on those bicycles for nearly an hour!

Cute girl with her cute bicycle. Notice how the shoes match her rear rack set-up.

Many of the spectators seemed to be using their bicycles for support and added height.

And here is a dapper and sporty gentleman with his green Brompton -- which matched the loden outfits of the band very nicely.

And the beat goes on...


  1. Looks like it wa sa grand event! I would enjoy things like that if they were to have them here,and the kids would love it. Nice pictures :)

  2. There are always things like this in the center of Vienna -- all sorts of festivals, markets, fairs, and demonstrations -- especially during the summer. The downside, is that they close down the streets for these events, and it can be a huge inconvenience for those using cars and public transport. Of course, on a bicycle it's no problem.

  3. So many relaxed cycles and not a drop bar in sight!

  4. I admit to some selective photography, but overall there are more relaxed bicycles than drop bars.

  5. Look at the pink step-thru bike with the full chain guard and skirt guard. Right up my alley.


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