Night Time Bike Art

After the 90F heat subsided yesterday, the evening offered some interesting photo opportunities.

Bike against the Harvard Square skyline.

Self-portrait with bike in shop window. (You can see the outline of my hat on the far left.)

In that spirit, we stopped by the opening of the Momentum show at Open Bicycle's Chorus Gallery, which was amazingly well attended. My treacherous camera decided to run out of batteries, so I only have a couple of shots. The show features the work of graphic designer Matt W. Moore, including paintings, limited edition prints, and painted bicycle frames.

The painted frames made me think of Anna from Cycling is Good for You. Anna, I can so easily imagine you riding this in Vienna, especially one of the red frames!


  1. Oh, that's nice that you think of me :). I was just about to say that this is a gorgeous frame I would fancy to ride!

  2. Love the pics...especially the top one.

  3. Oh, I wanted to see this show! Did you enjoy it?

  4. Lovely pictures. Evening, when the sun is no longer blazing, is definitely the best time to ride in the summer.

  5. Looks like you managed to get people in your shots after all without causing a ruckus or paranoia on their part. Good going.(I'm referring to your comment to Trisha regarding taking cycling photos of people.)
    Your photos are fun and definitely capture a moment!

  6. Charlotte -- There were a lot of people at the opening, so I think I'll have to come again on a quiet day to really get a sense of the work!

    RidingPretty -- At a gallery opening all bets are off : ) You are basically giving your permission to be photographed just by virtue of being there. Everybody was snapping away, and I am sure that some unflattering shots of me ended up on a couple of digital cameras as well!


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