Any 650B Cyclists in Ireland? No, Seriously!

So... I've received some 650B tyres to test. And by some, I mean like a gazillion. Some knobby, some smooth, all pretty wide. I am a little overwhelmed and would love it if someone helped me out here! Any local (as defined by your willingness to travel to Donegal or Derry) cyclists around who ride 650B and want to party? We can try the tyres, compare our impressions, and then you keep the demo samples.

If this sounds like a fun day out, drop me a line at filigreevelo[at]yahoo[com] - subject line "tyred." Look forward to hearing from you!

Edited to add: OMG there are not only 650B cyclists, but Rivendell owners in Ireland - and I'm going to meet them! Thank you, internet. Others, please feel free to contact me still. I will update this once we have too many testers.

Edited again:  I am no longer looking for more testers. However, please stay tuned for an announcement on the blog about an upcoming 650B meetup!