Announcing Hat Recipient!

[original of altered image via Atlanta Street Fashion blog]

Thank you to everyone for taking part in the "Thanking Your Bicycle" give-away.  Your notes were so very nice; I found it extremely difficult to choose.

Riddled with indecision, I finally left it up to my bicycles - and, upon voting, they chose... Kyle. Here is an excerpt from Kyle's note to his bicycle Nimrod - which I think is worth a read:

Thank you, Nimrod, you mighty hunter, for never failing me.
When everything else fell apart -- losing my job, losing my wife, all in the same month -- someone moved to Romania and had to let you go. And we found each other. You are three years older than me but did you know we share a birthday? We will have cake in January!
You and I had a long, strange winter, exploring the silent city during seven months of unemployment and the depths of heartbreak. You never asked what was wrong, never pressured me to speak. You were just there. You listened. We watched the sunrise from the hilltop cemetery and I whispered my woes. We explored the abandoned prison farm and I talked through my grief. Your freewheel's whizzzz was the only comment offered. Thank you for listening.
We had those long hours to get to know each other. That is when I learned you liked fluted fenders. That you wanted a rear basket. Remember when I found your voice, when I brought home that brass bell? And when we removed the original, 34-year-old wrap on your handlebars? Now they are a brilliant hunter green. A mighty hunter, just like you, Nimrod. You fit my style perfectly, but I fit yours, too.
Those small things -- too, too little -- were my poor way of thanking you for being my constant companion. We are a badass duo, friend. We toured our first century, just us, into the Georgian countryside, and several after.
We planned and led an urban bike tour and a Labor Day seersucker social; though already noted in the bike community, you became my best accessory and with you, we became something of bike celebrities. Folks flung compliments like laurels as we whizzed by, bold with bow tie and brass bell. Remember when those racers tick-tacked over in their cleats to scope you out, envious? We even ended up on a bike blog.
You were there when I met Laura. She said she was smitten with me but you sealed the deal. Thanks, wingman! Her lime green Schwinn looks awfully nice, huh? Huh? (I know you liked how I cozied you two up on the car rack: you're welcome.)
Without your steadfast support, Nimrod, I might still have come through this all. But not like this. Not whole. Back at scratch and my first fully car-free year, I needed you and you gave all you had. I owe you what I am now.
You were always there for me, Nimrod. Thank you. 

Kyle, please get in touch with me at filigreevelo{at}yahoo to discuss your hat - as I do not have your contact info. (And in the event that I do not hear from Kyle, my bikes did agree on several runners up.)

When I asked my bicycles what made them pick Kyle, some said it was the content of his story, others said it was his engaging narrative style, one said that the phrase "mighty hunter" reminded him of The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers, and yet another simply liked the name Nimrod. But it really was very close, and quite difficult to decide who the recipient should be. I think that next time, I will come up with something where there can be several recipients. Though the theme of this give-away was meant in good fun, I think that many of us - myself included - are sincerely grateful for the role bicycles play in our lives. Thank you again for taking part, and thank you for reading Lovely Bicycle!


  1. Butternut: it isn't khaki. It is like the olive but a lighter color and more brown. Maybe butterscotch is the right name for their color.

    Inseam: Yea, as a stout one, my knickers are really more "high water" pants.

    One name for knickers is Plus Twos and also Plus Fours. Meaning "inches below the knee"
    [Also called Capris, Pedal Pushers, Knickers, Breeches and probably many more things] My knickers are like a Plus Eight whereas a Plus Eleven, for me, would be pants.

  2. Excellent selection Velouria. A great piece of prose and a wonderful tribute to Nimrod as well. By recounting his story, one of overcoming tremendous adversity, Kyle has given us all a nice Thanksgiving Gift.
    Congratulations Kyle!!

  3. Congratulations to Kyle, well deserved!


  4. Perfect choice! Congrats to Kyle and Nimrod.

  5. so nice!! +off to reading the rest of the entries, this seems like such a great contest =)

  6. Bravo!

    Myself and family of 3 bicycles all "chose" Kyle too. Lorelei (the vintage mixte) was won over by "Your freewheel's whizzzz was the only comment offered". Woodstock (the Brompton) barely suppressed a chortle at "Remember when I found your voice, when I brought home that brass bell?" (I think a similar memory was awoken, there.) And even Black Velvet (the big black Surly road bike) melted with the line "She said she was smitten with me but you sealed the deal. Thanks, wingman!"
    High fives all round by this point!

    We have bookmarked Kyle's blog and hope he posts a photo of himself sporting his new woolly hat in due course... beside or astride Nimrod, of course!

  7. Chris - That sounds like a nice colour. And I love the idea of "vintage" Musas : )

  8. Great choice, Velouria - Kyle's story of his faithful Nimrod was a winner for us too. Petunia fancies Nimrod. My husband's road bike is now very jealous and wants new shiny bits.

  9. Holy smokes! I checked my email for the first time today and found a hearty "Congratulations!" and link from Cameron. I am flattered and flabbergasted, and of course grateful beyond telling.

    I checked the comments regularly the last few days, not to see how mine stacked up, but thrilling at the thanks put out from other riders. Succinct or lengthy, they were all loving; it was touching to see everyone grateful to their bike(s). I am honored, Velouria, that your stable selected me from some very close, very poignant contemporaries.

    I hope everyone thanked their ride(s) the best way possible: with a ride! I rode Nimrod eight miles to run a half marathon, and then the long way back through the empty, sunny city. Laura worked on her huck toweling and I replaced his chain and freewheel (the only Black Friday shopping I did), and cleaned his hubs. We are ready to work of those sweet potatoes.

  10. Ah, there you are - I was hoping someone who knew you would alert you! Cycling eight miles to run a half marathon... now that's impressive.

    Thanks again for your contribution Kyle!

  11. Congratulations, Kyle! After a crazy weekend caring for my mother while she broke her hip and has been hospitalized, it made me so happy to read your story and your award:)

  12. Kyle's awesome! I don't live in Atlanta, but I'm sure he's really helping to increase bicycling spirit in the city. Way to go Kyle-- you deserved it.



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