Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Trading Post

I am going ahead with the idea of facilitating barter exchanges between readers, chosing the old-school method in the interest of simplicity. And so, I invite you to use the "Remarks" section of this post for your wishlists and your lists of available items. I can't predict how useful this will be, but it's here for us all as a resource.

Some basic guidelines, if you will:

Please describe the items you have/ want in list form. They are easier to read that way.

Remember to include your contact info!

You do not need to post an equal number of "have" and "want" items. It's fine to post only one and not the other.

Monetary exchanges are fine, but please do not list selling prices here. If you are interested in an item and would like to buy it instead of trading for it, please contact the lister privately over email.

Not everything in your list needs to be bicycle-specific. For example: your "want" list can include bicycle components, but your "have" list can include vintage cameras.

Please do not reply to each other in the comments, but contact the lister directly if you have any questions for them. I will occasionally go through the comments to clean up clutter.

Post as often as you like, and feel free to delete your older comments if they contain outdated information.

I am not responsible for the comments posted by other readers, for any items offered by other readers, or for your interactions with other readers. Please use your judgment!


  1. Have almost new (100miles?) Panaracer Pasela Tour Guards (black/tan) in 700x34c. Beaded not folding. Looking for 33s.

    Have a Nitto Dirt Drop stem (26) with maybe 25 miles on it. Looking for a Technomic.

    Looking for a 6 speed uniglide casette.

    Have a brand new pair or Ultregra 8 speed bard end shifter still in box. Looking for silver down tubes.

    ryan r ray at google's popular mail service .com

  2. I have a men's Raleigh Roadster 24 inch frame, 34 inch stand over height, in original condition with all the original parts including rod brakes, Brooks B72 saddle, Dunlop 28 x 1/2 tires, Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub dated 1970, Raleigh alloy footed kickstand and lamp bracket.

  3. "the trading post"...! - elegant wording. - master class!

  4. I have, and don't need:
    a Nitto Technomic 70mm quill stem, 22.2mm quill, for 25.4 bar.

    A pair of Pelican 1450 cases with holes for pannier mounts drilled.

    I have the ability to procure:
    Bibia "waffle" mudflaps! I know, awesome, eh?

    I need:
    A Motobecane 40V or 50V long seat. And, a complete headset for a 1973 40T.

    I wish I could find:
    some vintage Bluemels handlebar grips.

    I'm up in Toronto but proficient in PayPal and the USPS.

    Thanks Vel! You should open a webstore ;) I bet more than a few readers would be willing to curate / manage / code / etc.

  5. Have: 1983 Ross Super Grand Tour IV, size 52cm, very good condition, freshly overhauled, full Shimano 600 group...

    Need: Velocity Fusion 700c, 36 spoke, 9sp wheelset on Shimano 105 or Tiagra hubs...or something of similar build quality. Must have 36 spokes though...

    If interested, post here and we'll go from there. Photos upon request...

    Velouria: I'm interested in your moss green beanie..could you possibly integrate a bill into the hat? Thank you...and thanks for putting up this post, hope it does well

  6. Great idea Velouria!

    Wanted (for my newly purchased vintage Sears 3-speed commuter):

    A Brooks saddle, B72 or B66/67, or similar

    A pair of Wald rear folding baskets

    Cork grips

    A bell :)

    I don't have any bike stuff yet because I just acquired my first bike two days ago, but I can offer advanced sewing skills! Say the word and I can make you a custom skirt, blouse, purse, hat, pajamas, Halloween costume, etc. as long as the total cost of materials/labor/shipping is about the price of whatever is received in trade. For examples of my work check out

    Email if you're interested!

  7. Also wanted...a decent lock. U-lock, chain, cable, whatever, as long as it'll keep grabby hands away from my bicycle!

  8. HAVE

    Silver Jim Blackburn 4-point rigid rear rack. It is a solid non-adjustable rack.


    A single 36h Mavic MA2 rim

  9. HAVE:
    Panaracer Pasela Road Tire 24x1" (23-540) and presta valve tube.
    Ordered wrong size

  10. WANTED

    Half clips/mini clips smaller than the VO deep half clips (70 mm reach).

