Bike and Cat Gallery!

We have two cats, and they both love to sniff and investigate our bicycles. After a reader sent me a photo of his own cat examining his vintage Raleigh, I decided to start a gallery. If you would like to share a photo of your cat with your bike, please send it to the address at the bottom of this post. I will keep expanding the gallery.

One of my own two kitties, photographed during a moody moment through the spokes of my Pashley Princess.

My other kitty, looking longingly at the Co-Habitant's Pashley Roadster.

This gray kitty belongs to reader J.E.P., photographed with his newly acquired 1979 Raleigh Sprite.

Trisha's new kitten Wally, on her Peugeot mixte. From Let's Go Ride a Bike.

Dottie's beautiful kitty sniffing her Rivendell Betty Foy. From Let's Go Ride a Bike.

The white kitty in this spectacular shot belongs to KT of Velo Vogue. This is one of my all-time favourite bicycle photos, and notice the Motobecane mixte!

Shelly's kitty Lazlo, from Riding Pretty!

C_C_Rider's Guest Kitty, from Ride your Bike. No doubt the guest was attracted by the Surly in the background.

Submitted by coldfeet via bikeforums: "I know he hates riding in cars, must try him out in the cat box strapped to the rack." (Um... yes, let me know how that goes!)

The intriguing Smudgie belongs to Maschka at bikeforums. He is performing the same acrobatic maneuver with two different bicycles. Maybe it is his bicycle dance?

Machka's Sabre (RIP), photographed with her Maruishi touring bike.

This photo of little Willow was submitted by terraskye from Edmonton, via bikeforums. "My cat loves my bike... Anytime I bring it out of the storage room she has to come over and take a look.. This time she was just watching the ice melt in the water bottle."

JanMM's Spooky inspecting his Rans V-rex. Submitted via bikeforums.

This basket-cat belongs to Beth Terry from Fake Plastic Fish.

This feline camper is from the website of David Naylor.

And this sweet kitty is asleep in one of David Hembrow's bicycle baskets.

Submit your bike and cat photos to:


  1. Two of my favorite things! Thanks for including Wally. Those last ones are adorable--now I want to get a basket just so I can put my cat in it! Also love the moody one of your cat staring through the spokes.

  2. Abagale -- thank you for your comments!

    Trisha -- Oh how I dream of taking the cats out in an animal basket! But several people have told me now that this is a mission-impossible. Cats are not nearly as docile as dogs when it comes to being carted around on a bike...

  3. Those are adorable photos I've seen a lot of dogs in bike baskets, but no cats.

  4. You know these kitties are looking at our bikes and plotting their cross-country adventures. My Arya is an indoor-only cat. But she does try to escape every time I open the front door to take my bike out. One of these days...

  5. My two cats are also indoor only. They don't try to escape, but they do spend a lot of time staring out of the window and daydreaming, no doubt imagining how nice it would be to cycle by the seaside on a tandem...

  6. Hi there,

    Terraskye from bikeforums:) thank you for posting Willows picture on here. Soon we'll be harness and leash training her so she can ride in a basil basket with a wire dome on top. I actually think she will enjoy it

  7. Oh, how cool! We started too late with our cats and they refuse to walk on a leash. Lots of panic and chaos ensues when we attempt this! That Basil basket looks cozy and secure though, so we might give that a try.

  8. Love the kitties :) We have 3 at our home!!

  9. great blog! is there anything better than kitties and bikes? no, i think not. :)

  10. Im with C_C! yes kitties and bikes, the best <3

    here's mine <3 VELCRO

  11. Hey there lovely,

    Rod Kenny said it was ok to post the pic of his cat Shadow here... So go ahead and grab it!

  12. Thank you all for your kitty contributions! I will be updating this soon with new additions.

  13. The best thing about coming back from a ride is seeing Charlie (a silky grey and white, a "tuxedo" cat, sort of) and Max (fuzzier and dusty orange. Check out my blog for photos of them.

  14. Oh what cute collection. Love it

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