Lovely Dress Guards Give-Away

To brighten up your Fall, I am giving away these fantastic, colourful Dutch dress guards, which I reviewed here earlier.

To receive the dress guards, please ask your bicycle - yes, your bicycle - to post a comment here explaining why he or she would like them. A link to pictures of the bicycle is a plus (but please no nudity). My Dutch bike, Linda, will then decide which she likes best and will announce the recipient on Friday.

Comments by humans will be disregarded; bicycles only please. Multiple bicycles belonging to the same owner are eligible. Have fun, and thank you for reading Lovely Bicycle!


  1. Hi! My name is Lindy (very similar to Linda - ha!) and I'm a yellow 1972 Schwinn Breeze. My owner, Julie, is cleaning me up after I sat a long, long time in a dirty garage. The rust is almost gone from my handlebars and rims, my paint is getting touched up, my chain has been cleaned, and some new tire have been ordered for me. Soon Julie will put my fenders back on. It would be the perfect final touch to have these beautiful dress guards on my rear wheels. Won't you complete my makeover?

    Best Wishes,
    Miss Lindy

  2. From Helene (a custom Miss Mercian): I am a very distinguished, elegant British lady with some French culture. I am both a loyal servant to, and a good example for, my human passenger: I whisk her over miles of streets and trails, from her home to her classroom and out to the country, with the grace and dignity that becomes us. And, while I give my human passenger credit for dressing with style, it's so unbecoming of her--and a mild embarrasment to me--when her skirt flaps into my spokes. I haven't complained to her; it's part of my lot in life to keep a stiff upper lip. Nonetheless, I will have an even more jolly time, and so will my passenger, if I am granted the privilege of wearing one of your dress guards as my badge of honour.

  3. These dress guards are way too colorful and frivolous for me- they would clash with my lovely burgundy paint.

  4. Hello, my name is Freddie Mercury, and I'm an Electra Townie. Here is my picture:

    My rider challenged herself to wear a skirt every day of 2010, and I have a feeling she might not stop when 2011 rolls around. (Wheel humor!) So I would greatly enjoy having something to protect my lovely spokes from potential fabric mishaps.

    (P.S. Yes, I am aware that I am a women's bike with a man's name. My gender identity is fluid like that.)

  5. Matilda asked that I pass along her comment:
    I am solid and dependable surrounded by the plastic and disposable. My lugged steel frame and well maintained components keep me safely rolling through all weather. When around town I see the others: knobby tired mountain bikes, hipster fixtes, featherweight road bikes, and the garishly painted beach cruisers. The absurdity of it all! A perfectly pragmatic woman in a world filled with frivolity. But secretly, and I only admit this to you because I consider you a friend, I long to look pretty. Just a little something that hopefully improves my functionality, but that really shines – colorful dress guards could be just the thing!

  6. Betty here. You know, the Salt Lake City one. When Kara showed me this skirt guard, I dinged my bell. Not only is it cute to boot, but it’s also functional. Kara tends to wear leggings on our rides. I tell her, “Come on, Kara, wear something pretty. Throw on a dress or skirt!” She just mumbles something about getter her fabric caught and puts on those darn leggings. Between you and me, Linda, I think she has a problem, a legging addiction. Maybe with a skirt guard she will be a little more adventurous in her outfits.

    Another thing, having lived with “Kara the Knitter” for a while, I have come to appreciate all things yarn. While I like most of the things she makes for people, the bicycle accessories she has knit for me have been questionable. I mean, who needs pedal cozies?! But this skirt guard, would be perfect. It is yarn-y in the best possible way--like a shawl for my back tire. Oh no. Kara’s talking about knitting me a handlebar shrug–-I don’t even know what that means. Save me, Linda. You’re my only hope.

  7. Just wanted to say that it is a pleasure to curate the dress guard give-away and to read the entries!


  8. Oh yeah, I forgot, here is a picture of us. (Yes, those are jeggings...leggings that look like jeans. Sigh.)

  9. Brrrring! Linda! I don’t even know what a guard dress is. We do not have the things that are guard but I looked at my lady and she got stars in her eyes so I think maybe I should have guard. My lady is knitty, she makes mess of yarn but I think it pretty, she knit a lock cozy for me and she dream to knit guard like this but not know how. My lady want to wear dress, maybe guard is MY dress? I'm confused but my lady would be happy to have, please.

