A Give-Away for Valentine's Day

Roses are red and so is this bike
- which could soon be yours if you like!
For on this coming Valentine's day
it shall be promptly given away.

"What is this bike?" you might inquire,
"with its bright red frame and old-fashioned tire?"
In reply I guide you to
this Bobbin Bicycles Birdie review.

The lovely loop frame and the lugs
will surely elicit passionate hugs.
And as the cupid's arrow nears
you've got the Sturmey Archer gears.
For yourself or for your darling
a shiny red bike is oh so charming!

From England it traveled by land and by sea
to Boston's Harris Cyclery,
and from thence it shall be sent
to that person for whom it is meant.

For a chance this bike to recieve
a velo-Valentine you must conceive,
in the US you must reside,
and by the guidelines below abide:

Guidelines for the Bobbin Birdie Give-Away:

Submission Procedure: Create and submit a bicycle-themed Valentine. Your Valentine can be intended for a real person, for a fictional or hypothetical person, for your bicycle, for any other bicycle, or for anyone or anything really (except for me) - as long as it is in some way bicycle themed. The Valentine may consist of text and/or image (no video, no audio). If your Valentine is text only, please submit it directly in the comments here. If your Valentine is an image, upload it and post the link in the comments (if you have nowhere to upload it to, email it to "filigreevelo[at]yahoo[dot]com" with the subject "Velo-Valentine").  Be sure to include your email address in the comment when submitting your Valentine. One submission per person please.

Submission deadline is Thursday, February 9th 2012, 11:59pm Pacific time. Recipient will be announced on Valentine's Day (February 14th, 2012).

Eligibility: Entrants must reside in the continental USA. Entrants may be of any gender, and may be getting the bicycle for themselves or for a loved one. Entrants should be readily reachable via email. This bicycle is best suited for persons 5'3" - 5'8", please use your judgment.

Selection criteria: Selection will be made on the basis of the Valentine, assuming that eligibility criteria are met. Any Valentine submitted may be publicly viewable and there will be reader input in the selection process.

This give-away is made possible via Forth Floor Distribution - the North American distributor of Bobbin Bicycles. Many thanks to them for donating this beautiful bike, and to everyone for taking part!


  1. Oh my goodness Oh my goodness Oh my goodness. I have just moved to Boston (from Scotland) and I have coveted just such a lovely loop frame for quite some time now. It's time for me to move on from cruddy but functional mountain bikes that I've limited myself to for years.
    I'm getting right on this.

    1. If you are in Boston, you are welcome to test ride the bike at Harris Cyclery in West Newton. Would love to know what others think of it.

    2. The entry from MysterA, sent via email:

      "I've just moved to Boston from Edinburgh, Scotland. I got a cheapo bike my first week (I've now been here exactly 14 days) and my Valentine is inspired by a very strong impression I've had of cycling here.
      Namely, cyclists here are CRAZY... they don't use lights at night!
      There's even a particularly mental portion of them who conscientiously wear helmets and then dress completely in black AND don't use lights.
      I'm living on the Cambridge/Somerville border, maybe a large portion of these ninja cyclists are 'poor' students, but really, so what. I was going to try and do a traditional, 'non-political, no-agenda' valentine, but this is what was on my mind. I did it while I had my bike upstairs in my apartment adjusting my brake pads and used my bike lights to create the light traces, then turned on the room light to illuminate the bike. The words were added in a Photoshop equivalent,
      but otherwise no manipulations were used. (I considered going for 'you light up my life', but I just couldn't make myself go all twee).

      So here is my Valentine to bike lights."

  2. Of you I’ll never tire
    For you I swiftly fell
    So let’s get into gear
    Oh, baby, ring my bell!

    No shifty back-pedaling from me this Valentine’s Day! So won’t you be mine? I wouldn't steer you wrong.

    P.S. You can ride me anytime!

