A Monday Cocktail and a Cat in a Hat

In the time honoured tradition of celebrating aging, today I shall pry myself away from the internet, thus sparing you from the usual tediously long post. My cat advised me to follow this course of action, and when she has something to say it is usually wise to listen.

But lest you feel that your visit was for naught, I would like to share a recipe for a splendid non-alcoholic cocktail - in response to popular demand after an earlier post. This here cocktail is as refreshing as it is safe for work, and I myself shall be enjoying it throughout the day with abandon:

The Sober Cyclist's Delight 
. 4 parts mineral water (not club soda)
. 1 part lemon juice
. a sprinkling of brine from some Italian olives
. a handful of fresh cucumber slices, thin as they can be
. lemongrass as garnish, if you are so inclined
. and a brass bicycle bell

Place cucumber slices at the bottom of a cocktail glass and sprinkle with olive brine. Pour in lemon juice, followed by mineral water, and garnish with lemongrass if desired. Ring a substantially sized brass bicycle bell over the glass, until its vibrations cause the ingredients to swirl, their flavours mingling exquisitely.

Have a happy Monday and thank you for reading Lovely Bicycle. And for those who speak my native tongue: Soupytwist!


  1. Birthday greetings Velouria! I like your cocktail. Very grown up and not too sweet, and the novel method of mixing makes it unique. :-) Will try this next time steamy Sydney hits the high notes. Probably Friday! But most of all I love the cat in the hat!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!
    Have a Wonderful Day.

    Now That is a very nice hat....

  3. Happy Birthday Velouria!

    Thanks again for all you do for this ever growing cyber community.

  4. Oh GEEZ! Why, oh why did I have to go and Google "soupytwist"? As if I didn't have enough pointless enthusiasms...This is all your fault Velouria!


  5. does this mean a Happy Birthday is in order?

    thanks for maintaing a lovely site.


  6. soupy twist, my dear, and happy happy birthday!
    ...please mr music, will you play.
    kindest regards to MDI.

  7. Aww...Kitteh is sooo adaw-ible!

    Ringing the bell to stir the drink? So that's what I haven't been doing all these years!

  8. Happy Day!
    Did you have to tranquilize your kitty to get her to stay still in her hat?
    It IS awfully cute,

    Hope you enjoy your libation!

  9. Happy Birthday!

    Glad you're here, and glad we're all part of this little internet family. That picture of your cat is fantastic.


  10. Thank you everyone, and yes I have succumbed to an annual bout of "birthday"!

    Cycler - This kitty is very cooperative and even enjoys having her picture taken. She will sometimes stretch out and strike a pose when the camera is pointed at her : )

  11. Have a Glorious Birthday,Velouria!!!

    May the road rise to caress your wheels to ensure that you have many more Glorious Days on this tiny planet!! :))

    Oh yes, As a cat lover just had to say your kitty photo is charming. :)

  12. Best birthday wishes from Atlanta Street Fashion!

  13. Happy Birthday velouria! I'm grilling some steaks outside this evening, for my wife's birthday. It is tomorrow. Then I am riding, can't get enough riding lately.

  14. Lovely Cat in the Hat! Happy Birthday Velouria and here's to hoping you receive lots of wheelie good stuff for your birthday.

  15. I'm on an alcohol free kick for a little while, and I almost clicked past this until I saw "non-alcoholic cocktail." The olive brine is a nice touch, I'll try it out and report back!

  16. Soupytwist indeed! And it's happy birthday from me and happy birthday from me. ;)

  17. And it's thank you from me, and thank you from me!

    Martha - I often have to go to work functions where everybody drinks, a lot, but I usually can't have alcohol. So I've gotten very inventive with asking for non-alcoholic cocktails that look like real cocktails : )

  18. Happy Birthday.

    And thank you for this blog.

    And thank you for "soupytwist." We always enjoyed Jeeves and Wooster, but we had no idea there was so much more!


  19. Happy birthday, I hope it was a nice one.


  20. Happy day! Cocktail sounds yummy.

  21. The time honored tradition of celebrating aging - I like that. Happy Birthday!

    Your cat is adorable but I think I'll take that drink with vodka in it. :)

  22. Dottie- try Hendrick's gin; made of cucumber and rose : )

    Thanks again, all. I had a nice time out.

    Glad I was able to lure a few of you toward a bit of F&L!


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