    Thought I'd throw this out, since it seems that lots of people try half clips and don't like them.
    mauerschau at gmail

  11. HAVE

    A brand-new still in the bag Nitto Albatross handlebar that was going on my commuter bike till I decided to just save for a new bike

    Axiom Gatherer-Shopper Pannier Set in Yellow Floral. Almost new but have been used but you really can't tell

    WTB Speed She Gel saddle that has been ridden maybe 25 miles...hey maybe you want it!

    Miscellaneous -
    A Syrian hand-inlaid shadow box with key, lock and light

    ****Of course you would need photos....which I can provide if you are interested

    I am moving from Austin, TX to Philadelphia in June and will have lots more stuff, including lots more bike stuff, soon

    WANT -

    B17 Brooks Imperial Black Saddle

    61-62cm woman's Dutch bicycle (Gazelle, WorkCycles, etc.)

    1. I am interested in your Albatross bars.

      I ordered the Blue Jack Brown 700 x 33.3 , but they don't fit on my bike...

      (each cost about 60 bucks, the same price as the Albatross)
      I'd also be willing to make a trade for an equal 650b tire.

  12. oops - right -


    I can also offer electrical expertise, in general, as it is my profession.


    - Mike

  13. Have:
    -- 60" (I think will measure) Peugeot Super Sport frame with original seat.
    -- Normandy hub
    -- Sakae Champion aluminum handlebar
    -- Raleigh Technium 480 bicycle: 21" frame

    Located in Brooklyn, New York. email me at stephen dot cao at for photos of items. Looking to trade locally.

  14. thank you! bike trading is so fun.
    i have a 1970 57-58cm Gitane Tour de France- 531 tubing, campy, stronglight, mafac. in nice condition. would love to trade for something a bit taller 60cm? 61cm? 62?With a little work this one would be an extra stylish rider. i have another that is a very comfy rider.
    ride safe with the wind at your back
    steiny in santa cruz ca

  15. Have a pair of beautiful new VO Hammered 37mm Fenders for 700c tires. Only used for one ride because there was not enough clearance on my bike and the noise was unbearable.

    nice looking saddle bag or panniers, new or gently used
    technical wool clothing in womens size medium



  16. my updated list
    vintage Brooks B17, brown. Leather is scuffed, but otherwise great condition. Metal bars and front screw area are perfect with shiny chrome. Back "C" frame has some rust, but it is still solid.

    1 Ding Dong chrome Bell, clockwise pull lever
    1 Bbbrrring chrome bell, clockwise pull lever

    Chrome Bbbrrring bell, Counter-clockwise pull lever.

    Linda58245 at gmail

  17. Great initiative. I don't really have any good condition items to swap but I'd love to hear about swap successes!

  18. Have:
    stem and upright handlebar with brakes from 70's Raleigh Supercourse mixte.
    used black nashbar rear rack
    cottered crank set from 70's Raleigh Supercourse

    Nitto Technomic (long quill, 90-110mm extension)
    Nitto Dirt Drop or Periscopa
    MKS Grip Kings or Touring pedals
    Dynohub front wheel 650b
    Albatross bars
    Moustache bars
    Gran Compe centerpulls
    DiaCompe 750 mods

    I've got lots more and probably want more, so feel free to reach out
    danielmcclain a t google's mail

  19. have: pashley sonnet bliss (cream with claret fenders) size 17.5" in practically new condition. email gwyn[at]surf[dot]co[dot]nz

  20. Desperately seeking...

    Pashley Princess Sovereign or Sonnet Bliss in a medium size. I am located near Toronto, but am willing to travel for the right bike.

  21. Greetings! I have:

    Nitto Dove Bar (B347) unused 25.4

    Nitto Periscopa 8cm stem unused 25.4

    Grip King pedals unused

    Contact me at

  22. Updated

    Nitto 25.4 Moustache bars (26mm will do too)
    Albatross bars
    MKS touring pedals
    Dia Compe mod 750s
    Dress Guards

    Dura Ace Hidden Bolt stem (early 80's vintage)
    Stock stem from Raleigh Super Course mixte (mid 70s)
    NOS Dura Ace center pulls
    Lots of used drop bars
    used black adjustable nashbar rear rack
    cottered crank set from 70's Raleigh Supercourse
    Two 26.2 seat posts without clamp
    1 Brooks clamp
    DiaCompe drop bar brake levers (non-aero)

    I have more. Contact me to discuss if you have any of the things I need above.