    Head over Heels

  3. What a sight to see
    A bicycle just for me
    Gleaming bright
    Riding day and night
    How I truly love thee

    tarotcat@gmail.com (I forgot to put this in the first submission, sorry)

  4. It just so happens I HAVE a love poem written to my bike! And here it is:

    Elston Avenue Cycle

    Like an old married couple, my bicycle and me.
    The companionable silence, a communication of simple movement,
    the little gifts: lights, a bell, an unpretentious U-ring.
    It cuts me, sometimes, my bike, with its harshness—
    a toothy pedal, the stiff tongues of its sprockets—
    and yet I lift it, up, mostly, or down stairs,
    on or off another vehicle.
    Though mostly, of course, it carries me;
    we are like a single thing:
    a tree and its leaves, a cat and its whiskers,
    a bird and its wings.

      

    It’s all about the crosswind, she said,
    and for sure the wind’s pissed,
    striving to flip me and my bike like a coin,
    just alongside the salt plant—currency
    in its own right once, salt.
    And so the Greek slave not worth his.
    Nor the deer for which uncle
    has bought the lick—too abundant now
    to be dear. Lot’s wife, though,
    must have been worth a fortune
    before the elements tongued her away.
    And who am I to argue with the wind,
    and the value it assigns me?
    Salt of my eyes’ own making
    lines my face. The price of a ride.

      

    On the path, cranes that aren’t feathered,
    knolls that aren’t grassy,
    tracks that aren’t animal,
    ripples that aren’t in ponds,
    painted gray, brown, white,
    corrugated as cardboard.
    And then there’s the materials supply corp.,
    its concrete wall, studded
    with shards of bottle glass.
    So much for bucolic.
    But let me coast awhile and,
    see—I’ve brought my own crickets.

      

    This street is mine now,
    Its beauty marks and its scars.
    Lavish, a bike’s gifts.


  5. 'in the US you must reside'

    Why is that?

    I'm 5' 8" and would love the bike and I'm in Manchester, Lancashire.

    On second thoughts I haven't got a gender anyway. When I was born people had a sex. So I'd be ineligible even if I moved to the US.

    1. People have both a gender and a sex and you can be either of either. Or neither. US because the bike is already within the US courtesy of the N American distributor.

  6. 'People have both a gender and a sex and you can be either of either.'

    I'm male. How can I tell which gender I am?

    1. Do you wear high highs, suspenders, and a bra? Do you want to be a girlie, just like your dear mama? If so, you might be feminine. Seriously, though, gender refers to socially constructed roles, behaviors, attitudes, and so forth. Sex refers to biological and physiological characteristics (do you have two X chromosomes or an X and a Y?). The terms, "male" and "female" pertain to sex, while the terms "masculine" and "feminine" pertain to gender. You don't have to be one gender or the other; most of us exhibit a mix of feminine and masculine characteristics. And although most people are one sex or the other, this is not universally the case. But this is a bicycle blog . . .

    2. Thank you, I have that song stuck in my head now!

  7. I don't live in the states, but I think I'm going to enter anyway. Is there a reason for this besides shipping? Because I have friends in the States.

    And thumbs up for understanding sex & gender. I have a feeling you might have to do a bit of explaining in the comments...

  8. A poem about my Love of Bikes & the movie Ferris Bueller's Day off:

    Oh Ferris, If you were a bike you would surely be this one!

    Red, attention commanding in every way
    Sturdy, emotionally that is, unlike Cameron
    Beautiful, on its own
    but even better with a female companion like Sloan

    Ready, to take on adventure
    Shiny, like in an exhibit in the museum
    Solum, to take a stand against Rooney
    Quick, to outrun your parents and even take on Jeannie

    Oh if I had a bike I would love it to be one like you
    Pretending to be sick, but at a moments notice ready take visits
    I would truly cherish this bike
    because like you always said, Life moves pretty fast; If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it

    - anthonyevette06@yahoo.com

  9. Perhaps it might be better to withhold the valentines submissions until a winner has been selected. That way readers wouldn't be trying to one-up each other. Plus, it would alleviate the subconscious plagiarism thing (think of the judges comment in the My Sweet Lord/He's So FIne plagiarism suit.)

    Just a suggestion.

    1. I don't think it's a problem. Following the entries is fun, and those worried about plagiarism can always hold off their submissions until the last day.

