M is for Mmmmmm

Well, Marianne's lover has been named. His name is Miles. "M" for short. After the James Bond character. The Co-Habitant likes M so much, that he's made him a name-tag. Behold:

"M" is for "make it yourself!" Ribbon. Oil Crayon. Old canvas bag that you're not worried about ruining.

"M" is for "Men's frames can also be beautiful!" I just love the clean, elegant lines of this bicycle. And the silver is a surprisingly warm colour, with a touch of champagne and sage in it.

"M" is for "Makes it easier to see in the dark!" No lights yet. Any suggestions for a good lighting system for road bikes are welcome.

"M" is for "Mmmmmm!"


  1. Do you know artist that made works on bycicle and woman?


  2. I know of Taliah Lempert, who makes bicycle paintings and prints.

    Also Monet at Jolly Bikes, who used to paint skirt guards on Gazelle bicycles.


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