Sponsor Lovely Bicycle

In July 2010, Lovely Bicycle began accepting sponsors. The website currently receives an average of 5,000 visits per day from around the world. Most readers are interested in classic and vintage bicycles and accessories, transportation cycling, and bicycle touring. The gender ratio seems to be about 50/50.

Advertising Policy
Sponsors of  Lovely Bicycle have their banners displayed on the righthand sidebar in rotating order in exchange for a monthly payment. I do not participate in affiliate marketing and I do not post industry announcements. Advertising content is limited to the side-bar area labeled "Sponsors." For rates and further details, please contact me at "filigreevelo-at-yahoo-dot-com".

Test Ride and Product Review Policy
I am happy to test ride bicycles and review products upon request, if the bicycle/ product interests me. Please note that I have an "honest review" policy; do not invite me to write a review if you are not open to critical feedback. I do not expect to keep products that are sent for review: Simply provide the postage and I will return the product to you. I do not accept payment in exchange for reviews.

Thank you for your interest in Lovely Bicycle and for considering becoming a sponsor.