A Most Civilised Outing

It was a sepia sort of afternoon. We were cycling through Cambridgeport, when Eustacia Vye spotted a charming lady friend on the hillside.

We decided to join her.

It continues to amaze me how much nicer it is to explore on a bicycle than using any other means of transportation. On foot, you are going too slowly and can't possibly cover as much distance. In a car you are going too fast. A bicycle is just right, and it is so easy to pull over when you come upon something interesting. Like a park full of cannons and carved iron figurines.

The Co-Habitant proceeded to inspect the weaponry, lest the ladies require protection.

Satisfied that all was in order, he assumed a post of vigilance. The ladies watched him with delight as they engaged in polite conversation.

In case you are wondering, this was shot in the Fort Washington Park in Cambridgeport - the site of one of the cannon emplacements used during the siege of Boston in the American Revolution. Once in a state of dilapidation, the park has recently been restored and made accessible to the public.

For more picturesque velo-nonsense, see the Lovely Bicycle flickr set.


  1. Lovely pics! The lady friend is a gem... and Eustacia Vye looks so at home there with her. Have just checked out your link to the Park blog - a fascinating history.

  2. Thanks! I was trying to find out who the iron cut-out lady is supposed to be, but have not been able to. Locals: any ideas?

  3. Please pass my regards to the Co-Habitant on his fall outfit. The pin is what really finishes it off for me. I like it better than the "Summer Gentleman" look which had me a bit worried. It's got just a hint of John Reed writing about meeting Lenin at Finland Station.

    Speaking of which, do HIS feet touch the ground when stopped easier than yours do? Sounds like a Pashley conference in the making!

  4. No, my feet would only touch the ground if I lean the cycle enough to get a pedal strike. The top of my saddle is roughly 42" from the ground and the surface of the saddle is ~8" above the surface of the top tube (but there is a nose-up curvature that complicates these measurements, and the B33 also sags when ridden).

  5. He likes to have his saddle adjusted as high as possible. Then again, he's been cycling since infancy and has a great sense of balance (steers without hands). Me, I am rather deficient in that regard.

    Re "Lenin at Finland Station": Looks like you figured out my artistic vision! (Gee, looking back at my photos, it seems that I do tend to photograph him in the poses of Soviet statues!)

  6. Those photos would make such a great ad campaign for Pashley, should they decide to launch one.

    Can you see it now? John Reed rides his Pashley to Finland station and, instead of meeting Lenin, he meets the "lady" of his dreams--with her Pashley, of course.

    I think I'm still getting a sugar rush from Halloween!

  7. Oh wow, these photos are too perfect! You and the silhouette lady look very natural together, as do Co-Habitant and the canon, oddly enough. Must be the black & white mixed with the classy bikes and outfits :)

  8. Thanks Dottie!

    Justine - Great, now I am imagining Lenin cycling through the meadows of Finland on a loop-frame Pashley!

  9. Wonderful photos! I had to look twice. Was she your imaginary friend that you photoshopped in?
    Nice surprise photos and well done.

  10. RidingPretty - It's an iron cut-out figurine : )
    There are others positioned throughout the park as well, but she was the most interesting.

  11. What fun. Loved the Union bike photos, too, and would offer you this


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