Citibike Wien

Like many cities in the EU, Vienna has recently adapted an active city-wide bicycle rental programme. The concept is similar to Zipcar in the US: There are many bicycle parking stations throughout the city, and the user simply takes a bicycle whenever it is needed and then returns it to any of the other stations when they are through with it.

With their baskets and hard-core dress guards, the citibikes are rather charming, if heavy on the advertisements.


  1. Melbourne has attempted something like this. It's had a lot of criticism due to things like not providing helmets, when we have very strict helmet laws. I think they've attempted to rectify that particular problem, but I haven't actually seen any helmets for hire yet myself.

    Adelaide has a simliar thing, and the bikes are free to hire during the day in the city. From what I understand, it's functioning quite well but for some reason Melbourne City Council (allegedly) didn't model their system on the Adelaide one... Go figure.


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