Rain, Rain Go Away? Or on Second Thought, Stay!

I have not been cycling for the past week due to nonstop rain. But today I finally could not take it anymore: Despite the overcast sky and the morbid forecast, I went. By mid-day, it did rain. And it was great!

Some nice things about cycling in the rain:
. it's good for your complexion
. you can sing in it (and I did!)
. the grass and trees look super green, almost neon
. the lovely scent of flowers really comes out
. you have the cycle paths mostly to yourself
. you have an excuse to wear screaming red and lobsterman yellow!

Above: My empty Apfelspritzer mug, in an empty outdoor cafe -- in the rain. Look how red those geraniums look!


  1. Sounds like a grand day enjoying the elements and a fine bike to ride!

    Last time I rode in the rain was last week,I was mtn biking solo on my regular trails,and a thunder/lightening/downpouring storm hit in the middle...huddled shivering under a large overhung rock for over an hour...LOL! still beat the fire out of not going! :)

  2. Sounds like fun! And yes, I think rain definitely beats not going. One thing I've noticed, is that I begin to feel weird if I don't go cycling for more than a few days -- kind of restless and down. I think I begin to pedal in my sleep, like an animal dreaming!

  3. LOL,I understand completely! My wife says I get this glazed look in my eyes and start to drag my feet,and become irritable (who,me?...nah!) if it's been a few days or longer. Now if I could just get her on a bike...any bike (she's never ridden a bike in all her 36 years) :)

  4. I enjoy cycling in light rain. Heavey rain can be frustrating. It's a cycling experience though and worth a try.

  5. Have you tried cycling with an umbrella? To me, there is nothing like slowly cruising through the park during a storm, with a big umbrellla hiding me from the rain. It's almost as if time slows as others try to hurry out of the rain while I take in the sound of falling rain and sight of undulating fog. (Heavy wind can be frustrating.)


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