Mixte Appreciation Weblog: Show Your Love!

Do you love mixte frame bicycles? Then show your love and visit the new Mixte Gallery, established by renown velo-blogger and bikeforums frequenteur Doohickie.

With the growing popularity of these elegant bicycles, it is about time the mixte had her own dedicated weblog. If you own a mixte, please contribute some photos of your beauty to the Mixte Gallery.


  1. Thanks for the plug. I know the word is getting out there from the number of bikes that are getting submitted and the number of mentions on other blogs, but let me tell ya, people, I crave comments on the gallery! ;- )

    Don't be bashful, let me know what you think over there.

  2. Oh, and thanks to Lovely Bicycle's Filigree for giving me the title idea for the blog. The Mixte Gallery sounds so much classier than my original working title: Mixte Motherload. (In retrospect: Yuck! What was I thinking?)

  3. Mixte lovers unite! I was quite disheartened to learn that most frame-builders are simply not able or not willing to make true classic lugged mixtes anymore. And when I asked about it on the framebuilders forum, I even got an answer to the effect of "what's the point of all that work just to make a mixte?" Hmm, okay...


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