Provincetown Cycle Yum

I have received a couple of messages asking to recommend "cyclist-friendly" places to eat in Provincetown. This is a tricky one - First, because everyone's taste in this sort of thing is different. And second, because there is really no divide in Provincetown between regular places and "cyclist-friendly": Most restaurants and cafes have racks either right out front, or else the nearest one is half a block down the street. Having said this, here are some of our favourite places:

Spiritus: This magnificent establishment serves pizza, coffee and ice-cream, offers free wireless internet, has cozy indoor seating and an outside garden, and is open until 2:00am year round. Their pizza is some of the best I have ever had, especially the Greek (spinach, olives and fetta on an ultra-thin wheat crust). Heavenly and a great all-around hangout.

The Squealing Pig: Best raw oysters we have had on the Cape so far, and in a non-touristy atmosphere at that. In addition: a fine selection of unusual beers and local wines on tap, and very fresh, delicious food including fishburgers, and french fries that are "hand cut daily". There are always lots of locals eating at this place, and we like the atmosphere better than the seafood places that cater to tourists, such as The Lobster Pot or Betsey's. If you are looking for a higher-end dining experience though, try the delicate and creative menu at The Mews.

The Purple Feather: Very yummy gelato and the best hot chocolate ever, made to order to your specifications. You will recognise this place by the stuffed bear standing at the door, wearing a blond wig and purple lingerie. This is the best place if you want to get an ice cream or hot chocolate to walk around the streets with. For the best indoor atmosphere though, I prefer the dim coziness of the Art House Cafe.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Provincetown is the most bicycle-friendly town I have experienced in the U.S. The infrastructure accommodates cyclists and plenty of bicycle parking is available if you want to stop and eat in town.


  1. those bikes look like they fit in perfectly with the atmosphere there! good to hear the town is bike-friendly.

  2. "The Squealing Pig"

    There's another kind?

  3. lovely!! I like the sound of The Purple Feather :)

  4. I'll be the cape for columbus weekend and can't wait and highly hope I can get the family up to P-town for some biking. I'll ditch the kids and go on a lunch date with B if I have to!

  5. Lorenza - yup. In addition to great ice cream and hot chocolate, they have things like purple cupcakes and pastries shaped like various anatomically realistic objects. It lives up to its name!

    Vee - The nice thing is that some of the best places there are open year round. At least the Mews, The Squealing Pig and Spiritus are. Have fun!

    kfg - You're killing me man! Funny guy.

  6. The Squealing Pig has the yummiest fries. Yum!

  7. ooh forgot to ask- were there any sales going on? I'm hopeful there will be sales in Oct. If not then def Thanksgiving!! We almost went to the Mews for our date in Aug but there weren't any reservations to be had.

  8. Vee - There were definitely sales. Many of the shoe and clothing stores had up to 50% off their merchandise. One possible problem, is that the season seems to have ended unusually early this year, because of the early Fall and the sharks. So it is possible that some of the shops that are not year-round may be closing down earlier than usual.


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