10 Cycling Blogs I am Thankful For

Just as you all do, I like reading cycling blogs. I need my fix with morning coffee, and a pick-me-up now and again throughout the day. Other's cycling blogs inspire me and keep me going with my own; without them Lovely Bicycle would probably not exist. For that and more, I tip my hat to them this Thanksgiving and invite you to pay them a visit. In reverse alphabetical order:

Entertaining ride reports from the most mundane trips on the local cycling paths to a grand tour of Western Ireland. I love snarkypup's narrative voice and savour reading her posts. 

To me, Dave of Portlandize is the voice of reason when it comes to North American transportation cycling. He says many of the things I'd like to say, only calmer, more eloquently and more succinctly. 

Midlife Cycling
Justine of the 4 Mercians is a unique blogger in too many ways to list. Her personal narratives combine analyses of life, academia and cycling in a way that always teaches me something new.

Let's Go Ride a Bike
LGRAB was one of the first cycling blogs I discovered before starting my own, and I continue to read with interest. Undoubtedly "the" blog for women looking to start cycling for transportation.

Endless Velo Love
G. E. offers an unpretentious, friendly perspective of a bicycle enthusiast who started as a novice and is happy to share her learning experiences.

Alan's thorough reviews, technical analyses and inspiring photography made me a fan from the start and keep me coming back for a daily dose of bicycle goodness.

For years, Mikael Coleville-Andersen has stayed true to his goal of promoting cycling infrastructure in cities around the world. I don't always agree with him, but he never fails to provide food for thought.

Biking in Heels
A local-to-me blog, cycler's thoughts on cycling and bicycles in the greater Boston area are both familiar and different from mine, and always compelling.

Another Boston blog and fairly new on the scene, this weekly cartoon is hilarious, profound, and not always safe for work. Beards one week, pubic hair the next? Thank you, bikeyface!

A cozy blanket of artisanal sarcasm, Bike Snob is a classic. No matter how dismal life gets, the meandering posts and bikesnobian logic reassure me that all will be okay in the end.

What bicycle blogs are you reading these days? Feel free to share, and enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. Well, I read yours, of course, and usually these others:

    BikeLoveJones (Beth Hamon, PDX)

    Kent Peterson

    327 words (David Shapiro, Seattle)

    LADOT Bike Blog

    Plus, of course, BSNYC & LGRAB, which you've already mentioned.

  2. I'm thankful for most of the blogs that Velouria mentioned as well.

    Here's a short list of some blogs that are on my reading list:
    And of course I can't forget my sweetie! http://aprillikesbikes.wordpress.com/

    snak shak

  3. Thank you so much. I'm honestly honored and humbled that you would put me in that list. Yours is one of the few bicycling blogs I still read, and I've really appreciated the non-blog communication we've had as well. Thanks again, I'm glad to be in this weird little internet community with you.

  4. I discovered this only the other day. A one-of-a-kind minimalist meditation on cycling. It's what I've been hungry for.
    18 miles per hour

  5. One that is fundamental for me:

    A view from the cycle path

    In depth analysis, details, pictures, drawings, videos etc. Love it!

    I also love Brown Girl in the lane.

    I totally connect to everything she says even though I live in a totally different reality.

    I love The Urban Country

    Canadian courtoisie oblige. He is always spot on with his topics, views, approaches and his realities are the closests to mine (kind of).


    Mikael is my Pope.
    And of course, yours.

  6. goinginslowly.com

  7. http://amsterdamize.com/
    Dutch version of Copenhagenize.com, more or less.

    Polite, rational, advocacy for Dutch-style infrastructure.

    Less polite, rational advocacy for Dutch-style infrastructure.

    Fun pictures of cargo bikes.

    Local blog, Angela and Dorea and kids, car free in Cambridge.

    Local blog, a Newton mom trying to get stuff done on her bike/trike.

  8. The more blogs , and other online cycling discussions, the better!

    In time cycling will become more main stream in America I hope!

  9. Lots of good stuff has already been mentioned. I'd add:

    A great complement to reading BQ.

    I'm also a regular reader of BikePortland, even though I live far, far away. Every city should have its equivalent of BikePortland!

  10. http://www.thelazyrandonneur.com/
    mud, sun, sand and more mud.

  11. Since I just started out reading up on bikes after having driven them for my entire life, my contribution is limited.
    I do however read the following one regularly:

    And for some video, I recommend

    Their videos show The Netherlands and it's cycling paths in a very interesting and informative way, making full use of Youtube's many technical possibilities like multiple language subtitles

  12. I'm surprised no one has mentioned


    an irreverent Australian diatribe for the love of riding, drinking and raucous. These guys ride everywhere, all the time for fun and for hard times spent in the pain canoe. It's not pretty, but it's beautiful.

  13. Walt D said...
    "The more blogs , and other online cycling discussions, the better! "

    Agreed. There are so many different point of views; I find it helpful to read others' thoughts and ideas, as well as just to "feel" the community. And I do think it's a community.

    Montrealize - I respect MCA, but "Pope"? Mon Dieu, non.

  14. http://bikeskirt.com

  15. I second the recommendation for 18 Miles Per Hour. For pro stuff, inrng.com is the best. And bike snob, of course.

  16. Oh and for women who are interested in roadcycling, I also recommend pedal-strike.com. Try to go back to the archives and read from the beginning; she's great.