    (Translated from Bikeese by my lovely mixte, Lucy)

  10. Bonjour, Linda!

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brigitte. I am French (a vintage Follis mixte), but I currently am living in San Diego where my present owner found me at her neighborhood rescue shop and simply couldn't live without me. Although I have only been in my new home for a few months, we have become very good amies. We particularly enjoy the family's Sunday bike-to-breakfast rides in the neighborhood or tooling up the street to the creperie for coffee and brioche. While I feel comfortable in my current state, I know a dress guard would be helpful for my friend Monique, since she does like to wear skirts and dresses quite often. It is surprisingly difficult to find any such items in the sunny climes of Southern California--especially one so lovely. I have spied her many times perusing the Simeli web site looking at just this very thing.

    I will also admit that having a splash of vibrant color would make me feel a bit more perky as well. (A girl likes to have fun, too!) And the bright colors, while complimenting my champagne and silver frame, would also be a hit with the younger of the household's two children--she is a big fan of pink and purple.

    Please do consider us for a bit of a mixte makeover. I know Monique would be very excited to receive such a gift. And of course, I would be very grateful too. If I had fingers, they would be crossed.


    (You may see me here: )

  11. Hi, I'm Mrs. Gale. I'm a lovely little early 80's Nishiki mixte who's been giving my rider lots of slow riding enjoyment since I was assembled for my second life. However, my life is about to change. My rider's 77 year old mother has moved to town and I'm going to live with her next week. A woman of grace, style and much energy deserves to ride the most beautiful bike in town! Those silver sneakers at the gym won't know what hit 'em when Grandma comes rolllin' in on me for her workouts!

  12. Alright, Luv. I'm game, I guess.

    I am Herculeesa, and I belong to Herself, the lady that guy Corey is always going on about endlessly.
    I been told I am hugely reliable and have a wonderful "sturdy elegance" (I think they mean I'm good at shiftin' things and whatnot). Corey and Herself sure get a kick out of spinning me around, and the basket they gave me gets a lot of use with all the fresh veg getting picked from the garden and the hot pies being delivered to friends.

    I've never been out of this little redwood-studded California college town since I arrived here from Blighty in my childhood. I always wanted to visit Holland- dunno when I can find the time.

    Maybe a set o' skirt guards until then? It *is* my 50th birthday this year...I got a nice dark green brooks saddle as a birthday present last year.

    Ta Dear,


  13. my sole and constant rider is new to biking. it took her a really long time to find me as she is a shorty under 5' tall and refused to buy a teen bike or a dinky foldy bike in order to make do. so after hunting high and low, she found me, a vintage red sprite cruiser with a 16" frame and 24" wheels. after breaking in the saddle and basically falling in love with me, she's looking to accessorize me with cute things in order to make her ride that much sweeter.

  14. Oh, If I were only a female bicycle... (wink)

  15. My lady has done a great job giving me lots of timeless upgrades like wooden fenders, Brooks B18 saddle. cork grips and shellac-ed handlebar tape. I could really rock a set of skirt guards! Check me out at:

    Mariah, the Breezer bike

  16. I'm a Dutch lady, from the mysterious Fanal family, born in the 1950s. I have naked holes running along both sides of my back fender. After reading your post about dress guards, I realized how un-lady-like it has been to leave these dress guard anchors exposed.

    I have recently been working on my appearance--rust removal, new pedals, touch-up painting, pin-striping with a gold paint pen, re-shellacking my grips, etc. It would be so nice to show up at the farmer's market this weekend with a lovely dress guard. The lilac branches in my photo (link below) might have appreciated the guard, too.

    Fanny, the Fanal

    p.s. See the naked holes:

  17. Hello,

    I'm a bicycle of a certain age (DL-1 Lady born in 1973 if you are to believe my rear hub) who is feeling a bit underdressed without a Jabeschermer, being a proper Bostonian. My rider has done her best to acquire one, but attempts have failed. Numerous attempts. And she cannot, alas, crochet!

    I must admit that I am a rather particular bicycle and that pink does not suit me. In performing textual exegesis on the blog entry, I detected the plural being used and have great hopes that this might indeed imply that another of the talented Dutch artiste's creations might be on offer. In which case, I humbly request consideration to be outfitted with the gorgeous blue "Nelleke" or vibrant "Ananda".

