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Since 2010 the Lovely Bicycle blog has been sustained through sponsorship. Sponsors have their ad banners displayed on the righthand sidebar in rotating order in exchange for a monthly payment. It's a fairly old school system. But it's a system that is transparent for my readers, and my advertisers seem pleased with the results as well.

This website currently receives over 5,500 visits per day from around the world and holds one of the best Alexa ratings among bicycling blogs.

Please note that I do not participate in any form of affiliate marketing. I do not place "native ads." I do not publish sponsored content within blog posts. And I do not accept ads on a pay-per-click basis. I reserve the right to decline sponsorship offers which I find unsuitable.

For more information on advertising on Lovely Bicycle, please contact me at filigreevelo-at-yahoo.

Submit a Product for Review

Lovely Bicycle regularly features reviews of bicycles and cycling-related products - typically from small manufacturers and independent craftspersons.
 To get a sense of my review style and the types of products that interest me, please take some time to browse the existing reviews, as well as to get acquainted with the general feel of this blog.

Please be advised that I must actually try a product for myself in order to review it; I do not post product announcements or features based on press releases and stock photos. I do not accept payment for test rides or product reviews. I do not expect to keep review samples.

To request a test ride or submit a product for review, please get in touch at filigreevelo-at-yahoo.

Request a Site Visit or Event Coverage

I am happy to cover local events and to visit manufacturers, artisans and bike shops upon request, if time permits and if your work fits within the themes covered on Lovely Bicycle. There is absolutely no fee involved in this. However, non-local invitations are only feasible if accompanied with travel expense coverage.

To request a site visit or event coverage please get in touch at filigreevelo-at-yahoo.