Pashley Roadster Sovereign

As I was riding the Pashley Princess, my handsome and agile co-habitant tried out the Roadster.

Here he graciously models the Roadster Sovereign's charm in the lot behind Harris Cyclery.

Aside from having the male frame and being of greater size, the Roadster is distinguishable from the Princess in that it comes with a solid black dressguard, whereas the Princess dressguard is semi-transparent with a netted pattern.

The Roadster and the Princess are truly magnificent creations. They are sturdy, perfectly proportioned, and remarkably well made, with striking attention to detail. It is too early to tell, but I am possibly more impressed with Pashley than with Gazelle.


  1. The Pashley Sovereign for men looks great. After the largest version with a 24.5 inch frame and 28 inch wheel as I have a 36 inch leg. Comes in at around 615 pound mark. Hope its not too heavy for a fifty mile country ride! Thanks for all the information. Francis

  2. It's true, the Pashley weighs a TON. It's really difficult to wrestle around corners or up stairs. It's an SUV of a bicycle. But the big problem with the bike — and I've had one for a year now — is the gear mechanism. The shifter on the five-speed is really cheap and has broken twice now. Why do they install such a cheap device on a $1200 bike? It's inexcusable. There were other sloppy details of workmanship on the bike, which was very disappointing. I'd think twice about buying this bike; I actually regret it.

  3. I'm thinking seriously about getting a Pashley Sovereign Roadster. Aside from the shifter would you elaborate on the sloppy workmanship that made you regret your purchase? Does it apply to your Princess only or also to you co-habitant's roadster.

  4. There's nothing sloppy about the Sov, apart from the gear shifter. I do slip gears which is annoying for a 500 quid plus bike. I'm not sure if the 24.5" is as heavy as the bloke up the top says. It's as heavy as a tandem according to some bloke who I met on a charity long distance ride..

  5. The Pashley Sovereign Roadster is simply the most sytlish bike in the world. Truly the Gentleman's choice, a bicycle that has style, class and practical purpose.


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