We'd Like a Table with a View... of Our Bikes!

It is perfectly normal to stare at your bikes while out having coffee or dinner. Right?...


  1. Hi there, I love your bikes and your blog. Your first blog post encapsulates exactly how I feel about cycling. I just can't relate to the vrroom sporty bike culture that's prevalent here in New York. I want to go slowly, not quickly, like I rode when I lived in France. I am waiting on my 17.5 inch Pashley princess sovereign -- the store I bought from, Bespoke in Brooklyn, was kind enough to order it in both colors so I could choose. They're supposed to be here on Wednesday and I can't wait, I'm so excited. Am leaning toward the green. I will keep reading. Best wishes and happy cycling!

  2. perfectly!
    i look forward to hearing more...
    welcome back.

  3. Thanks Sigrid and MamaVee!

    Anon, thanks for your comments! My Pashley is the 20" frame. I chose the green, because it is just such a classic English bicycle colour -- I couldn't resist. If I had gotten a Dutch bike, like a Gazelle, it would have been black, but the green Princess was calling out to me!

    How exciting that the bikes will be in your local shop on Wednesday, and it is nice of them to order both colours. I am sure whichever colour you do not buy will sell off the floor very quickly; I hear that the importer is having trouble keeping up with the demand!

    I am going to post a very thorough review of my Princess, describing both the pros and the cons, but it will not likely be ready before next week. If you haven't already, you should also have a look at this post from Girls and Bicycles about her Princess.

  4. Filigree,

    Thank you for the direction toward Girls and Bicycles -- I am 5 2 and tried the 20 inch Pashley and felt out of control! I was interested to see that her rationale for choosing a Pashley over a Batavus had a lot to do with her size-- I feel similarly. The smaller frame just really helps me out.

    But like you described somewhere, the Pashley is just so very pretty, I really can't believe I didn't know about her until relatively recently.

    I really wanted to ride when I moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and had a Specialized Globe for a few years, rode it for a bit, but just didn't feel right and I really didn't like it at all. It didn't feel like the bike I had as a child. I couldn't see anything, felt unsafe, felt unlike myself, felt confined, was run off the road by a truck that didn't see me in my industrial neighborhood in Brooklyn, ripping a delicate pink ballet shoe. Not ok. Then I got pregnant, had a baby and that sort of bike was so insanely unappealing. Yay for traditional bicycles!

    Your blog was hugely helpful -- I'm coveting that etched Brooks seat you got, too . . . have you seen the Yakkak Danish helmets? Je love.

    all best,

    Kristen (anonymous from before)

  5. Pretty bikes should be seen-as often as possible!

  6. In our world it's pretty normal to want to look at the bikes. We've done it many times.

  7. Especially when your bikes are smart and your cargo is tight. We always aim for a view of the bikes from the pub when touring.


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