Lady in Red: a Women's Day Give-Away

Pedal Brite Flower Headlight
On the occasion of International Women's Day, I would like to give away 3 small items to my female readers. Yes, they are all red. Enjoy!

Pedal-Brite Flower Headlight
I received this awesomely whimsical headlight from a reader who has recently gone into business making them. Unable to find a bike light to match her cruiser, she made her own. The idea is to combine a headlight with the practice of attaching flowers to your bike. Handmade using jumbo silk daisies, the Pedal-Brite is reminiscent of the daisies adorning vintage plastic bike baskets. Battery-operated LED touch lights turns the giant flowers into functional, bright headlights. Pedal-Brites can be attached to a basket or handlebars, and everything you need for that is included. These flowers are quite large (12" in diameter) and are best suited for cruiser-type bikes. In addition to the red flower pictured, they are also available in white, yellow, orange, purple, turquoise and pink for a price of $30 on the Pedal-Brite website.

Little Package Lightweight Cap
Little Package Lightweight Cycling Cap
Handmade items can be more accessible than you think. Did you know there is a woman in Oregon sewing cycling caps for as little as $15? In addition to selling ready to wear hats, Caroline also takes custom orders, and can use either her own or customer-supplied fabrics. This lightweight 3-panel cotton cap features a red and white pattern that is no longer available, but the fit and construction are similar to this model (and others in her Etsy shop). Featuring a soft bill, this is a summer weight cap, for warmer days of which for now we can only daydream here on the East Coast, given the latest "weather event." I would say this cap runs small-ish, or at least looks best on women with small to average sized heads.

Ibex Knitty Gritty Fingerless Gloves
Ibex Knitty-Gritty Fingerless Gloves
Perfect for transitional weather, these wool fingerless gloves from Ibex are bright red with silver logos (also available in black on the Ibex website for $20). The gloves are made of lambswool with a touch of nylon for stretch. The underside features rubber grippers like so, excellent for gripping bicycle handlebars or holding a camera. This pair is size S/M unisex - which is more like a Medium/Large when translated to women's sizing.

If you would like to enter, here are the eligibility criteria:
1. Women only, in the continental USA please
2. Provide a functional email address
3. Be sure to list which item you are interested in (see below)

And here is what to do:
Post a comment telling us what you and your bike are up to today. Anything Woman's-Dayish? I am always curious whether anyone in the US celebrates this holiday, and how. If you're doing nothing, that's fine too, this plays no role in selecting recipients. Somewhere in the comment, let me know which item(s) you are interested in (flower, cap, or gloves). It can be just one, or all three; I simply need to know which draw to include you in. Recipients will be chosen at random from eligible entries. Don't forget to include your email!

Saturday, March 9th, 11:55pm

Thank you for reading, Happy Women's Day, and enjoy your weekend!


  1. What a lovely thing to do! :O) I don't personally celebrate this day (and honestly had no idea it even existed), but I have plans to spend my day (or at least my morning) with some pretty incredible and very strong ladies - and, I will definitely be biking to/from my destination.

    Happy Women's Day!
    (BTW, No need to include me in your drawings... just wanted to say that I love this idea!)

  2. Today, me and my bicycle Meelo are doing our regular commute to/from work. However, because it's so nice outside (60 degrees in Atlanta today!), I imagine we'll take the long way home to enjoy the early spring weather!

    I'm interested in any of the three items! Email: caitelle [at]

  3. I will be out riding on a MUP along the river and up a steep road for a view of the city, my normal "exercise ride".Predicted to be warm and sunny here in Oregon.Then do some planting in my garden.I'd like to be in the drawing for the gloves.

  4. Every day is women's day for me! I have no choice, really, but I'm happy about it.

    Snow and slush is inundating my area, so I don't expect to ride today. However, I am teaching a class. Today's lesson involves challenging students to think about their notions of gender.

    As for the drawings: I'm interested in the light because it's cute and the other two items probably won't fit me.

  5. No plans to enter the contest, being a man, but would like to add a +1 for Little Package dot com. I have a number of custom caps for her and they have worked very well -- better than off-the-shelf ones.

  6. Today, my bicycle and I just treked from my gent's place in Allston to work in the West End. The ole gal and I got salt dumped on us, splashed upon and honked at. All in all the ride was successful and even fun!

    We'd be interested in the cap and gloves, cap is #1 tho.

