Life Imitates Art

I came across this scene in a local park and felt as if I had stepped into a Muntean & Rosenblum painting.

[image via Flickr]

Markus Muntean and Adi Rosenblum are a team of contemporary artists. Their illustration-style paintings depict lethargic youths arranged in bizarre postures. The paintings are captioned with nonsensical "deep thought" narrations, written comic book style ("They are not hungering for immortality. They will not have to prove anything by dying any more than they had to prove anything in living...").

Here is another snapshot, and another Muntean & Rosenblum painting ("We didn't make plans or talk about the future anymore..." ).

[image from]

Muntean and Rosenblum are Austrian and Israeli, respectively, and I believe they live mostly in London. For more about their work, visit the Saatchi Gallery.


  1. For "contemporary", their art is very figurative. I like it a lot, but they are wasting their time on saatachi unfortunately...


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