  23. I have a Velorbis Victoria Classic complete Ladies bicycle, with Brooks Saddle, grips, & mud flap, SRAM 7 speed, SA generator hub, etc. In beautiful condition, less than 500 miles on her. No basket, but there is a spring on the frame to keep it steady if you want to add one. Two leg kickstand for stability. ginkow at gmail dot com

  24. Oh dear! I just had a look in my parts box and found a lot more than I remembered being in there...

    Here it goes:


    Bike related:

    new shimano DH-3N20 dynamo front hub with nutted axle

    dimension cruiser handle bars (630mm wide, 92mm rise, Clamp Diameter 25.4mm)

    new velo orange black cork grips

    MKS rubber block pedals (no reflector)

    MKS SY-1 quill pedals

    JPF fluted seat post size 26.4

    vintage dia compe city brake levers

    mafac drop bar brake levers (with black plastic)

    no model number side pull early '80s diacompe side pull brakes with quick release lever

    80mm SR custom quill stem

    suntour blue line clamp on downtube shifters

    flick stand

    Mirrycle review mirror for mounting on non aero brake levers

    diacompe non aero brake levers with safety lever included (no hoods)

    1 new Kenda 26 x 1.5 schrader tube

    non bike related:

    working SX-70 brown folding polaroid camera, very good condition with leather case


    Brown Brooks B72

    Tubus luna rack

    Sturmey Archer Dynamo Drum Brake Front Hub (X-FDD)

    Sturmey Archer 5 speed drum rear hub X-RD5(W)

    I am located in Seattle, WA, and can be reached at:
    alrychel at gmail dot com

  25. Want:
    Shimano 105 SLR NON aero brake levers
    French alloy stem, 22mm, 80mm, 80's vintage

    Marin ALP Black Aluminum flat bar with
    Shimano SL-R440 8 speed levers, Shimano brake levers & black bar ends. (this came off 2004 Marin Mill Valley)

    Fernando (Dallas Tx)

  26. Another updated list:

    Nitto Moustache bars
    Nitto Technomic Stem
    MKS touring pedals
    Dress Guards
    Dyno Lights - preferably Busch & Muller

    Stock stem from Raleigh Super Course mixte (mid 70s)
    Lots of used drop bars
    used black adjustable nashbar rear rack
    cottered crank set from 70's Raleigh Supercourse
    26.2 seat post with Brooks clamp
    2 pairs of black rubber block pedals
    Diacompe side and center pull brakes (contact for more details)

    I have more. Contact me to discuss.


  27. The VO fenders I listed before have gone to a new home.

    Today I have:
    Shimano PD-M324 SPD pedals. These are $84 pedals that have SPD clicks on one side and platform on the other. They are great but I find that I never ride clicked in and always ride the platforms. I cannot include the cleats (mtn bike) because I need them for spin class.

    Want: Rivendale Grip King pedals. If they are in good shape, I'll trade you the more valuable Shimano and call it even because you will have to buy cleats.

    Also Want:
    Pair of vintage Raleigh block pedals. I can't trade the Shimanos for these but will pay for them.


  28. For sale: 1963 Legnano Gran Premio, restored with NOS parts, original paint

    in Toronto.

    Pictured here:


  29. For sale:
    Raleigh Technium 480:

    Peugeot Super Sport (Made In France) Frame:

    Looking to sell in New York City, stephen dot cao at gmail dot com

  30. Hi I'm looking for a brooks saddle for a road bike. I'm also looking for women's cycling shoes, gently used is o.k, I want to try them before I spend big money on a new pair. I'm a 6 1/2 in regular shoes. Thanks.

  31. Hi, Appreciate any help...
    Want: Ofmega mistral front derailleur (black composite)

    carolyneng at gmail dot com

  32. Hi--
    Looking for a Carradice or Minnehaha small or medium saddle bag, or something similar (pref. canvas, suitable for an older 3-speed)

    Have a vintage Brooks B15 saddle that I'd love to trade for a B66 or B72--don't mind older as long as it's not absolutely falling apart.

