Lobstah Gettah?

This spectacular bicycle was parked next to a beach entrance at the National Seashore on Cape Cod. The frame is ancient, but clearly the bicycle is very much functional. The red Raleigh grips look like a comparatively recent addition, but all else seems original - including tires and saddle!

Rear wheel. Note the chainring and guard on the other side. The bolt-on on the stay indicates that it is coaster brake.

Front wheel - note the original parking stand.

The blue plaque between the tubes says "Donut Shop".

The lobster pot is shiny and new. The lid is secured with pink bungee cords, but I wonder how the pot itself is secured to the front rack without the need to make holes in the metal? The owner of this masterpiece was not in sight, or I would have loved to ask. This is one of my most exciting bicycle sightings ever!


  1. Filigree, I remember a bike like this in my neighborhood when I was a kid, everyone loved it because it was so funky-cool!
    I'm sure it came from the refinery, used to haul parts around.

  2. I saw this and wondered if it was a pic taken from last week. Luck you to get down frequently!

  3. David - And amazing that these bikes still can haul things around. These things have souls!

    Vee - We go on daytrips when our days off fall on weekdays. It's great; almost no traffic there or back. Random days off rule!

  4. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty certain that's a pre-war Schwinn cycle truck. You can still get a similar bike new from Worksman, but the old Schwinns are getting to be a rare sight (and quite sought after by collectors).

    Nice to see one still doing what it was designed to do.

    BTW - The chain ring is a skip tooth style. Skip tooth chains are an early style chain that more or less disappeared after WW 2.

  5. Mr. Cranky - Thank you for that info. Will have to research Schwinn cycle trucks and skip tooth chains.


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