  18. I'm a vintage Follis mixte that my soon to be rider adopted from Craigslist. She's giving me a brand new paint job which will be an upgrade from my chipped coat of red metallic paint and torn decals. My rider is outfitting me with a 3-speed hub, fenders to match my chrome fork ends, and a Brooks saddle, but she's having the hardest time finding a pair of dressguards that will flatter my frame structure and bring out the sparkle in my headlight. I've been eagerly peering over her shoulder at night while she reads Lovely Bicycle, and if I had these fabulous dressguards, I would toss my head-tube and kick up my pedals with joy!

  19. Hello! Helena and Hedwig here to say that though neither of us need another set of dress guards, we are having a wonderful time reading about, and seeing photos of all you lovely bicycles! Much luck to you all!

  20. dear linda,

    i feel like you and i would be fast friends. i'm the slightly beat-up but oh so lovely new acquisition of a recently bike-reformed lady. she's scrapped the clipless pedals, (ex-)boyfriend-mandated cadence surveillance, and general bike-related-crabiness/anxiety, and instead opted for the awesomeness that is me -- a super comfy ~1970s, shiny shiny purple, gitane mixte...i even came equipped w/ a brooks b15. not bad for $100, right?

    said lady just learned to change a tire (last week!), updating me w/ some nice grippy panaracers, at least until she launches into a wheel building project. she also replaced my brakepads, bit of a struggle, really...but worth it for the fab koolstop sticker that came w/ them.

    this week's project involves installing some fancypants honjo fenders and VO montmartre bars. all this, for our inaugural semi-long ride this weekend, on the sugar river trail in wisconsin.

    now i'm slightly concerned that a super-fabulous crocheted dress guard might make the other bikes in town extremely jealous; my lady swears it will make them just jealous enough.


  21. Hi there,

    I am a fetus, that is, a custom frame by Rivendell whose plans have been drawn up by Grant, will soon be built by Mark (hopefully next week), and then painted by Joe. (so, second-trimester custom?)

    I will be a mixte with S&S couplers, so that my mom, who is a consultant, will take me with her on her weekly traveling adventures in bike-friendly towns. She has already decided that I will be painted "dusty rose" by Joe. My mom expects the stork to bring me home in November.

    I would love to have these skirt-guards covering my bottom because it will keep the New York road grime off my owner's fancy tweed skirt-suits when she is biking to her office. I also think that it will match my dusty rose color quite nicely.

    If you feel I am deserving, please contact my mom as I am not old enough to have my own email address yet: "S U M E H R A at GMAIL d0t com" (remove spaces, replace words with symbols where necesary).

  22. Riv Fetus - I am speechless! Both after reading your description, and upon wondering WWGS (what would Grant say) at the idea of a Rivendell bike being fitted with dress guards!

  23. @Linda - Well, Grant was not happy that I am going to be a mixte with couplers, for one thing. What Grant doesn't know won't hurt him ;)

  24. I am Cloud and I am a cream Pashley Britannia of indeterminate gender hand built a few miles up north in Stratford.
    Some days I look rather handsome unadorned with my honey Brooks saddle, tan grips & black net dress guard contrasting nicely against my pale frame. Others, I might dress up a little for my public with a Carrie basket up front intertwined with ivy for a suitably rustic look.
    My rider is oh so new to cycling and sometimes spends a little too much time gazing at me but we hope to one day soon roll gracefully or at least in perpetual motion through the streets of Oxford, feeling the breeze through hair & ivy, cutting a fine silhouette amongst the spires worthy of a cycle chic photo moment. For now am patient with a shuffle scoot motion, sigh.
    I'm not just a pretty handsome thing it must be said & can be found getting muddy at the allotment carrying misshapen vegetables my rider has miraculously unearthed from the soil - such talent!
    But enough of rustic! A city boho lady look is needed for town & gown and how I would wear the Simeli dress guard well, I am vain but then I am glorious!

    See me in simple dress!/album.php?aid=-3&id=751504740

  25. Hello, I have just named myself Belinda Bianchi in a (charming, I hope) maneuver to qualify myself for a "Jabeschermer."

    It's my 30th birthday! I was actually made in Japan, despite my Italian name, in the bike-boom heyday. Purists on bikeforums tend to be dismissive, but Sheldon Brown says that my Japanese-born siblings are, in many cases, better behaved than my Italian-born cousins. Being a purist works out better in the abstract than in reality anyway.