    Have three bikes--a ladies' 1948 black Raleigh Sports in very good shape, full chain case, Brooks, etc.; a smallish men's 1953 Rudge, also in good shape, and a 1965 23' green men's Sports that's a bit battered and in need of some work but no rust or anything.

  33. Doh--just forgot to include contact info. Sarahindia at gmail dot com

  34. Hi All,

    Have: An old Batavus Bato Sport, not sure of the year, 60s maybe.
    Photos here:

    Currently the chain guard and accent panels have been removed, but the parts are still available.

    The bike is in fair shape, fun to ride.

    Free to who ever would give it a good home. Located in Charleston,SC


  35. I have a rack with a spring that mounts to the handlebars that functions as a "purse rack". Got it from the Bicycle Muse so you can look on the site to get an idea. It mounts on the inside area of the handlebars. It can also theoretically be mounted on the outside too like a makeshift front rack. I got this because I wanted more hauling area and because I did not want to reconfigure my front light system on my dutch bike. It's great for any size purse or even large grocery items like juice bottles. Small things will fall out on the sides. It's spring loaded so you dont need bungee cords or anything.

    I really dont have a want so if there's something unique that you make or have, make me an offer! I really live for unique things.

  36. oops yea forgot to include contact : ladyenoki at gmaildot com

  37. have:
    any item from my wife's store

    - short front rack to serve as a base for a diy mount (zipties) basket
    - Pletscher or other sturdy steal rear rack for 700c (preferably black)
    - wald rear folding baskets (preferably black)

  38. and the contact is thehihik at gmaildotcom

  39. HAVE:
    Pashley Princess Sovereign 
    Like new- ridden twice just too small (5'.6")
    17.5" black frame,  front and rear baskets

    Currently resides in NC

    Contact me @ hcotton[at]ymail[dot]com

  40. Have:

    -Chicago-made Schwinn Sprint frame & fork, 21" C to C. Uncommon frame with curved seat tube. If you don't have a trade, I will sell.


    -Any Chicago-made Schwinn frame & fork (or complete bike) that is at least 23" C to C.

    -A 3-speed hub, with wheel a bonus.

    Boston area.

    pcastellucci at gmail dot com

  41. Hi!


    - a barely used black Brooks B17 saddle

    Would like to trade it for:

    - aged tan or honey B17 S


    - aged tan or honey Flyer S

    I thought I would like the black and that's the men's length would be ok - I was wrong about both!

    Please email me if you'd like to trade:
    julie at andhowblog dot com

  42. I'm in Chicago and have to trade/sell:

    BROOKS B17 Womens saddle, black, barely used.

    Velo-Orange city brake lever set, still in package

    Campagnolo Umbrella pump clamp EUC (from 1973 Raleigh International)

    New Campagnolo Veloce rear brake, never mounted.

    SR 80m reach stem French 22.0 sizing (from 70's Japan-built Motobecane)

    Beautiful 1975 metallic red Raleigh Gran Prix, tall (62cm), upgraded alloy wheelset, set up as city-style cruiser.

    Nitto Pearl 80mm/26mm [PREFER TO TRADE for same in 70mm/26mm]

    Nitto Noodlebar 42cm [PREFER TO TRADE for same in 40cm]

    Awesome NOS 70's Schwinn handlebar tape in fuscia, 2 rolls.

    Various stems and random hardware from 70's Raleighs, Peugeots, Puch & Trek road bikes. (Something you're looking for? Just ask.)

    Various alloy handlebars, upright & drop, ...also various vintage 27" wheelsets, steel and alloy.


    I would like to buy/trade for:

    Brooks Colt, violet

    Nitto 65 seatpost (27.2)

    Nitto Pearl stem 70mm/26mm

    Nitto Noodle 40cm

    Brooks or Velo-Orange leather bar tape BROWN

    Honjo or Velo-Orange narrow-style fenders

    French Phillip (or comp) stem <80mm reach

    High quality 700c wheelset or silver hubset Campy 10speed-freehub-compatable

  43. Yikes, I forgot my contact info on that trade list. It's

    I'm also Lug_bug on Twitter

    Thanks, your blog is gorgeous.