  10. William Boyd (WmHBoyd@aol.com)February 3, 2012 at 11:02 PM

    Said the front tire to the rear
    Follow me; I’ll lead my dear.
    Round and round we’ll roll together.
    ‘Cause when you push I steer better.
    If miles from here the road’s not fair
    We’ll just let out a little air.
    I will not shimmy, I will stay true;
    That is the promise I make to you.
    At dusk, to emphasize our genders,
    We’ll slip into some silver fenders.
    Your tread is slick; your spokes are fine;
    You’ll always be my valentine.

  11. Is the sex vs gender thing really confusing, or are you pulling my leg? Sex usually refers to one's biological makeup, whereas gender refers to one's sense of identity. So, for instance, you can be a genetic male but identify as female, or vice-versa. That is the simplified explanation, but you get the gist.

  12. Can the Valentine be hand made? You know, on paper?

    1. Of course. Just snap a picture of it, upload and post a link.

  13. Peppy (the feline gender, I has it)February 3, 2012 at 11:57 PM

    Just to clarify, can you also be a cat?

    1. Yes. But you personally (felinely?) are disqualified.

  14. What a perfect Valentine! Good luck to all those who enter! Looking forward to seeing all the Velo Valentines.

  15. Question over email: What if the valentine requires multiple photos to document (for example, front view & rear view)? Can we submit several pictures?

    Answer: Yes, as long as they all show the same Valentine.

  16. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=824166801479&set=a.566558405769.2106243.51802860&type=3&theater

    Roses are red and yes violets are blue.
    But blue violets ain't got nothing on you.
    It was like at first glance
    but love at first ride
    A few dents a little rust
    but you are beautiful in my eyes
    I've been intrigued by others with their choices of speeds
    but you, good vibes, have been the perfect fit for me
    And even though some other may catch my eye
    I've yet to find another with your personality and style
    So whenever you question my commitment to you
    Remember I gave up morning runs to struggle up a hill with you.

    Love you Big Blue! Happy Valentines Day!

    1. Please post your contact info. I am not on facebook and cannot see your facebook page.

    2. Sure. Sorry about that. Contact is tish.lyte@gmail.com. I'm sure that means you also can't see Big Blue, so I'll follow instructions better this time and send it via email. Thanks!

    3. Here is the picture that goes with the poem, sent via email!

  17. Okay, I'll try one too. Old-school sonnet, dedicated to Gina, of course!

    A Bicycle Valentine

    The winter sun leans on the fading sea
    and breathes its light across the road. Once more,
    our pace a mockery of dreams of speed,
    we pedal side by side, home from the store.

    We chase no magic, seek no hidden key,
    discern no secret words in wisps of cloud--
    bags and basket stuffed with prosaic leaves,
    we weave our path through a metallic crowd

    of blank-eyed cars. You laugh, and ring your bell;
    That's all. A tiny outburst of plain joy.
    The sun, casting my shadow on your wheel,
    transforms my profile to a glittering toy.

    It spins ahead of you, out of your sight,
    as side by side, we play in earthbound flight.

  18. an entry via email from LT.

    "When I read your latest post this morning I thought immediately of my favorite old family photo, so I added a few bits to the photo to make it a vintage-themed Valentine."

    Thanks LT!

  19. I will be straightforward: I am absolutely and completely smitten by this woman. She is beautiful both inside and out and I fall for her time and time again. Here is the background to my valentine.

    On one of our dates, she learned that my hobby was vintage bicycles. She responded favorably and for months, we planned a ride together which unfortunately never materialized for one reason or another.

    A few days before Christmas, she drove to my home and presented me with an amazingly thoughtful gift: a pleasant bicycle ride for two and photography session around town. Since her hobby was photography and mine was bicycles, it seemed like a perfect event. However, her clunky, cranky, X-mart mountain bicycle needed repairs and my past experiences wrenching on X-mart bikes have convinced me to let them be if I valued my sanity. We found a temporary Shogun mixte but the masculinized, dark, and somewhat ugly persona of the bike (it was abused as a beater) didn’t resonate well with her bright, passionate, and lively personality. The ride was heart-warming though, memorable in many ways, and we’ve been close ever since.

    A bicycle from “the most beautiful bicycle shop in Britain” would be a perfect match for the most beautiful and amazing girl in my life. The bright red, elegant, looped-frame guise of the Bobbin Birdie would be significantly more fitting than the somber Shogun or hopeless X-mart. The “jaunty” ride of the Birdie should also keep up with her fast-paced and mobile lifestyle. I foresee picnics, rides on the beach, commutes to school, and more photo sessions with her and the Birdie.