    I must confess that I do not believe I am the most qualified potential recipient. I try very hard not to compare myself and am grateful simply for my owner's reacent rediscovery of me. I must also say that I'm purring about my new Diacompe endshifters and Belleville handlebars. Yes, with a beautiful handmade dressguard, I may end up a bit of a mongrel, but America is a melting pot, after all, and I am happy to be a cultural reflection of my social environment. Plus, you should know that, though I am a mixte, I can out-roll many many many younger bicycles on the mean streets, bridges and bikeways of New York. I think I might even be faster in finery.

    PS: I am blue -- a beautiful, original Bianchi blue. Much nicer than that celeste green that the Bianchi snobs favor. After all, it's not about the pedigree, which I have always thought was over-rated. Rather, it's about the joy I can give my owner and rider. (I am selfless that way.)

    PSPS: If I am lucky enough to win, I promise to keep my vanity under control. It will be difficult, but I know I can do it.

  26. Dear Linda,
    My name is Mrs. Black. I am named after a grand lady who would ride all over my city with a bloused Shelton Stroller dress and a delightful netted hat. My companion rider remembers looking at Mrs Black as a child and thinking, "when I am 80 I too will ride like Mrs. Black.". Now my companion rider is not 80, but at 58 she still has fond memories of Mrs. Black. I am warmed by just thinking of this dear persons on her lovely balloon tire bike.
    I would love to help my dear companion rider enjoy dress guards on me-and oh what timing this is. You see my companion rider is a preacher, and last Sunday we started off for church and her black tulip skirt got caught in my spokes, I felt so bad about that. This was our first ride to church. The preacher, and I just walked together in the sun, all was well. So , Linda you can imagine how heavenly it was to see that you might help out my dear preacher companion rider. Please consider my need, and just between you and me, I'd feel like my name sake in those pretty dress guards . You might say my own Shelton Stroller. Kind regards Mrs. Black ps. don't know how to post a pic. But will email you one, dear.

  27. Hello,

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Nigel, I am a very misunderstood Dahon Glide. My person nicely outfitted me with a lovely Brooks saddle and Nitto Dove handle bar; I was deeply thrilled with these upgrades from my stock parts and had high hopes for the adventures I would have but my person insists on using me for such mundane tasks as returning her empties!

    It's most embarassing for a bike of my style! I put up with it only because she does take me out to lovely civic gardens, the library, farmers markets, the occasional trek to the beach and other such places of civility. To have a set of beautifully hand crafted skirt guards would greatly improve my abilities to cope with the less than glamourous duties I perform and that fushia in the guards would absolutely POP against my cream paint!

    I thank you for your consideration.


  28. The dress guards should be dispatched to the City of Dreaming Spires, where they would be the envy of one and all. And no, I am in no way connected to Cloud. I just love the idea of them being in Oxford, cycling along the Isis, going up perhaps to the Trout. But I reminisce...

  29. Hello, my name is Jeffery, the Phillips Sports. My owner tried to dress me up with white grips to accent my original white cables, but I feel that I'm a bit too stodgy...a bit too English tea-and-crumpets for my own good taste. I believe I need these dress guards not only as protection to keep my owner's darn overcoat out of my spokes (he is very, very annoying in this way), but also to give a bright ray of sunshine to those I pass. Especially since winter is fast approaching!

    Here I am, with my absurd younger brothers. One wonders if they'll ever grow up and slow down. I doubt it...

  30. リンダさん




    (owna translation)
    Dear Rinda san,
    I am Japanese bike. I think Rinda's doress guard very very pretty.
    My owna is very nice, but she is foreigner, from Canada.

    When she rides me around Tokyo, people look at her. Sometimes they stare. Especially in our small part of Tokyo. At the grocery store, she loads me up with so many things, and people stare at her. At the bike parking lot at the station, the security man talks to her.

    No one looks at ME. I am a beautiful bike, don't you think so? I want to be more, do you know Japanese "kawaii"? I want people to notice me. I have very cheap plastic doress guards but with Rinda's guards, I think maybe people would notice ME.

    When we go to Harajuku, I want to be kawaii like the girls in pink dresses. When we go to Ginza, I want to feel stylish.

    My owna, she tried to make me pretty with a nice flower on my basket. But I think it's not enough.

    I think no one in Tokyo has such pretty doress guards. I think everyone would shriek "kawaii" and point at me. This would make me very happy. I could feel proud. Even though my owna is not Japanese, "gaijin".

    Thank you Rinda.

