From Caterpillar to Butterfly

You may remember this post about a configuration of parts on a framebuilder's drawing board. In the"Remarks" section, I invited guesses about what it was, and Justine was the one who got it: custom-made rear dropouts for a mixte frame.

Here they are in their transition from "caterpillar" to "butterfly".

Another mysterious shot of the frame in progress.

And another... Gee, I have a feeling that somebody who loves lugs would really appreciate a frame like this.

Hooray for the beautiful work of framebuilders - in this case the fabulous Royal H Cycles of Somerville, Massachusetts.


  1. Mmm, those lugs - scrummy! How lovely this is going to look painted and completed. Twould be nice to think the owner will choose a contrasting colour for the lugs to make them stand out :-D

  2. It still needs to be cleaned up and all that, plus some other finishing touches before the paint. I heard that the owner plans to outline the lugs with coppery pinstriping by hand : )

  3. oooh... hand applied pinstriping... I AM impressed. Now there's someone who appreciates the beauty of what is being created. :-)

  4. wow. wish more things got me excited as the beautiful craftmanship of bicycles, back in the day.
    nice one, and long live mixtes <3333

  5. Can't wait to see the full metamorphis! What beauty promises to unfold....

  6. There's some very nice details in the lugwork. That brake bridge is particularly nice.

  7. Thanks everyone : )
    I try not to look at the photos too much, or else I get over-excited. The amount of fine detail in this frame is unbelievable, and even in its raw state it it the prettiest mixte I've ever seen.

  8. I love the brake bridge and the "spearpoints" where the dropouts attach to the three tubes on the right side. I can't wait to see the finished frame.

    It should definitely have pinstriping to outline the lugs, and the "windows" inside each lug should be filled in with the same colour as the pinstriping.


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