    Barbarajacobster at gmail dot come

  7. Thanks so much for your giveaway; very kind. No not doing anything particular for the day. I may hoist a beer to all women at dinner! Just the regular work commute on the Sam.

    I'm interested in the hat and gloves.

  8. It's sunny and warming up here in Auburn, Alabama, so I got out my 1979 KHS Classic to commute into work. Alas still too much bike for me after a clavicle fracture in October. So I rode to work on my trusty single speed BikeFriday. Love your blog; hooray for the day!

  9. Today my bicycle and I will be building a new 650b wheelset. Have a great day, ladies!

    I would like to enter the drawing for the cap. luddite1919atgmail

  10. I took my 2-wheeled companion around town last night for a friendly visit and game night with some awesome people! Didn't win Settlers of Catan or Carcassone, but I put up a great fight!
    Tonight, we take to the chilly streets once again for a farewell show at Animal Kingdom before my man's band goes on tour.

    I'm into allllll three wonderful prizes!


  11. Oh, man. I mean, oh WOman! I love that little flower headlight but I'd be thrilled to win any of the items! I'm celebrating IWD by going to an event woth the Women Assistant Professor Subcommittee of the Women in Science and Engineering System Transformation (WISEST) (PHEWSH! What a mouthful!). As for bike related celebrations, I am celebrating the comparatively nicer weather in Chicago and hoping that this means that winter will be over soon and I will be able to enjoy riding more- I am new to the area and not yet acclimated to these frigid temps!
    rachel.poretsky at gmail

  12. Lot's of bikey things planned today: We're having sunny weather today in Portland, so I hope to run a few errands by bike when I get off work. I also have some tinkering to do on a new 3-speed that I'm fixing up. I hope to get everything re-attached this evening for a test ride. And finally, I'm going to do some bike touring with a friend in a couple weeks, so I'll be making lists and researching routes. Don't know if I'll get everything done, but isn't that how it is for us women? We often have more to do in a day that we have time for.

    I'm interested in the hat and the gloves. My email is strathspeyreels at yahoo dot com.

  13. Happy Women's Day! I should quite adore any of the items, which would accessorize my orange Townie, Miss Persimmon Pimpernel, quite wonderfully. Today I'll bike to the library, bookstore, and grocery, enjoying the much sought for Seattle-area sunshine.

    I'm at astrbear (at)


  14. Hooray for us girls! The giant flower light is adorable, please include me for that drawing.
    My e-mail address is: redeyedtreefr0g at hotmail [dot] com. (That's a zero in "frog")

    Good luck ladies!

    1. Pedal-Brite flower headlight goes to you, fr0ggy!

  15. Awesome! I am interested in the flower light and the hat!

    My email address is lauren.chesnutt at gmail dot com.

    And doing nothing specific for women's day today. My company is hosting a potluck next week that I will participate in.

  16. I would just like to know, where do you get such cute cycling caps?
    I live in Canada, so I'm not eligible, but someone please let me know!

    1. Hi D, not sure what you are asking. There are links to the manufacturer (Little Package) in the post.

  17. Happy Women's Day! I also really didn't know it existed, but will from now on.
    Today will find me yet again riding my Raleigh Cameo through the damp, misty Redwoods to work at my longarm quilting machine. We live just outside Santa Cruz in Central California. I dress the same in here as I did in Minneapolis. So please put me in for the quest of the fingerless gloves. My email is jilly_k(at)

    thank you

  18. Happy Women's day and thanks for doing this! For the day I am watching 14 inches of snow fall outside my window and sighing a little, as it has been really warm lately and I had planned on doing the year's first 50 miles this weekend. :(

    I've never entered a drawing before on... any site? But those ibex gloves look amazing. I live at high altitude (7000 feet!) and my extremities are extremely cold prone, so I need to wear gloves even in the summer. Here's hoping!

  19. I didn't know about IWD until I checked twitter this morning! Today Pearl (my commuter) & I were able to commute in the first time in weeks. My cheeks were cold but my mind was clear when I arrived to work.
    I love the cap. Happy Women's Day.

  20. Here is a Women's Day post from a couple of years back that might be of interest for those who haven't heard of it before.

  21. My bike is on the stand getting a tune up in my living room today. There is still snow four feet deep in my yard and the streets are just too icy for me to feel good out there..... Waiting for spring. I would be happy to have the cap, I got my winter long hair chopped back into my summer pixie cut and then remembered why longer hair is good when it is -16C (3F) out side.