  44. Update!

    I have lots of older stuff in good shape:

    --Schwinn World Tourist, 5 spd, 58cm diamond frame, metallic blue, full fenders, north roads bars.

    --Parts off a 1975 Chicago-made Schwinn. Almost all the components, even the wheels. Just ask.

    --Suntour Cyclone front derailleur

    --Suntour V-GT luxe front & rear derailleurs

    --Chrome 27" Araya wheelset. Rear has 5-sprocket freewheel. For steel wheels these are really nice.

    --Aluminum 700c Araya rims off an early 80s racing bike. Didn't see much use.

    Looking for a taller men's 3 speed, like a 23" Sports. Will consider just about anything interesting/useful/just plain cool.

    p castellucci at gmail dot com

  45. Have:
    - Blue and White Raleigh Colt step through frame, seems to have all original parts, but the pump is dented and the fenders have some rust. I think I read that it was designed for preteens or short ladies 4'5 or higher. Would really like to see it go to some one who wants to ride it not part it out (warning: Shipping from Canada is expensive)
    - 2 entry level chrome bells
    - a selection of sprockets
    - can crochet really cute fingerless cycling gloves out of sock yarn of your choice

    - 650B wheel set with rear sprocket free wheel
    - 26" alloy rims that could be laced onto vintage Raleigh hubs
    - cream delta cruisers to go on above rims

    clxtgirl at gmail

  46. Have: Selle Anatomica saddle in black; B17 women's black; B17 men's honey

    Want: Brooks Champion Flyer Special (women's) in any color.

    Email me:

  47. NEED:

    bottle dynamo generator, preferable AXA HR or nordlicht or dymotec 6 or a spanninga wave.

    Lumotec headlight, either Retro or the Lyt. It can't be vertical like the Opal because it can only be mounted to the headset

    So..need a headset mount bracket as well

    Rear light - spanninga or busch and muller that has a standlight

    Dynamo wiring


    I am a graphic designer so if you need any flyers or logos done I would be happy to oblige.

    Also have a chrome purse rack that is a rack with a spring hinge that fits on the inside of the handlebars.

    Please contact me at lady enoki at g mail dot com

  48. Have:
    Some Shimano and Suntour stem shifters. Good for upright conversions.

  49. I have a copper in color 61cm Raleigh International with matching fork and original Campagnolo Headset. I believe the frame and fork are from 1974.

    Here is a photo -

    Email Jared.L24 at gmail dot com

  50. HAVE:

    I am selling both my '71 Raleigh Tourist (with custom rack!) and '81 re-powdercoated/updated mixte so feel free to contact me if you are interested and in the Minneapolis area, unless you are willing to pay for shipping. I love both of these bikes to death and am more than happy to talk your ear off about them! :)

    It's been a nice run with the vintage bikes, but the more serious I've become with transportation cycling, the more I've come to realise that I need a modern bike with modern components.

    That said, anyone who has a quality used bicycle that they think might suit these purposes and fit a 5'5" female, then I'd be happy to discuss a trade or partial trade or something like that. I'd prefer an upright bike but would be willing to consider a versatile diamond-frame bike as well.

    Email me: for more photos/info.

  51. Unfortunately, Blogger won't let me log into my account, but I'd like to amend my above listing to reflect that the Raleigh Mixte has been sold. (Also, I am still making custom, crocheted dressguards in a varity of styles, sizes and colors (contact me for more info).

    Additionally, I'm looking for the following:

    Brooks Flyer S, preferably brown.

    SKS longboard fender set, preferably in the cream/beige or silver, though I'm not too picky.


  52. Have: Vintage B72 in great condition (some black worn off, but no cracking, etc). Pic avail on request.

    Want: B67 or 66 preferably in Honey.


  53. Have: new solid red Reisenthel Bicycle basket with adaptor never used.

    Want: Brook's B17 women's saddle, preferably black.


  54. Anyone have an ugly free bike they dont want ireally need a bike but cant afford it i live in somerville

    Contact me at:

  55. Want:

    Unusual request: does anyone have a folding bike they'd be willing to lend or rent to me for September 16-18?

    Or does anyone know of a bike shop in the Boston area that will rent out a folder?