  17. "Montrealize - I respect MCA, but "Pope"? Mon Dieu, non."

    You're right, he is my GOD!

  18. As far as the blogs I read, I find this, simply bike, bikey face, amsterdamize and city girl rides to be my favorites lately. All of them are written by wonderful people, and all of them are quite different. Strength in diversity. People who ride bicycles are not easily lumped into a category of a singular type of person, we simply are people (of all types), and we ride bicycles. As it should be.

  19. So, I just logged into rideblog, preparing to finish my latest post, and noticed that I suddenly had the Most Views Ever. What the heck? I mean, I'm sure my five-sentence update was interesting, and I know folks are home for the holidays, but was I really suddenly that exciting? Something must have happened...

    Veloria happened! Thank you so much for putting my wee blog on your list. Yours is the only blog of any sort that I read regularly, so it's a mutual kind of love.

    And it was definitely inspiration to finish my new post, so as to please my new-found fans. Happy Thanksgiving, Lovely Bicycle!

  20. I don't read many blogs of any sort - just yours, to be frank, but having followed yours for the past year or so, and being a writer by profession anyway, I felt inspired to launch my own cycling blog, over here in Sussex, England - www.My-Bicycle-and-I.co.uk

    So thanks for the inspiration - and i shall continue to follow your blog with interest


    1. I Agree this blog is amazing! i've recently started my own blog about cycling and have drawn lots of inspiration from your blog! Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next posts on other blogs you like!

  21. Oh and by the way, I acknowledged my debt to 'Velouria' in a post last week - both for inspiring me to write a blog and for the novel (to me) idea of putting cream tyres on a bicycle!




  22. I read a few of the ones you mentioned (just checked out Bikeyface, and now want a set of moustache reflectors).

    A fun Tumblr is "Rides a Bike" which collects photos of celebrities on bicycles http://ridesabike.tumblr.com/

  23. How about "Bikes for the Rest of Us"? Has reviews of different bikes.

    The Mixte Gallery. Devoted to Mixtes

    Nostalgia Net (has stuff on vintage bikes, very interesting)

    And folks may want to join any "bike meetups"
    in their areas, for both blogging and events. Type in "bike/bicycle" + "meetup" + "location"
    and see what shows up.

  24. Most of what is mentioned above I stop into from now and then and the addition of the following:

    Simply Bike

    Bike Fancy

    #Bike NYC

  25. I read yours, Antbikemike, Bike Snob and Velocipede. I'm sure there are others, but I spend to much time on these as it is.

  26. What a great list (thank you so much for including me on it, too - what a nice surprise)! I think many of us are so grateful to have you as a daily read, and enjoy seeing your changes and reading your perspective on life and bicycling. No matter our place on the globe, there is always something to learn here.

    Hope you enjoyed a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.

  27. add "Bike Fancy" for interesting everyday bikers.

  28. Wow, I read many of the blogs that you and your readers posted. Here are some that I don't think were mentioned and which I follow on a daily basis:

    Rona Justine
    Cycling without a helmet
    Flying Pigeon LA

    This site is not a blog, but just plain old bike porn for me.

  29. my usual habit is to load Biking in Heels and then see which blogs on her blogroll have posted updates, so the usual links from there will include yours, LGRAB, Chic Cyclist, Boston Biker, Bike Fancy and Bikeyface.

    Besides that, on a weekly basis, I'll check out the Rapha Survey (http://www.rapha.cc/survey) ANTbikeMike's blog, the Path Less Pedaled and the AdvCycling blog (http://blog.adventurecycling.org/).

    I think I'll remember to read pedal-strike's blog once a month or so, but usually when I do remember, I'll wind up losing an hour to just catching up on all of her entries.

  30. Thank you for the Bikeyface link. It fills a gap, especially now that Yehudamoon has retired.

  31. I read Lovely Bicycle nearly every day, I love how Velouria deals with so many issues regarding biking that I find relevant, the tips for restoring a bike, and how it has become a sort of meeting place for bike riders from around the world. I also look at many of the blogs listed above, though not as regularly. And there are two other bicycle bloggers in my city whose blogs I also look at every day, http://cycle-space.com/ and http://rustybikebell.wordpress.com/ , I find it is great to read about other bikers' perspectives on my own city!

  32. I read many of the blogs you and others mentioned and I really adore this little bicycle community. I always felt that maybe I was a little strange for always thinking about bikes and wanting to ride all the time. And then I discovered blogs about bicycles and others who loved cycling. Phew... what a relief, I'm not the only one :).

  33. Great post V!


    I adore Julie - she never fails to put a smile on my face!

  34. Anon suggested: pathlesspedaled.com

    I'm a +1 on that. Just Tuesday I stumbled upon that when a FB friend posted a link. If for no other reason the link is a good path to their nicely done videos on Vimeo.

    I too have a blog: 449km.blogspot.com. Until recently I had a huge following of nearly 7 readers, but then my mom stopped following it. Said she had better stuff to do. She doesn't ride anyway.

  35. All blogs are great for discussions about cycling and its helpful for me to get useful information and better knowledge about bicycle riding and more... in that list of blogs one of my favorite blog is "http://midlifecycling.blogspot.com/"

  36. Not a cycling blog per se but check out Jill's writing about her ultra experiences. She cycled Iditarod and the Tour Divide and wrote books about them.

    I think you would enjoy her books.


  37. love your blog and your style ....


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