Danube Cycle Path: Part II

More photos riding along the Danube Cycle Path. Grass, trees, attractive wooden huts, and the Danube for miles and miles.

The terrain is mildly hilly and the 7-speed KTM hybrid I am renting feels appropriate here. Interestingly, this bike has both handbrakes and a coaster brake. Not sure how this can be, but I like the set-up.

Small outdoor cafes are situated along the path at frequent intervals, giving cyclists the possibility to stop for a drink, snack, or a meal.

There are also Gasthaus-style bed and breakfast places advertised as being "bike friendly" for those touring long distance.

This is now my third time riding on the Donauradweg, and I absolutely love it. I have gone about 11miles North each time and back, and it feels great. But what I really want to try some day is long-distance touring.


  1. Is the route from Vienna to Bratislava good? And then Budapest? Lovely website by the way.

  2. Most budget bicycles in Denmark come with handbrakes and coaster brakes.


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