    Contact: pcastellucci at gmail dot com

  56. Hi all my father has an old vintage raleigh 3 speed loop fram design womens bike he has had kicking around for many years its in kinda ruff shape it has the old sturmey archer aw hub with the only date stampings being a 8 and then about a inch over a 1 there is no serial # that i can find the bike is complete exept for chain gaurd it has the mechanical link brake system it says it was made in england and the bike is very simular looking in design to the DL-1 loop that is metioned in a dream come true post anyway i would like to find it a good home I have no ideal what its worth perhaps someone could give me a little insight would be greatly apreciated as I would like to see my father get a fare market value for the bike ....anyhow email me please with anything you would like ....I do have pictures of this bike that I can send anyone interested thanks and wonderful web blog contact me at

    this seems like a good solid restorable vintage bike you all good maybe find a great home for ....thankssssss

  57. First I have a pair of 1951 Raleigh Sports. His is complete, mostly original, and does get ridden on occasion. Hers is nearly complete but mostly in pieces. These are the ones with the fully enclosed chaincases. I'm open to all sorts of commuter, folder or recumbent bike stuff. I may be interested in other non-bike related trades. I'm ADD so you never know what might catch my fancy. I'd also be willing to sell rather than trade.

    I also have an Atala Turista 5 speed. It is virtually identical to the one shown here...
    Again I'm open to all sorts of things to trade or sell outright.

    I'm not willing to ship though so interested parties would need to come to Muncie, IN. We can talk and trade pictures, etc. through chopin (at)

  58. I have a few lovely bicycles that need a new home. I live in Seattle, so local would be great unless you want to pay for shipping.


    80's miyata eighty se in awesome condition,all original except the brake levers and grip tape and saddle. I have the original brake levers that I will send with the bike. Its a sporty purpley blue with cork colored griptape. It is a womens step through. Email for pictures. It's almost like riding a new bike from the 80s. 52cm bike with about 52cm virtual top tube. Want to sell this bike.

    Raleigh techneum frame light blue. It's mostly aluminum with some steel. You all probably know the frame better than I do. It's 51cm with a top tube of 54cm. Diamond frame. Would be willing to trade this for a leather saddle or something else tempting.

    Email me at erinhanada at gmail dot com

    Thank you! And thank you to Velouria for having such a great site.

  59. I have Raleigh DL1 that I have restored/built-up from a late 50s/early 60s frame. I've used authentic used Raleigh parts where I could and modern reproduction items both -[eg]new Eastman rims and complete brake hardware. It has a good condition Brooks B72 saddle. Pitting on the handlebars and cranks are minimal. 3 speed Sturmey works just fine. New tires. 24 inch frame.

  60. Looking for 1950's Silk Katakura Brake rod parts.
    Any info would be appreciated.

  61. After reading this blog, I would love to get into bicycling.

    Where can I buy some quality, affordable ones like the author has (Pashley or Gazelle) used or new?

    Want: one for male and one for female...preferably with options to carry a baby along for the ride. Thank you.

    Please send reply to

  62. Looking for Raleigh Ladies Tourist - any condition will be considered.

    Thanks so much!

  63. Looking for:
    Vintage loop-frame bike with chainguard (either full or partial)...ideally one *without* a coaster brake or "rod-brakes". Doesn't have to be in great shape, but no major damage such as cracks, bent frame/fork, etc. If you have one for sale please email pictures/price to

  64. Wanted: Velo orange mixte frame/bicycle
    or raleigh super course mixte
    small bianchi/italian super bicycle
    or mercian miss mixte

    have...some things maybe or $.
    i am in Canada, west coast.

  65. Probably catering to the wrong crowd, but I have a 31.8 black Thomson seatpost with 0 setback (weird MTB size). Looking for a Brook's saddle or other cool things.

  66. For sale:

    1970s Raleigh Sports. Rare 23" ladies frame (BIG - good for riders 5'8" and taller). Green color. Sturmey-Archer hub rebuilt with 1950s internals. Rebuilt bottom bracket. Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. Aluminum rear rack with Wald foldable baskets. Crane brass bell. Front and rear Planet Bike battery lights.