    In the end, even if the Birdie doesn’t end up migrating to sunny California, I’m still thankful for the woman in my life and the chance to brag about her (insert joking/smiling emoticon here). Here is my Valentine submission, photo taken during our pre-Christmas rendezvous:


  20. To my son Tiuna:

    My Dear Valentine:

    Even if your legs can't ride for the time being
    'cos your two wheels are arranged in parallel
    I know your soul rides swiftly
    pedaling the distance across our hearts

    (picture sent by e-mail)

    1. The picture accompanying this entry can be viewed here.

  21. I made a valentine! I thought it was so fun that I wanted to share it with others.

    The story, context, high-res sharable files (including vector) for anyone who wants to have fun and make their own for someone can be discovered: http://www.nandapocentric.com/valentines-for-everyone/

    The direct link to the image (to comply with the rules): http://andwegotothesea.nfshost.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/genericvalentineweb.png

    and if you really need to contact me, try: nandaisarockstar [at] yahoo [dot] youknowwhat

    Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone :)

  22. Here is my bicycle valentine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dorywithserifs/6829980287/in/photostream -- but for use all year round. So many sexy bikes out there!

    (dory dot.dot kornfeld at@at gmail dot.dot com)

  23. BE MINE:

    flamingxjune at gmail

    "The bicycle, the bicycle surely, should always be the vehicle of novelists and poets." - Christopher Morley

  24. Ode to a 1984 Schwinn. Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways…..

    I love thy wobbling wheels, if only they were true;
    I love thy rusting paint, if only it were really -
    Brilliant Bianchi Blue.

    I love thy sturdy rock-steel frame, if only you weren’t so heavy;
    I love thy lumbering squeaky crank, yet these days
    I’d rather ride a Chevy.

    I love thy loose and slapping chain, if only it would stay in place;
    I love thy corroded cables, so long as I never
    Must stop the pace.

    I love thy rattling peddles, a song within my heart
    We’ve ridden 3000 miles, you were old
    Before the start

    I love thy jerky stearing, I have since our first bend
    Yet now I think it’s time
    That our partnership should end.


    I do love my 1984 Schwinn. But... Oh that red!


  25. Hello, hello! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now, so hooray first comment! I was recently commissioned a bike-themed Valentine for a friend in England (Who actually rides a Bobbin and introduced me to your blog when I began looking into investing in a quality bicycle), and he's encouraged me to enter it:

    Have a Bicroscopic Valentine!: http://www.flickr.com/photos/godcomplexed/6834104167/in/photostream

    My contact is weather.on.mars@gmail.com! Please enjoy the valentine.

  26. My bicycle valentine for a valentine's bicycle:

  27. My Blue Boo

    I found freedom when I found you…
    your silver paint, with lines of blue.
    Nice comfy seat and tires (there’s two),
    you’re my baby, my bike, my honey, my boo.

    We’ve been up and down the hills of this town.
    You’re always there, never letting me down.
    I’m always anxious to ride you around,
    with your swift easiness, hardly making a sound.

    When we are together I’m on top of the world.
    My worries and cares can’t keep up with your whirl.
    You are my therapy, my freedom and friend.
    I never want our long rides to end.

    For Valentine’s Day you’ll get a new bell.
    I want the whole world to hear you quite well.
    So when we whiz by, everyone can tell,
    your new ‘Bing’ and my happy yell.

    My hands on your bars, and the wind in my hair.
    I really don’t care if all the folks stare.
    They don’t know the joy that is you.
    Your silver paint, with lines of blue.

    Dedicated to my Blue Boo. I love you BB!

  28. I've loved you for years, we've been maried for many
    You'd look sweet on a red,Dutch bike
    and the envy of many

    B. Wiencek

  29. A bicycle Valentine for the Lovely Bicycle lady and fans too. For the love of it...




  30. Hi Velouria,

    My submission is dedicated to the dude, and can be likened to something found on a Laffy Taffy wrapper.

    "What did one bicycle say to the other on valentines day?"


