Gazelle Bicycles: First Glance

As I discovered, that first lovely bicycle that caught my eye was the Dutch brand Gazelle. Described as a "Dutch legend," Gazelle has been manufacturing bicycles since 1892.

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Holland is well known for being a cycling nation, where riding a bicycle is a way of life and persons of all ages can be seen happily riding while wearing suits and high heels, carrying groceries, talking on their mobile phones, and transporting children and significant others. Dutch bicycle producers have a reputation for manufacturing high quality commuter bikes in traditional designs, and Gazelle is one of the leaders of this industry.


  1. Holland is not a "city", as you say. It is a nation.

  2. thanks for spotting the ridiculous typo : )

    Stadt, state, nation, city - it all gets mixed up when you speak too many languages.

  3. Oops, actually the country is the Netherlands; Holland is a region...


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