Bicycles in Vienna: Part II

Following up on this earlier post, these are the types of bicycles one is likely to see in Vienna. Notice how the fenders, lights and racks contribute to the look.

In no particular order:

Hercules seems to be one of the two most popular Austrian manufacturers (along with KTM). This is one of the newer models.

A pink and white "Dusika". Not sure whether this is the name of the manufacturer or the model, but I believe it is of Austrian origin.

Puch "Elegance" model; an Austrian manufacturer that I do not think is in business any longer.

Epple (Germany). An older model.

Ghost (Germany); specialises in mountain bikes.

Drive, I believe also German. These are very common here, but I cannot find much information about the brand.

A beautiful older model KTM (Austria). This is probably the most popular domestic manufacturer.

And a modern KTM: like most of the newer bikes here, it is a hybrid model adapted for urban cycling.

Vienna can be hilly, especially on the outskirts, and so you are unlikely to find single speeds here; 7 gears seems to be the norm. Sprung seats are a lot more common than in the US. Notice also that many bikes have suspension under the seat and on the front wheel.

Partially enclosed chains are common, but fully enclosed ones are uncommon; I am not sure why. Dress-guards for 28" and 26" wheels are readily available in bike shops.


  1. Hello
    Unlike Puch or KTM,
    Hercules is a German manufacter from Nurnberg.


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