  31. "I never learned," said my sister-in-law,
    which filled me with a mixture of grief and awe.
    My parents taught me this balancing skill
    Even though there was many a spill!
    I ride a bicycle almost every day
    My Raleigh Sports, or Novara Randonee.

    My sister-in-law rides the bus to and fro
    Which can be unpleasant, expensive, and slow.
    But it's hard to spend money, so very hard-earned,
    If balancing a bike, you never learned.
    And picking one out, to buy, which steed?
    When you don't even know what kind you will need!

    I think a loop frame, a three speed, would be fine
    it'll make shifting easy, it'll save her some time.
    I'll help her find the balance of riding two-wheeled
    and the freedom I know, perhaps she will feel.
    So for Valentine's day, what could be better?
    Than a gorgeous red bike, a pedaled love-letter.

    Which is a fancy way of saying, that if I won the bike, I'd give it to my sister-in-law and teach her to ride it. She could really use a bike. And yes, she knows I'm doing this and has read the poem.

    And my email! alder dot tree at gmail dot com

  32. a valentine for bike lovers & riders in los angeles

    ruggy.ratty (at) yahoo (dot) com

  33. For the Love of a Bike and Bike Friendships

    Before you came into my life
    I was rooted to the ground
    I was stuck in neutral, no forward motion,
    but with you, my wings, I found.

    I was afraid at first,
    because I'd been hurt before,
    but I held on tight for the ride of my life,
    learned to trust you more and more.

    Now we are inseparable,
    we explore places I've been, but never really knew,
    and I feel so much more a part of the world
    whenever I'm with you.

    Colors seem bolder and brighter,
    laughter comes with more ease,
    there is no care we care about
    while tassels and hair whip 'round in the breeze.

    When I'm let down and left to drown
    your love lifts me and my heart heals,
    I found my true self with you by my side,
    you taught me to stand on my own two wheels.

    Dedicated to my best bike friends and to my bike. I really have found my true self while biking and I've become braver and happier:) I hope to win this for one of my bike girls because she helped me acquire my dream bike recently. <3

    email: greengirl22 at comcast dot net

  34. A Valentine for the bicycle I long for....

    I can’t help but smile when I see you
    Your bold looks complimented
    by your practical side
    And I dream of spending days together
    Whether for routine tasks
    or for the sheer joy of moving outside
    Riding fast or riding slow
    You would accept me as I am
    with no need for change in wardrobe, path or destination
    and I know we would be perfect partners
    Oh please, Red Bobbin Birdie, be mine!

    taterchron (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. Okay, I'm done. I wanted to draw a picture of my bike, because I do love my mixte! The text still works even if you're not familiar with the mixte/diamond frame thing (see what I did there?)


    rejected ideas included "Is that a banana seat or are you just happy to see me, Valentine?"

    My e-mail is mindy_fraser at hotmail dot com.

    1. rejected ideas included "Is that a banana seat or are you just happy to see me...

      Nice : )

  36. A hand made painted & stenciled bike love valentine for my sweethearts: http://www.flickr.com/photos/filmgeekmafia/6845562923/

    email:susannah@filmgeekmafia.com <3

  37. Schwalbe coming round the mountains when she comes
    Schwalbe coming round the mountains when she comes
    Schwalbe never fearing failure cos there's always her derailleur
    Schwalbe coming round the mountains when she comes

    I thenk you lol

  38. What a lovely bike! Here's my entry:

    Your beloved hubby is out at sea, ‘tis true...
    So what is a loyal young Navy wife to do
    When a lonely Valentine’s Day draws oh-so-near?
    Here is a hint, my daughter-in-law, my dear –
    Take to the roads on a lovely red bicycle
    The weather’s not important, you’ll not turn into an icicle!
    Just wear your warm bloomers, wear something woolen
    Soon your lonely heart will mend, your cheeks’ll be bloomin’!
    While your hubby's out singing ‘Anchors Aweigh!”
    You’ll be singin’ “Bobbin Birdie Valentine, Take Me Away!”
    You’ll be flying down streets, up alleys, down byways,
    By pastures, past houses, near libraries, beneath skyways,
    You’ll see things you’ve not seen since the golden days of childhood,
    And oh, my dear-–the fresh air will do you so much good!
    So take to the bike, my dear Lindsey--and soon
    Your hubby will return. Bike Dates in June!!!

    email: jennilicata at yahoo dot com

  39. Oh, Bobbin Birdie, please be mine,
    My heart's a hub of love
    That spoke your name the instant
    That I glimpsed your form above.

