Comment Moderation

badgered on the bike!
Lovely Bicycle has a history of thoughtful, intelligent and insightful comment contribution - which is perhaps the most valuable aspect of this blog.

To ensure a comfortable atmosphere for my readers and myself, comments on Lovely Bicycle are moderated. That said, I approve the vast majority of comments, including critical ones. I also allow anonymous comments. So please feel free to speak your mind, but do use common sense: Be polite and consider the effect your words or tone may have on others. And if you're a manufacturer, remember that the comments are not an advertising platform for your product.

To make my moderating rules very clear, comments containing any of the following will not be approved, so please do not waste your time -
. spam, or comments made solely for the purpose of promoting a product or brand
. slander, including unsubstantiated slanderous remarks about manufacturers
. remarks which are deliberately inflammatory, hurtful or mean-spirited
. rude, hostile, bullying or abusive tone
. overly personal, sexualised or otherwise socially inappropriate content

Sometimes it's hard to know where to draw the line with comments. Should a thread of comments form which gradually develops any of these characteristics, I reserve the right to remove that thread in its entirety.

Problems Posting Comments?
Some readers report having trouble posting comments or replying to comments. There is also a known glitch on blogger, whereby at random and unexpected times text simply vanishes from the comment field upon pressing Send. If you're experiencing these issues, drop me a line at filigreevelo-at-yahoo. If you are composing a long comment you'd be sad to lose, you may want to do so in a text editor first, so that you have a backup.

Thank you for taking the time to post comments. And thank you for abiding by the moderating rules.