This and That

House of Talents Basket
You can get with this

Reclining Moser
or you can get with that

Post Ride
Sometimes I wear a helmet

Basket's Edge
sometimes I wear a hat

Sometimes I work from home
with my lovely assistants

Moser, Charles River
Sometimes I go on rides
in the cold wearing mittens

Lunch Stop, Dover
Sometimes I ride with others
sometimes I ride alone

Pamela and Patria, RSC
Taking wacky pictures
with my camera phone

Lunch in Concord
meeting nice people

Lunch in Concord
eating hot soup

Z and Her Seven
climbing hills along the
Concord-Lexington loop

Lunch in Concord
Now let's all get cozy
with a warm cup of java

Ibex Balaclava
Or how about a crazy
wool balaclava?

Rainy Boston Night Time View
Enjoy your weekend
and the beauty outside

Crisp and Sunny
No matter what you're into
it's time for a ride!


  1. Bravo! (But thanks to you, that Black Sheep song is now running through my head.)

  2. We are lucky to have the December sun
    as we near the winter soltice bike riding is fun.
    Thanks to you Velouria for all you have written
    for all of us who are bicycle smitten.

  3. Thanks for making me smile :D HAve a great weekend!

    Disabled Cyclist

  4. Ditto... gotta ride.

  5. Ha, love this! Especially the lovely assistants and the balaclava. :)

  6. Nice -- I like the Dr. Seuss-like vibe. And this might be the very first time ever that "java" and "balaclava" were paired for a rhyme!

  7. So nice! This is why I ride! Thanks for getting my weekend of to a great start.The basket in the first pic is killer.

  8. oh wonderful. B and I kinda love that song. It's famous here as for showcasing choices to the children. "you can get with this- or you can get with that..." The kids find it a lot less funny....

    anyway- enjoy- have fun!

  9. Thanks everyone : )

    The baskets in the first and last picture are from the House of Talents. I have them on loan for review.

  10. Engine, engine number 9....damn it!

    Now I'm not only flashing back to high school, but to the bike I rode back then...Raleigh Technium 21-speed fall-apart - I mean mountain bike.

    Thanks for a great post and for showing everyone your wicked rhyming skills!

  11. Thank you for the nice set of pictures with captioning. May you have continued great riding and a joyous holiday period.

  12. Nice
    Holiday cheers from Romania!
    La multi ani!

  13. Handsome basket (the balaclava is nice too)

    I wish I could go ride, but I'm trapped in the kitchen cooking dinner for 26 tonight....riding to the store might be all I get to do..

  14. Needed a smile today. Love it!

  15. Love that basket. The color scheme is so charming.

  16. Love your blog. Read it regularly. My opinions of your whole enterprise are 99.99% positive. Love your evolving perspectives. Appreciate your opinions. Dig your whole thing.

    BUT I just can't figure out your (apparently aesthetic) fascination with laying your bikes down on the ground! What's up with that? They look so orphaned, disrespected, injured, like BMXs tossed aside at the corner store, ready to be backed over by a delivery truck.

    Stand 'em up. Lean 'em ready to ride. Buy a kickstand. ANYTHING!

    Had to get that off my chest finally. Sorry.

    Please take this in the friendliest way possible.
    Happy Holidays!

  17. Love this post! Very cute. I love your assistants too :)

  18. Nice! You inspired me to go for a ride!

  19. Super-cute assistant cats!!

  20. Woah, that is a gorgeous basket in the first pic! Can't wait for the review. That would almost be worth the inevitable drag.

    Great rhymes and silliness. Just what the bike blogosphere needs, sometimes! Thanks V.

  21. :D We have a couple of those assistants too, but the only thing they really assist with is occasionally warming your lap, otherwise they tend to be somewhat counter-productive :)

    Just rode across town in the cold winter sunshine to pick up our weekly milk delivery. Happy weekend!

  22. This just in: lovely bicycle can rap!

  23. A ride was done
    Eye contact made
    Nothing the wife forbade

    Cave Women, with flute and accordian in hand
    Belied their name
    With angelic strands

    Across from a building in cinders
    Say what?
    Started from elf-whittled tinder

    Demographics crossed
    No monoculture for me
    Glad to have the variety
    This Saturdee

  24. Ha! Love it! Your assistants look hard at work (or more accurately, hardly working.) Like the balaclava. Makes you look like a bike ninja. :)

  25. Love this cheery post -- totally made me smile!

  26. Thanks for a lovely post from lovely Velouria. I totally dig that basket from the first photo.

  27. A great set of photos from a visually rich blog. Gives us a literal window into winter biking in Boston at its best.

  28. Ha that was great wonderful pics with it to. Sure coulda used a big bowl of hot soup after this mornings ride sooooo cold but good cold

  29. I like the sequence of assistants...mittens. It makes one think of the "kittens" in the photo, a visual rhyme. You make readers invariably think of a word you didn't write. Very nice, restrained, subtle.


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