Critical Mass Chic? -- Austria

I stopped by at the meeting point of the Critical Mass "Bare as You Dare" bike ride in Vienna today. There was a conference at work and I could not get away long enough to take part in the ride -- but I took some photos and said hello to people, then went back after the ride took off.

There was a very friendly, pleasant atmosphere at this event, which I had not been expecting after reading the negative comments about Critical Mass on several weblogs. There were also many lovely cyclists. I have so many photos, that I've decided to split this into a "clothed" post and a "naked" post. The naked will follow shortly : )

First we have our very own lovely Anna, from Cycling Is Good for you! We met briefly and I was charmed by her beautiful socks and sandals.

Here they are up close -- nice! If you don't know it already, Anna's blog is worth visiting.

This delightful woman on a unicycle stood out in her matching green outfit and pirate hat!

A ginger-haired beauty in a green satin dress with red bicycle...

Another lovely red-head, in a pink mini-dress with a vintage orange folding bike. Nice!

1920s film-star looks and a dreamy attitude...

The bicycle is integral in her lady-like, serene posture...

This dashing representative of looked lovely in black, with contrasting cream lace-ups.

And this stylish young lady relaxed in her orange cargo bike sporting a matching bandana and a happy smile.

A leggy, ethereal beauty was kind enough to pose for me by the fountain...

Of course, some lovely gentlemen graced the event with their stylish presence as well.

Notice that this one is riding one of the Citibikes discussed here.

Of course, the prize for the loveliest bicycle goes to this golden beauty! I would love to see this in the streets of Vienna during the rest of the year.


  1. Lovely bicycles and cyclists. You really have a good eye for spotting them. Cool that you found so many people to pose for you ;-). I'll post some of my pictures from the ride soon.
    You know, I like this socks too, but it's so hard to find something to go with it. I desperately need a white skirt or so ;-).
    Well, have a good weekend and hope to talk to you again!

  2. Tak Mikael : )

    anna, I think the socks actually look their best with the neutral colour pallet you had going in the rest of your outfit. A white skirt would take the attention away from them.

    I was so pleased that people were willing to pose. Still, that did not stop one woman from telling me sternly that I needed to ask permission before taking photos : )

  3. How fun that you got to meet anna!! I need to go to Vienna :) Awesome pictures.

  4. what fun to see all the folks and their bicycles. i want to be surrounded by such cyclists.


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