    I'll stamp your tread across my heart,
    I'll keep you polished bright,
    Make me the lucky one, and
    Be my Valentine tonight!


  40. Carmen is her name
    She’s quite bike insane
    One bike, two bikes, three bikes then four
    Yet she asks if we have room for some more
    So many Brooks saddles
    Dollar signs have my mind addled
    Most girls want roses and chocolate,
    Kisses and hugs
    Mine wants cream tires
    On a frame with vintage lugs
    Fenders fight mud and a rack for her things
    A light for the dark, to ride her work of art
    When I see her on a 3 speed
    My heart beats with such speed
    Picture of us in her locket
    And a lock on her mixte
    When she rides that blue frame
    I call her “my pixie”
    When biking in love is more important
    Than riding in line
    When velo evolves to love
    And the only friction is your shifter
    Then no matter the ride
    You’re happy to be with her

    email: michaelpgibby at gmail dot com
    (I hope she doesn't read this before Valentines...You know who you are!)

  41. birdie bicycle won’t you be mine?
    you will put me on cloud nine!

    on the back we will have at tot to tote
    he will wave to people like he is on a float

    when comes May’s end and spring arrives
    we three will go down Lake Shore drive

    to show the whole windy city
    my sweet new bike that is so pretty

  42. My Bicycle Love

    If any steal you away I'll cry and run.
    I may ride another but not the same fun.

    Never parked outside to face the night.
    I Always keep you near and in sight.

    Hand to handle, we lead each other.
    No, not as sister and brother.

    Righteously you caress my perineum
    So I can ride you for a millennium

    I pump to fill your needs not just at night.
    But no riding until the lube checks right.

    2gether life's hills turn into a fun coast.
    2gether we kiss the wind not 2 boast.
    But 2 show children 2 make the most

    When you break down
    We never break up
    I only break into a frown.

    Others have ridden you
    I have ridden others too
    Yet you make me feel new

    We try our first road with a little sway
    Nothing can stop us as we slide away

    Some wonder what they missed
    While we escape into the mist
    ttikk ttikk ttikk ttikk
    tik tik tik tik
    t t t t

  43. http://willie-bailey.blogspot.com/2012/02/give-away-for-valentines-day-from.html

    Happy Valentine's Day to All!


  44. My heart beats for you
    A soul untethered in your care
    Creamsicle wheels floating


  45. Oh, Birdie, how do I love thee?
    Let me count the ways.

    One Sturmey Archer hub for the most classic of rides,
    Two kicky mudflaps to keep my spats dry.
    Three speeds – no more - to roll along hills,
    And, oh!, lovely lugs ‘round your dreamy headtube.

    Your red frame so sweet
    ‘gainst my sweetie’s spring green
    Along we will ride,
    Two mixtes, love doth sheen.

    - Steph (acadiavt@hotmail.com)

  46. A Red, Red Bike
    (A velo-song for my Peugeot)

    O my bike’s like a red, red rose
    That’s newly sprung in June;
    O my hub’s like the melodie
    That’s sweetly play'd in tune.

    And, O my pedal’s like a fine, braw stirrup,
    My saddle firm and strong,
    And how my legs will turn thy cranks
    And wish the day were long.

    As fair art thou, my bonnie bike,
    So deep in luve am I:
    And I will ride thee still, my bike,
    ‘Til a’ the puddles gang dry:

    ‘Til a’ the puddles gang dry, my bike,
    And the pavement melts wi’ the sun:
    I will luve thee still, my dear,
    When the night hour has begun.

    ‘Til the setting of the sun, my bike,
    When the dark of night comes down,
    Then you shall have these two small lights,
    To light our way to town.

