Show and Tell

Interesting bikes encountered here and there. Note that these are not reviews or test ride reports.

JP Weigle Randonneur
Rawland rSogn
Tomii Roadbike
Tomii-Refurbished Children's Bike
Sketchy Road to Trail
Miss Mercian
Quiros Fixed Gear City Bike
Rivendell Custom Road
ANT Truss Bike
Surly Troll 650B
Royal H. Stainless "Rainbow Bike"
A "Lugged" Surly
Cielo & Seven, Pamelised

Pashley Royal Mail Postal Bike
JRJ Grass Track Racer
Viking Superstar (made in Northern Ireland)
Yamaguchi Mixte
Original, "Hump-Back Frame" Brompton
Early Production Brompton
Shogun 650B Conversion
Miyata 650B Conversion
Refurbished Raleigh Lady's Sport
A Vintage Mercian Collection
Raleigh Marathon Fixed Gear Commuter
Motobecane Super Mirage
JP Weigle Touring Bike
Peter Mooney Roadbike
The Alenax