    (google translate version)

    I'm writing from Tokyo. Looks like Linda guard dress really beautiful!
    But I'm not a Japanese owner are friendly and Canadians.
    We have the look at the shape of all owners. Sometimes peers. This is especially so in this narrow Nakano. Let us all great luggage and a basket at the supermarket. The guard's story puts the station parking lot.

    Naka Naka's not who I am sure. Would not I pretty? I want to be more cute. People want to build me a color. Poi 私Yasu cute dress to guard now. After Linda's dress guard maybe, maybe look at me everyone. .
    When you go to Harajuku and more want to be cute. Aligned with everyone in costume.
    Time to go to Ginza, I want to be more fashionable.

    Guard it very difficult to see such a cute dress in Tokyo. I do, all fingers point to "dwarf, or ~ ~" might say. A joy. Will be a boast. Despite being foreign owners.

    Thank you.

    our picture in Ginza:

    flower picture:

  31. Hey there!

    My name is Pizzicato. Named after a ginger cat of many years ago and a weird noisy Japanese band of the late 1990s, I am a late '80s pink-and-purple, purple-and-pink lugged frame roadbike with silver pinstripes: a Performance bike of love and joy!!! My owner searched and hoped and prayed for me since a 61cm ladies' bike is a hard to come by request! My frame is sleek and light and chromoly steel. My lugs are clean and true and sharp and triangular. My beautiful drop bars that used to engender so much fear at their fierceness are now more squared-off and wrapped in great white-blue-purple Cinelli confetti bar tape! I have bright, hot pink platform pedals with black straps! A light pink KNOG bike light adorns my wondrous aluminum handlebars, and I take my rider wherever she wants to go! Nothing could make me any better than to enhance my riot of color with these dress guards. I saw them, many months ago, and started coughing, "ahem, ahem" to my owner across the apartment. She thought I meant I needed a new saddle. Ha! New handlebar wraps? HA HA! "What?" she cried, trying to console me, but to no avail. To no avail until tonight, when I stole her computer, logged on and finally can let her know what I really need.....dress guards! People always make fun of her for only biking in skirts and dresses, oftentimes with cowboy boots on a vintage roadbike! I giggle, she races cars (whilst in the bike lane, bien sur!). These dress guards will make me like a tilt-a-whirl, a kaleidoscope, a ferris wheel at 360 miles an hour!!! Say you'll send them over, please?

  32. Puck here. Nope, over here.

    I really need those guards, you see. I messed up real bad this time and I need to make it up to my rider. I can be wicked useful, but I'm a temperamental, troublesome sprite (1978 Raleigh Sprite, to be precise). Last week I got a flat, which lead to needing new tires, and I threw my chain a few times. Oh, yeah, I should also mention that my front tire came loose, and my kickstand got caught in the pedals. I'm not even shure how I managed the last one I'm that good!
    There's no question that this Puck has offended, so, I need some way to make amends.

    Anyway, here's what I look like

    And, um, as I am an honest Puck, I should mention that my front fender broke an my rider had to take a taxi home at 11:45 pm.

  33. Helene: "Having the requisite sense of noblesse oblige, should I win one of the skirt guards, I will donate it to a worthy but needy lady." ;-)


    I'm 83 french mixte riding in Barcelona since a few in love with my lovely syster Marianne...

  35. Oh good heavens! What a lovely accesory for me to beautify my rump with. Clearly, only a stunning lady like myself deserves such a prize. Brevity is the soul of wit, and I think that I'm done now.
    -Lorelei, Alex's Allant.

  36. Daisy here, I'm a "nobody", except my rider seems think otherwise - first in the bike stable! (others call it a garage....a what?)

    I was rescued from a back alley garage sale where my rider found me at the back of the fence near a junk pile. Air added to tires and it has been love ever since. I'm the queen of the stable, the most outfitted and the most ridden.

    Admittedly having decals that say "pro-tour" or the initials "PT" everywhere make me a bit of a generic cookie cutter bike, but my curves, those are what make me, ME!

    Pictures of me (where aren't they?)


    and here:

    Ignore all other bicycles, only my cherry bomb red need capture your attention!

    Anyway, my lack of branding and history is the reason I'm so full of charm and mystique! After upgrades (basket, milk crate, cushy new seat w/ flashing LEDs) I'm the most functional of bikes, used for every sort of ride (style, errands, hauling kids), dress and skirts included!

