About Lovely Bicycle

What began in April 2009 as a bicycle review blog from the perspective of a beginner, has since expanded into a daily variety show of sorts - documenting the musings of a hopeless bicycle obsessionist. At times frivolous and self-indulgent, Lovely Bicycle is ultimately about beautiful, functional, and comfortable bicycles - with a focus on the classic and the handmade.

About "Me"?
I started cycling for transportation in spring 2009 and have been riding on a daily basis ever since - on an upright step-through bike, in my regular street clothes. Over time I also got into road cycling and the occasional brevet. I enjoy experimenting with bikes and collaborating on projects with frame builders and accessory makers.
     Re-learning how to ride a bike as an adult has been more rewarding than I can express. I have health issues that present challenges with balance and dexterity, but the more I cycle, the less I notice them. I continue to be amazed by how wonderful riding a bicycle feels.
     What else… I am European born, of mixed ethnicity. English is my 3rd language. When I started this blog I had a job in academia and policy consulting, splitting my time between the US and Europe. I've since switched career tracks, and now work as a freelance consultant and photographer. I do odd jobs for the bicycle industry, mostly bike shops and small manufacturers. Formerly based in Somerville, MA, at the moment I live in Northern Ireland.

The commentary here is posted in good faith. Please keep in mind that this is a blog - not a reference guide, journalistic publication, or advice column. I am not an expert and we are all learning together. If you see something that you wish to correct or expand upon, please post a comment.

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