    Now fare thee well, my only bike
    For I must sleep, a while!
    Come morning we will ride again,
    Tho’ it were ten thousand mile.

    strathspeyreels at yahoo dot com

  47. My dog, Bonnie, is a little shy and eccentric, and is always the star of our "family" greeting cards. She was going to make a Valentine anyway, but she decided to go with a flashy Valentine theme in hopes of winning her dear mother, me, a pretty new Lady Bike.


    julie jphardee.com AKA Julie of www.TheJulieBlog.com

    1. shoot, my email didn't show up properly - julie@jphardee.com


      If I win, it's getting all-white tires, grips and seat.

  48. Love to me as you can see is riding on my bike.
    Two wheels to me is as giddy as three to a toddler upon his trike.
    To glide here and there with nary a care brings a sort of joy to my heart
    That you can imagine a bird would feel when spreading his wings apart

    Oh give me a bike a beautiful bike to take me on my travels
    To see the world as its meant to be seen, with hands firmly upon the handles
    The wind at my back, and the road ahead, peddling to anywhere
    A basket to hold all my wildest dreams...A life on a bike I will bare.

    Written to me by my friend and she will receive a nice gift from me in return if I win this bike. amypruden at aol dot com

  49. What a fantastic concept! Happy Valentines!

    Here is the link to mine:


  50. whoops! forgot my email joslinlee at gmail

  51. I made a Valentine for my boyfriend since I ride with him a lot. It is in the vein of dorky Valentine's for 8 year olds :-)


  52. A valentine for the Bobbin Birdie, in the hopes that she wheels into my life and carries me off on daily adventures through weather fair and foul.


    Oh, Bobbin Birdie,
    You are so purdy!
    All genders should agree.

    No toe overlap
    Snares me in your trap,
    And I abound with glee.

    Your three Sturmey gears
    And sturdy racked rear
    Will bring me safe to work.

    Your brilliant red stain
    And lugged steel frame
    Really are quite the perk!

    Oh darling velo,
    With cables of snow,
    For you I dearly pine.

    Two lights will I add,
    And you will be glad.
    I hope that you'll be mine!


    Contact info: aibreanros-at-gmail-dot-com
    Residency: Continental USA
    Gender: Yes!
    Bicycle: For myself
    Readily reachable by email: Yes
    Height: 5'5"
    Judgement: Used!

  53. Happy Valentine's Day!! Here's my entry, designed specifically in the likeness of mine and my sweetie's bicycles.


    My email is ainsley.wagoner@gmail.com

    Happy biking V-day!

  54. Thank you for the contest!
    Below is my entry, inspired by the little Birdie:


    Email is yn0405 at gmail

    1. Is that a chain stitch for the heart? It's beautiful! Do you have a blog or something?

    2. Thank you! It is a chain stitch (I was learning it as I was going so it's a little uneven). No blog yet :)

  55. Love Lullaby for My Lady, Tillie

    O Lady Tillie, emerald green,
    You lovely Raleigh Sports
    Of vintage flair, and rarely seen,
    Upright she e'er comports.

    She coasts along the sea soft lanes,
    Tyres glisten in the tide,
    And far into eve's twilight damp
    My Tillie and I ride.

    Were she a mare of warmth and pace
    I couldn't love her more.
    And so goodnight, old bike of grace.
    Now, through the old shed door.

    Robin (robinwellfleet@gmail.com)

  56. My submission is here: http://goo.gl/ZwDdh

    Together We'll Go Far ... On Love & Bicycles

    By: Stephen.Ogden@mac.com

    1. The link to the picture is not working for me, but Stephen also sent it via email, and you can view it here.

    2. Thanks much.

  57. A valentine for Sir Handsome who once upon a time offered two wheels for two.

    Thanks for the fun.

    Valentine submitted via email.

    Email: thats30[at]live[dot]com

  58. Here's mine :


  59. Thank you everyone for the entries! The deadline has now passed, so please no more either here or by email.

    I have a lot of email entries and will be posting them here tonight. Then over the weekend there will be a selection of finalists for everyone to look at and give feedback. Recipient will be announced on the 14th, so there will be a swift turn around on this one. Thanks again and stay tuned!

  60. Well, the contest was one thing, but the picture of the bike along with the holiday sparked another. Got's me thinking about wanting a slower pace in life...

