Gazelle in Club Monaco, Boston

The Gazelle Toer Populair for Club Monaco has arrived in Boston. These bicycles look incredibly beautiful lined up as a window display. Sadly, while you can try them on for size, you cannot ride them inside the shop or the Prudential Center - store policy. It is not clear to me how one can make a decision of whether or not to purchase a $1,000 bicycle without riding it, but never mind.

This version of the Toer Populair is a 3-gear, with rod brakes (see close-up below). Club Monaco offers these bicycles for a special price of several hundred dollars below list price. Delivery is free.

I would have purchased a Club Monaco Toer Populair on the spot, if it weren't for the brake system. The bicycles are glamorous and quite comfortable, but I am worried that the rod brakes may not be sufficient.

Edited to add: I have since learned that the rod brakes are actually rod-activated drum brakes, which have much better stopping power than traditional rod brakes.


  1. Update - they've sold one. Now there's just two.

    I agree on the rod brakes...

  2. The manager told me they had four to start with, and sold the first one almost immediately. When I was there, there was a hushed, celebratory atmosphere around the bicycles and the sales staff seemed in awe of them. It was pretty neat!

  3. Please note:

    The bike featured in Club Monaco's spring ad is NOT a Royal Gazelle
    but A BLACK BIKE !!

    Please click on the link for more info. Thank you.

    ( Small Bicycle Distributor Sues Ralph Lauren Subsidiary For Unfair Business Practices)

    Best, Muna

  4. Thanks Muna, this is interesting and I will look into it. I did notice that the bike in the ad did not look the same as the Gazelles in the store, but chalked it up to a difference in models.


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