Magic Mixte Makeover

While looking up some information on Mixte frames, I came across a before-and-after story on Cyclofiend that took my breath away. So I'd like to share it here, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. All images are from and are linked to the original source.

The bicycle pictured below is a 1980s Cilo mixte, discovered by Mr. Chern outside a cafe.

Hot pink frame. Awkward-looking silver fork. Overall construction seems unremarkable. And oh, that 80's-style neon lettering! I would have walked on by and not have touched this thing with a 10 foot pole.

Thankfully, Mr. Chern knew better than that.

He bought the bicycle from the owner. And then... And then he did this to it:

Yes, I believe an "OMG" would be perfectly appropriate here. Squealing too. The transformation is unbelievable. Here are some close-ups:

Notice the lugs! The lugs! The cream and bordeaux combination is mouthwatering. And that gorgeous lever on the left is a Shimano Arabesque shifter.

Mr. Chern, that is a lovely, lovely bicycle! Thank you so much for bringing such a beautiful thing into the world!

Read more about this project here and here on Cyclofiend.


  1. That colour is absolutely gorgeous! My dream bike will be in that shade of red.

  2. The red colour reminds me of a candy apple at a harvest fest : )

  3. I’m speechless! The paint job looks like a miracle to me because I don’t know anything about stripping and repainting bike frames. I wish I knew someone in my area who could do that with my bike, should it start to look ugly in a few years’ time.

  4. Based on everything I've read and heard from others, painting a bike yourself is just not a good idea if you want it to look professional and to not chip right away.

    I would venture to say that any reputable paint shop could do this, if you just give them the proper instructions. The natural anatomy of the lugs and the 2-tone colour are what give it that "wow" look.

  5. There is a repainted Raleigh lady's Sports sitting in Harris Cyclery in a similar colour (customer's bike probably waiting for pick-up). It's absolutely beautiful, stunning re-paint with many details faithfully preserved.

    Now I regret that I never snapped any pics, though it's been there a few weeks. It basically looks new, except with a soul that today's new production bicycle often lack. At first I thought it was a Raleigh reproduction of some kind with an updated front generator hub, but Harris's mechanic quickly pointed out that it was a restoration project. I was shocked to see how stylish and perfect a restored Lady Sports can be after a new paint job and some updates!

  6. I have completely fallen for vintage bicycles -- both the 3-speeds and the 70s road bikes. Anything with lugs and graceful lines I want to rescue and repaint. We need a bigger place : )

  7. The after paintjob is breathtaking. But I do have to say I kind of LOVE the hot pink of the before in its own awesome way!!!


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