Summer Gentlemen

I love a man who can remain well-dressed in the summer heat and humidity. The Co-Habitant is one of these impressive creatures.

Here he is, wearing linen trousers and a brushed cotton button-down shirt in 90F weather, hauling around a 60lb bicycle and looking none the worse for wear. This is on the Charles River Bike Trail, which we have finally figured out how to take all the way to West Newton (there are some interruptions that make it confusing). The landscape is absolutely idyllic.


  1. Love my linens for summer wear. I quite often wear madras shirts (I know not linen) I claim they are for visiblity ;-)


  2. I like the lovely bicycle posts. I'm not so sure about this "lovely gentlemen" direction. We men are pigs. Pigs are still pigs, even with lipstick on.

    I'm going to see if I can't find a rerun of "Home Improvement" on somewhere...

  3. He and the bike look very romantic.

    Men might be pigs but it doesn't hurt when they make an effort to put on a nice cotton button down shirt and some well cuts pants. Just as men appreciate attractive women, I appreciate attractive men. On a bike just adds to the appeal - strong, healthy, unconventional . . .

  4. Oh I know that men don't like these sorts of posts, because they don't want their own wives getting the idea that it's possible : )

    Madras shirts can be nice. Reflective madras would be interesting!

  5. So charming! The Hubby doesn't dress like that in the summer or ever. Lucky you!

  6. ok- sometimes when you're not so busy- can you tell me your route to West Newton by bike path?!

    he looks cool and good.

  7. Lovely pictures. Linen in the summer is tres chic :)

  8. I really love your blog! If you're ever in Chicago get a hold of us for Winston's Tweed Rides:!

  9. love that you posted linen clothing for men riding bicycles.. its the coolest fabric for summer...
    i wear linen all the time..
    great post!


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