  67. Forgot to mention, the bike is located near Cambridge, MA.

    V, can you add that to my earlier post?

  68. I can't edit the comments; I can only approve them pr remove them.

  69. I have a brand new Pashley Princess Sovereign
    for sale. I am located in Seattle, WA.

    The bike is in brand new condition and has never been rode (except for 1 block test drives).

    you can contact me at:

  70. I have the Linus Market Bag, an adorable 22 oz cotton canvas pannier bag in olive green with brown leather trim and brass fittings that snaps from rack to sling over your shoulder and then back again. This item is for sale with free shipping and no tax. I can be contacted at

  71. WANTED: a set (1 x front & 1 x rear) 28x1.5" wheels - anything considered - not fussed on brands - hopefully singlespeed coaster braked rear hub - std. front hub...

    I'm all the way down in NEW ZEALAND!!

    let me know matt DOT d at lht DOT co DOT nz

  72. HAVE
    ca. 1972? Jeunet Franche-Comte mixte
    In DC. Willing to ship. Not sure if someone would only be interested in parts only, but I would prefer to make one final sale.
    Mix of original/vintage parts:
    _lugged steel frame measures approx 52cm from center of BB to top of seat tube.
    _chrome fork
    _chrome porteur rack from Paris
    _chrome Wald rear rack
    _alloy Mafac Racer centerpulls and Pivo stem
    _alloy north road style handlbars with alloy Weinmann brake levers and dare style grips
    _alloy seatpost
    _Bluemels Lightweight Mudguards in Navy
    _KMC Stainless Steel Chain
    _Sturmey Archer AW 3 speed hub
    _Sturmey Archer dynohub "Made in England"
    _vintage alloy rims and 700c Tioga tires
    _basic German headlight

    (2) 26 x 1.25-1.75 Bontrager Standard tubes. New in box.

    Minoura Dura-Cage in black. Unused and still in packaging.

    Vintage Voyageur double panniers in black. Metal hook missing on one side.

    Awesome vegetarian panniers for my Superba. Even if you have a only have a good tip, that would be great!

    marianareynolds at gmail ...

  73. HAVE

    vintage Takara mixte converted to 650b

    fenders, dynamo lighting, porteur rack, the whole's a super sweet bike!

    Please contact me if you're in the Seattle area and interested. Skaelia at gmail dot com

    pictures and details:

  74. freddy.brett@yahoo.comNovember 30, 2011 at 10:52 PM

    WANT: Quill Stem for 80's JPN headset that:
    will rise higher than 4" from headset AND has less than 5" reach fwd.

    HAVE: Quill Stem for 80's JPN headset that rises 4" max from headset AND has 5" fwd reach.

    HAVE: 80's Dia-Compe side pull brake set - w/new pads

    HAVE: SX 27.2mm (adjustable) shock absorbing seatpost (no setback)=14" total length

    HAVE: Like new Reebock black and orange "competition" basketball-not leather

    Somerville, MA

  75. HAVE

    Bobbin Bicycles "otter bag" pannier/satchel in green, imported from the UK. It was a gift and it doesn't fit my bike - brand new!

    Details here:

    Please contact skaelia at gmail dot com if you're interested.


  76. HAVE:
    virgin Schwalbe Delta Cruiser cream 650A tyres.

    37-590mm 26" x 1 3/8" Delta Cruiser Cream w/Reflective Strips

    asking $45 for the pair, withwillingness to bartertrades

    chain gard, chrome front rack, homedesigned bar tape, copper bell ring-ring!

    deppeco at gmail. . .

  77. hello,
    i am the author of "cyclepedia, A Century of Iconic Bicycle Design"

    here is a link the official promo-video of the app to the book "cyclepedia" ….

    i hope you like it....

    all the best from foggy and cold vienna


  78. WANT:

    This is not a trade but a request for a favor. I am considering getting an Azor Oma Workcycle but of course, there is no dealer nearby. I need to test ride the bike before I buy it so I was wondering if there were any Oma owners in the area who would be willing to help a sister out by allowing me to stop by and take yours for a test spin sometime.



  79. Wanted: I'm looking for a vintage mixte project bike in the Charleston / Summerville, SC area. My goal is to finish with a basic, clean single speed.