  37. Bonjour Linda!

    Je suis une Motobecane swooping mixte from the 80s in pale metallic olive (with a few scrapes and bruises).

    I am originally from France, but I have spent very little time there and have travelled much, being purchased in Germany and living in Poland for some years before upping sticks and moving to England; I currently reside in London and spend my time exploring the great city. I am still not used to riding on the left side of the road.....the funny English.

    As you might be able to tell, I just love to travel! My owner has been to the Netherlands a few times but she has never taken me, even though I would dearly like to visit. I hear they have all these wonderful bicycles in Amsterdam; I would enjoy meeting them and hearing their stories immensely!

    Anyway, I think the closest I may get to the Netherlands are those beautiful, gorgeous, intricate dress guards. They just have a certain je ne sais quois. They would give me some little connection to the country I am so near to, yet so far from, and the bonus is that they will set off my paintwork wonderfully (and my owner's bizarre habit of wearing dresses when she takes me out).

    Next year, I hope to return to the country of my birth and I know my owner, bless her, will wear what some consider to be impractical clothes and a mishap may occur, so perhaps the dress guards could protect her from that misfortune. I like to look out for her; she is sometimes off with the fairies and...Mon Dieu!...even rides me in heels!

    Merci beaucoup!

  38. When Juju showed me your post ... Oh, I just knew I needed a lovely crochet'd dress guard! How absolutely sweet would I look with one of those (and Juju loves wearing dresses and skirts the best :) on my back wheel. Want to see a picture of me? My name's Pimi by the way, it's short for Pink Miyata. Juju loves me so much, I can just tell, by the way she looks and talks to me. My favorite outing with her is to the grocery store. I love carrying all sorts of yummy things in my cute basket. I'm frosty pink and have a Hello Kitty bell. Everyone always comments on how sweet I am. Anyway, I love the beautiful colors of the lovely crochet'd dress guard. I've never seen anything like it before. It's the best! It would look so lovely on me, along with my kickstand and light. Did you see my light? Pleeeeease may I win? I've never won anything before. And especially not anything as cool as the loveliest dress guard ever!!! PS. Juju told me that she thinks your blog and your bikes are really lovely :)

  39. Hi, my name is Imp!
    Short for lots of things, impatient, impossible, impromptus, impeccable, important, and so forth.
    I am an Gazelle Impala, about 15 years old.
    I love these dressguards, but I'm not sure my new rider will...
    We have only been together for a week, and are (still) getting to know each other. But I think we are a good match, assuming she finds me a good saddle, (I would love to wear a Brooks B66S, but my new rider said she has to save up for one, after rescuing me from the scrap and fixing me up... I guess I should not be so IMPatient..)
    But I know my riders sisters bike (a Kronan, fixed speed) would absolutely love these!!!! She is blue, and very sturdy and would love to show these off!
    I might even try them on, just to see how they look....

  40. Hi, my name is Imp!
    Short for lots of things, impatient, impossible, impromptus, impeccable, important, and so forth.
    I am an Gazelle Impala, about 15 years old.
    I love these dressguards, but I'm not sure my new rider will...
    We have only been together for a week, and are (still) getting to know each other. But I think we are a good match, assuming she finds me a good saddle, (I would love to wear a Brooks B66S, but my new rider said she has to save up for one, after rescuing me from the scrap and fixing me up... I guess I should not be so IMPatient..)
    But I know my riders sisters bike (a Kronan, fixed speed) would absolutely love these!!!! She is blue, and very sturdy and would love to show these off!
    I might even try them on, just to see how they look....

    (Am I doing something wrong? Typing and computers is not something I am good at... Riding is!
    So I'll try it again.. )

  41. Oh, the dismal prospect of traveling in Washington, DC. So many sober and sensible suits. So little color, fizz, dash! So much insularity. So little appreciation for the zip, passion and experience of Europe. Sometimes I wish the woman who rides me to and from the U.S. Capitol every day would throw off her pinstripes and helmet hair (but not her helmet, bien sur) and show those congressional folks what fun looks like.
    A crocheted dress guard certainly would go a long way towards giving Washington a better understanding of how people solve thorny problems, like skirts caught in the spokes, outside the Beltway.

  42. Hello there,

    Just to let you know that the deadline has come. No more entries please, and I will announce the recipient tonight!

  43. So who won?! Whose lovely bici is now wearing a lovely dress guard? :)


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