  22. My bike and I have a date with Kinko's and a saddle stapler, getting ready for the Chicago Zine Fest tomorrow. I'm interested in the hat or gloves... My bike is a rather too much of a panther for flowers....

    Kindest Regards,

  23. Yay giveaway! It makes me feel like pleasant biking weather is just around the corner. Meanwhile, Iowa is going to be drowned under freezing rain this weekend. Blarg.

    I'm currently listening to NPR Women's Day special stories. Needless to say, they are pretty deep and not exactly light Friday afternoon listening, so I've alternately been crying and yelling at the radio (silently, that is. I have to kids, and don't really want to terrify them!).

    As for my bikes, a couple weeks ago I finished touching up my Raleigh Sprite, which came to me with some pretty serious paint chips and scratches. The little fellow's all tucked away waiting for warmer Iowa days, looking very dashing with its brand-new Brooks saddle and Velo bell. sigh. Because I was pregnant when I got this bike last summer, I have ridden it only three times.

    Meanwhile, my sweet old 1940s era Hawthorne (maybe??) cruiser that my mother owned since the 70s is completely ripped down to its frame thanks to the combined efforts of myself and my husband earlier this week, so the dear thing can be sandblasted and powder coated. Let's clarify, it's already been "repainted" twice by me as an enthusiastic teenager armed with spray paint (neon green and red, respectively). The poor fellow needs not-gloppy paint.

    Love to be entered in the drawings for the gloves and hat :)

  24. Your blog is my favorite next to BikeSnob, so thanks for keeping it up so prolifically as well as being so generous with your treats.
    Buffalo has been yucky for bike-riding in recent weeks, and I will admit that my Jamis has been hibernating a bit in her stable to avoid the salt and due to my shaky ice skillz. I am in serious withdrawal, actually - can't wait for spring's melt and the ride.
    The gloves are gorgeous, and I love lambswool so I am shootin for those. Maybe they'll help get me lazy butt out in the chill once the roads are clear.

  25. I celebrate Women's Day every year, even just by e-mailing my mom about it. Today I took my son to daycare on the city bike, and went to my local bike store to check out the Xtracycle Edgerunner frame they ordered for me.

    I'd love cap or the mitts. bojana AT bojnberry DOT ca

  26. My bike - a mid-70s Raleigh Record Ace mixte - is braving a snowstorm today! I rode to work despite the 2 feet of snow falling on my head. I'm in Boston too - I ride in on the Southwest Corridor bike path from Jamaica Plain, which was NOT plowed today, so I skittered around a good bit ... road tires ... yeah. the Ace and I are recovering indoors until my journey home this evening.

    I didn't know it was women's day! I'll celebrate by sharing this project with you guys: it's called "A Site of Her Own" and it's about women, tech, and journalism.

    I would love the gloves or the cap! Bike is bright red, and I love when my accessories match.

  27. Today I took my daughter to see a nearby orchestra play for school aged kids. The bicycle got the day off. One day a trail will be opened up to the next town over, but it's not finished yet (and although people do it, I'm uncomfortable riding on the interstate). I'm most interested in the hat or the fingerless gloves. Thanks for the fun giveaway. manskerupcycled(at)gmail(dot)com

  28. Happy Women's Day!!

    Coincidentally I am riding bikes with my best gal pal tonight.
    I am really excited about my ride tonight because my friend is learning to ride a bike at thirty and this is one of her first times she will be riding a bike in the city.

    I am THRILLED that she isn't too scared, after all my stories and other people's accounts.

    I would totally enjoy dat cap!

    Thank you for sharing all your bike love!


  29. For Women's Day I rode my bike to work in sunny, but COLD!, Chicago weather. I also made plans with my best girlfriend from college to go to Nepal in May.

    I'd be interested in the hat OR the gloves!


  30. I am researching and dreaming about my next ride thanks to your seductive and informative blog postings! I just refurbished a discarded vintage three speed with an internal hub and so the love affair has begun. I sold my upright commuter with 21 spds and a derailler and am looking for something new that speaks to me. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I love all the red offerings.

    A new devoted reader, Laura

  31. Today a female coworker and I went to an event for public share bikes, B Cycles, in Nashville, where we live and work!

    Red is my favorite color, so I like all three items, please. sarahweinberg100 at gmail . com.

