#BikePeeing Finalists Announced - Vote for Your Favourite Capture!

Two weeks ago I proposed a little photo contest to celebrate the beauty, mystery and resourcefulness of the stealthy, cross-disciplinary adventure that is #bikepeeing.

Granted, the subjectmatter is a tricky one to tackle. After all, can the complex and elusive essence of #bikepeeing truly be captured? But I suppose one does not know until one tries. And I applaud those intrepid participants who applied their artistic visions to this difficult question.

Having selected 6 of my favourite entries, I ask you now, dear readers, to vote for the one you like best. Those with the top two votes shall each be rewarded for their efforts with a pair of cycling underpants of their choice (details below). No names with submissions, so as not to bias you immediately. But you can click the link on each photo to view the original entries.

Which is your favourite #BikePeeing photo? Vote away! {voting now closed!}

The polls shall remain open till the end of the work week, and results will be announced on Sunday.

Thank you for voting and stay tuned for the results announcement.

And what, you ask, of the prizes? Winners will each select one of the following:

Vulpine Merino Boxers (UK): "merino cycling underwear for disguised padding under shorts or trousers." Choose between the men's and the women's versions, in black or navy blue.

Bike Nicks: (UK) "luxurious padded cycle lingerie." Choose between the full coverage and the thong(!) versions, in all black or pink with black trim.

Ivalieu Pettipants: (US) unpadded cycling shorts for comfort under skirts, made to order. Choose between the Sport and the Savvy versions, with white on gray bicycle print.

I have at this point tested each of these fine undergarments (not the same pairs that will be given away, don't worry!) and will include a mini-review when the winners are announced to make the decision easier. And lest you notice there are more options for ladies than for the gents, that is to reflect the greater difficulty level of the female's #bikepeeing endeavours.

Thank you, as always, for reading! The finalists and I look forward to your votes.