    Velo-Valentine (If Pedals Pedaled Closer)

    My car was taken from me
    I couldn't get any closer to her if the wind would let me
    So I managed to find my pedals
    And take in the gear by gear 
    I wish it were warmer
    And that I had a basket
    Because the strain of the season blowing against my face
    Is beginning to speak louder than my love
    So I shifted forward one
    And remained determined to get there

    Then the street was taken from me
    I couldn't get any closer to her shoulder or hair
    So I had to find another pedal
    And a pace that was even faster
    I wish it were flatter
    And that I had an engine
    Because the hill is challenging my convictions
    Speaking promises I didn't know I was meant to make
    So I stood up some
    And pressed through the cold winds further

    Then I saw what could have only been a mirage
    Well, only if it were a desert and I were parched
    There you were coming towards me
    And all the energy that was taken from me
    And all the strength to remain in this a bit further
    No longer mattered
    Because I saw the same grit in your pedals
    The same arms carrying this love up a hill
    On that pink frame I never saw before
    You pedaled down beside me
    Took from my hand the flowers intended to blossom in yours
    Placed them in basket
    And planted your hand in mine
    We turned to face down the hill
    And with a glee our feet arose from the pedals

    My car was taken from me
    And I was convinced that the strength on my pedals alone would be enough
    Until you joined yours to mine
    And we found that this life was still going to have hills
    Our determination to go up them
    And not stop praying to make it up, over, and through
    Was all the engine we needed
    Because a love like this takes two pedals
    One to go up
    While the other paces down
    All the fuel this engine needed
    Was a car to be removed
    And our lives to pedal a bit closer.

  61. via email, an entry from Kate from Colorado:

    Ode to Friendship

    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
    my lovely Kate needs a new friend too.
    Kate is certainly having loads of fun but having Bobbie as a new friend
    will make her twirl around and dance in the wind.

    There are many adventures to be had
    with both Kate and Bobbie together, neither will be sad.
    Instead, two friends who have been kept apart
    will now be together to tell secrets, play and ride to see the Denver Museum of Art

    If you should consider this poem of friendship and hope by Kate
    please know that she is anxiously waiting by her gate.
    Hoping to see... the Fed Ex delivery
    her new friend Bobbie

    Love, Kate from Colorado

  62. Not sure whether this one was sent as an official entry or just for fun, but what a Valentine's-appropriate picture!

    "I thought you'd appreciate this photo apropos of Valentines Day and lovely bikes! This is my '72 Peugeot UO-18 mixte out for a meander today in suburban Northern NJ"

    via email from Roger P

  63. via email from Annette J in California:

    Here is my valentine entry for your bicycle contest!
    I'm sending a scan of the front of the card, and here is what it says inside:
    (It is to my husband, who has a spiffy bicycle while I do not!)

    Lacking a bicycle built for two,
    The amorous thing for me to do
    Would be to have a bicycle, too,
    And a-roving I will go with you.

  64. via email from John P:

    training wheels come off
    mountain hayfield father's son
    love you now as then

  65. A card from Whitney C, sent via email: front and back.

  66. Via email from Clay C:

    "Her or the Bicycle
    And there she was with her curves and style
    not diminished nor blemished from all her miles
    I longed to know her from the very first sight
    as she moved so smoothely through the night
    she was adorned just so with a touch of style and bling
    she sounded out gleefully "Here I come...ding, ding"
    I had to get closer to glimpse a better view
    was she shakey and wobbly or confident and true
    just as I thought her beauty did shine
    her classic style knew no time
    she draws looks and compliments when she passes by
    and because she chose me I am truly the luckiest guy

    The lady in the picture is my wife and she made so happy when we got married. Even happier still when she decided to join me on my rides. Now we spend a great deal of time on our bicycles."

  67. An entry from Tanya H via email:

    "Mine is a valentine for Sir Handsome who once upon a time offered two wheels for two..."

  68. Via email from Audrey W. The poem reads:

    "true love

    discouraging, tiresome
    amassed frustrations
    quick release–
    restore sanity?

    true love, loyal to
    youth, to health, to
    the beating-

    celebrating curves,
    bearing pain and

  69. OKAY: As far as I know I have added all the email submissions now. If you emailed me and do not see yours here, let me know ASAP please!

  70. Peppy (the birdie... can I has... tasty... purrrr)February 10, 2012 at 9:09 PM

    Purrr... Hiss... I've emailed... Yessss....


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