  32. today i played in the snow with my dog. i threw the ball toward the garage door so he would create a path for me to get to my bike when i was ready to leave for work! he does the shoveling for me!
    then i rode to work an opted to ride on the street since the corridor was a mess! i would love the cap or the gloves. red is such a good color for visibility!

  33. I haven't done anything in person to celebrate, but I did just repost an awesome graphic on facebook--a riff on the old Rosie the Riveter image, but with three women of different races, religions, etc.--labelled, "We can ALL do it!" Coolness.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway. I would like to be entered for the flower light. waldenellis at gmail (dot) com.

  34. Hello! What a generous way to celebrate. I "attended" a 90-minute online Woman's Day celebration that focused on womanly issues.

    I did not get to ride my bicycle today, but I rode it through the neighborhoods yesterday in the bright sunshine. It was certainly cool, but fabulous, too!

    I would like to be entered in the flower headlight drawing for the give-away. Happy Woman's Day!

  35. I'm interested in the hat. I commuted to & from work today and later this month I'll be leading a Women's Bike Brunch ride.
    jenny dot rilling at

    PS does anybody else find it impossible to comment here using their Wordpress identity?

  36. I love the red bike flower... I am looking forward to warmer.. bike riding weather.

  37. Sorry having trouble posting and forgot that I do not celebrate Women's Day. Happy Woman's Day to you!

  38. I love both the flower and the gloves, the bright red is so cheery in the frozen, MN winters! (mfarrington (at) gmail (dot) com).

    Incidentally, my very red bike and I went to work today and when we got home, one of us got a home-cooked meal from the male member of the family in recognition of this auspicious occasion. ;)

  39. Winter storm warning here in Colorado! But the red gloves or hat would certainly brighten a snowy day. Wish I was on the bike, but alas, it will have to wait until mid-week. Celebrate women every day...

    thalasin (at) yahoo (dot) com

  40. didn't know it was women's day until i read your post. chance of showers today, so i rode my brompton to work because it's the only bike that has fenders at the moment. as mentioned in a previous comment, red is one of my favorite colors. would love to have a chance of winning the gloves. thanks! htchen (at)

  41. Don't have a use for any of the giveaways, but just wanted to say that I think this is a fantastic thing to do.

    As for me, went for a lovely 30 mile ride with my sweetie today. We figured we'd get in some miles before the blizzard hits tonight. To add a bizarre and somewhat disconcerting twist, when we got home we turned on the tv and learned that a dead body was discovered a few feet from the trail right near the point where we turned around.

    Seriously, given the timing of it all, they must have found it just a few minutes after we left. To make it even spookier, it was only about a mile away from the spot where CatMan had wandered off into the bushes to answer nature's call. If his bladder had lasted another mile or so, he could very well have been the one to find it!

    Cue the Twilight Zone music!

  42. I knew it was Womens' Day. I tried to turn my well-loved mountain bike into a city bike last year. It never really transformed. Tonight I carried it upstairs to the kitchen and moved some parts over to my second hand Globe. It'll meet my needs much better. That put me in a bike mood, so I logged on for a Lovely fix. The flower would go perfectly on my Peterboro basket with a red and yellow toile lining I sewed last summer, so please enter me for that one. Thanks for writing my favourite blog and many hours of entertainment.
    datco54 at comcast dot net.

  43. It's a little sad that we only have one day a year, so in my household, everyday is Women's Day! Hurrah! Yesterday (Friday), Penelope (my temporary bike) and I had some time away from each other. I think we just needed some space.

    My vote is for the cap (I'm in Berlin right now, but have a US address - hope that counts).

  44. Today I ride my newly-acquired 2011 Cannondale Hooligan, which is white with red and black accents. I found a matching rear rack which clamps to the seatpost and has two rows of red dots along the top. The red gloves or cool red cap would be a perfect accessory when I ride "Diablo". The bike is a lefty, with 20" tires and a very strong frame. I like the unique look and the red accent graphics. It's a fun ride.

  45. Did not get a chance to go for a ride on Women's Day. I went for a run instead.

    Looking to get a Brompton for some short tours this summer. The cap and the gloves will definitely come in handy!


