Netted Dress Guards

I love the look of netted dress guards, so while I am in the EU, I decided to stock up. Here are some lovely options from reliable online sellers:

[ Kleiderschutz; fits 26 und 28" tires; 5.95 €; image from]

The model above is the one I bought for myself. I think I will install it on my Pashley Princess instead of the one it comes with standard-issue. The prices are not typos; these dress guards really are available for under 10 Euros! Many of the sellers allow payment via paypal and some will ship to North America.

[ Kleiderschutz; fits 26 und 28" tires; 4.99 €; image from]

One nice thing about the netted dressguards, is that they go with bicycles of any colour and they break up the space in an interesting way. I would love to find a truly gorgeous filigree-style set of dress guards, with a paisley or fleur de lis pattern, but have not seen one so far.

[ Kleiderschutz; fits 26" and 28" tires; 9.95 €; image from]

To give you an idea what a netted dress guard looks like on a bicycle, I include an image of the stunning Skeppshult "Ladies Nature" in Vanilla:

[Skeppshult bicycle, Sweden ; image from]


  1. I love those netted dress guards and would love to order from the sites but I couldn't see any English translations to see if they'd ship to Canada. Do you know if there is a translation page for them?
    BTW I'm 99% sold on the Pashley now:)

  2. Did you end up using the netted dress guards? did you like them?
    I checked out the website and cannot tell what the material is, how they attach or how durable they are.

    Also the person who advertises on your site with the gorgeous crocheted dress guards does not appear to be selling them...or at least I never got to a page with a price and shipping information. Would be nice to know if she is actually willing to part with them...and better yet if she would design them to work without holes in the rear fender

  3. PS--I tried the website again and I saw the clips (are those just regular binder clips?) used to hold the gorgeous crocheted dress guards in place but I am not sure about ordering the actual dress guards. I give up--English translation needed!

  4. Yes, I have them on my Pashley. Click on "Pashley" in the topics to see pictures of what they look like.

    Re the Simeli website - email her, especially if you have a customisation question; she speaks English:

  5. I am looking to purchase a set of the netted dress guards you mentioned in your review but am unable to contact the source you mentioned. Any suggestions on who might carry these in the States?
    Alice Boudreaux

  6. The first one pictured is available online from Walmart.


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