As you may know by now, a tragic event has happened here in Boston. The details are still vague, so I will restate only what has been confirmed by the police: Two bombs went off at the finish of the Boston Marathon, injuring over 140 people and killing three, including a child. At least one other device was found and detonated in a controlled explosion. The Marathon was shut down and stranded runners are being accommodated. An investigation is in progress.

That is really all we know at this stage. I was not at the scene when it happened. Everyone I know who was there is unharmed. I hope the same is the case for anyone reading this.

Last night, many local cyclists took part in the now famous Midnight Marathon Ride. Althoguh I didn't join, I understand what a special event this was for them. The MBTA organised a "bike train" to transport hundreds of happy cyclists to the start of the route. There was drum-biking, lots of excitement and bonding; happy memories were made. Josh Zisson of Bike Safe Boston describes what it felt like to have the elation of that event contrasted with the tragedy that came later. Other local cyclists are too much in shock to react publicly. And I know that some are still sitting at work, because the idea of riding home through the city after what happened either scares or depresses them.

To all of them I just want to say: Don't let this horrible experience take away your special experience. And don't let it make you afraid of your own city. We live in a world where bad things happen. But it's still our world. We must do what we can to help those whom we can. And we must try to live freely no matter what.