  46. Great post. Thank you for the give away they are all lovely. I especially like the light. Today I'm riding my longtail loaded with two shovels a rake and my six year old son to help with the spring spruce up of our favorite community building. Also thanks for all your posts I've used them to teach bike etiquette to my kids. Meganmgagner at

  47. I celebrate International Women's Day! I think it is an important day to be mindful of all the rights women enjoy in the US that we still need to struggle for in other places. It makes me feel very fortunate.
    I had the day off yesterday, so... while shoveling the porch steps I gingerly swept a small band of snow off of my bicycle seat. Very happy I left my rain cover on to protect my seat, which soaks up water like a sponge. My puppy licked snow off the tires to help.
    I am a big fan of ibex, so please include me in the glove draw. Thank you! (

  48. Yesterday, after the snow stopped coming down in Boston, I took my bike down to the Boston Commons and spent the afternoon taking photos of the willow trees and the beautiful winter wonderland. The snow wasn't going to slow me down! Thank you for all of your posts! They are wonderful! ( I'd be interested in the cycling cap! Thanks!

  49. I did not take my bike out yesterday in snowy Boston, but today I will be riding around and actually building up a new bike with a friend of mine! Uber excited.

    Yesterday I told all the guys I saw that it was International Women's Day and then we wondered what the other 364 are..

    I'd love the Ibex gloves!

  50. In NYC the bizarre snowstorm kept me indoors, but at work we had chocolate covered strawberries. My co-worker said "I celebrate women EVERYDAY." Well said, co-worker.

    Today the high is 50 degrees and the snow is nearly gone, so my bike and I are going out for a ride to the nearby Cunningham Park in Queens.

    Cap + Gloves drawings please! Love your blog <3

  51. Would have used gloves on my chilly ride on the loop path in Tucson! Beautiful snow on mountains this morning!

  52. There was a lovely coincidence of International Women's Day and the 31st annual day of workshops for professional and personal development that was organized by the Women of Color Task Force at the university where I work. Donna Brazile gave a moving keynote speech focused on the qualities of leadership demonstrated by Harriet Tubman.

    Bike wise, I need to check tire pressure and start biking now that we're enjoying non-freezing weather in Michigan. Gloves or the light sound great. Thanks for organizing the give away. anjirlly AT

  53. My mom had mentioned International Women's Day a number of times over the past few weeks. I called and wished her a happy one yesterday! It was more at the forefront of my mind than most years, thanks to her!

    My bike hasn't been getting the attention it deserves lately :( I can't wait until Minneapolis gets a bit less icy and the temps a bit higher.

    I'd be delighted by the light, cap, and gloves alike...would be great to be in the drawing for each!

    rachel (

  54. I rode my bike out to Concord to teach a recorder group. Today's theme was music by women composers, and one of the things I brought was a piece by my mother. It was a beautiful day for a ride! :)

  55. This is a lovely idea, Velouria! Thank you, please consider me for the draw for the gloves. I love Ibex products. They would have been lovely today, in rural Maryland this Saturday, we hit 57 degrees; I did a 30 mile ride through the countryside, and came home to the pleasure of putting on a fancy new rear tire and cleaning my bike in the sunshine, while my four kids played around.

    For International Women's Day -- this will sound odd, but it was very interesting. I teach philosophy classes at a Catholic seminary, and on that day, it so happened that the topic on the syllabus for my class on the human person was sex difference. I had a very interesting conversation with my 18 male students about things we cannot and can say about the ways in which men and women are different. Important stuff, with an interesting crowd, very eager to learn. Thanks!
    p.e.hochschild AT

  56. That hat fabric is fabulous! And I sure could have used those gloves today (since I forgot to bring any...) For Women's Day I went out with one of my girlfriends for a 30 mile ride across Buffalo Mountain in the Cherokee National Forest. We had gorgeous blue skies and temps in the upper 50's (F) to low 60's (coming down from the mountain, following alongside the Nolichucky river it was considerably colder!) Then we stopped for some amazing (b/c everything tastes AMAZING after a ride) Udon noodles. An absolutely fabulous day all around! I would love to be entered for a chance at the Ibex gloves and the Little Package hat. My email is: amy at hankypankyblog dot net

  57. Thank you everyone, the entries are now closed and I will post recipients by Monday!

  58. Good morning, and here are the results of the draw:

    Pedal-Brite headlight:
    Red-Eyed Tree Froggy March 8, 2013 at 12:53 PM

    Little Package cap:
    ♥ B March 8, 2013 at 11:50 AM

    Ibex Gloves:
    Fixed gal March 8, 2013 at 10:29 PM

    I've contacted the recipients. Thanks everyone for taking part!

  59. Woo hoo! I never win anything.

    1. Don't say that.
      This is the first time I've won something :D Don't give up!


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