    Any help is appreciated.


  80. WANTED: Test ride of Azor/Workcycles Swan

    I'm in serious bike-shopping mode and would love to test out the Workcycles Swan (49 cm), but I can't locate a dealer in the SF Bay Area that carries this model. If anyone in the vicinity owns one and would be willing to let me test it out, please contact me!

    christine DOT j DOT hung AT gmail

  81. have: velo orange model 3, honey (roughly equivalent to a b17), very lightly used

    want: selle anatomica titanico, any color

    hadleydanny at yahoo dot com

  82. wanted:
    36 spoke Sturmey Archer GH6 Dynohub, lighting for a DL-1

  83. I have a vintage bicycle named Gouverneur, do you know anything about it ?

  84. Have: Circa 1959 Royal cruiser. Small frame. 17 inches from the center of bb to seatpost tube. It's a Nervex frame with an F&S coaster brake hub; single speed. Red with red fenders and chain gaurd. white grips and pedals. It appears to be all european original except the saddle (which is an american schwinn). I'm 5'11" and it's too small for me.

    Contact shereef at innovedo dot com for pictures.

    Want: Something stylish I can ride.

  85. Have: 4 bikes when I only need 1.

    1977 Raleigh Sports-21 inch frame, classic 3 speed
    1982 or so: Anatom, a German-made step-through 3 speed
    1982 or so: Raleigh Gran Sport, mixte, 10 speed, North Road-style bars
    1992 Bridgestone MB-4

    Want: For the bikes to go to a loving hime. Prices are negotiable.

    email me at beth.mccombe at gmail dot com for pics, etc. Prefer local (southeastern New England) to avoid shipping.

    1. Update: The Bridgestone MB-4 has found a new home.

    2. Update #2: All the bikes have been re-homed.

  86. I'm looking for a fender light similar to this one.

    email me at

  87. Have: 48cm Sam Hillborne built up very similarly to Velouria's. The frame was special ordered in light blue with cream headtube for me by Rivendell. Please contact me for pictures and exact specifications. This bike has maybe 500 miles on it and is pretty pristine.
    Email: kireipanda at mac dot com

  88. Want:

    A clean set of friction bar-end shifters suitable for a 2/6 setup

    or Huret

    Whaddaya got? This is for a classic early '80s Italian road bike

    Also looking for Velo Orange or similar canvas wedge saddle bag.


    1948-53 Indian Bicycles (Pre-Raleigh Phillips-made) Princess 21" step through in good structural shape, currently covered in enamel housepaint & disassembled, includes fork, headset, chainset, fenders, single speed setup with Perry coaster brake hub -every thing, really, except original handlebars. Saddle is Terry horsehair mattress type frame only.

    These were made 1947-54 for the Indian Motorcycle Co of Springfield, MA. They used the famous Indian Motorcycles logo, which are available in reproduction.

    4/1965 Sturmey Archer AW hub, 36 hole, in very clean polished condition, steel shell, includes rather worn original trigger shifter and all washers and bolts.

    1947 Monark chainwheel and 1-piece crank for standard pitch chain

    1947 Monark 26" front wheel, no acorn nuts

    1954 Royal Lion (also pre-Raleigh Phillips-made) front wheel, 26 x 1 3/8 (e.a 3) size, with axle nuts

    1954 Phillips made 3-speed chromed steel brake set with original cables and levers in very good condition

    If anything strikes your fancy, e-mail for pics

    coreyk_01 (At) Comcast (dot) N E T

  89. Hi, have a nice A.N.T Boston Roadster for sale or trade toward a road bike. Have a Light Roadster from ANT so have not ridden the Boston for some time. Its a 2009, like new. Link to craigslist below for contact info.

  90. Hi, I'm on a quest for a child-toting commuter bike. I have tried the Yuba, a friend's Xtracycle, and am hoping to try out the Fr8 soon in NYC. I live in the Boston area. Here is my wish list for my new bike:
    • step-through frame
    • double kickstand
    • easy to ride, to walk uphill, to load and unload (no squirrely front wheel when loaded, no struggling up mild hills, no rattling over bumps and potholes, no tipping over while I get stuff/kid on board)
    • upright geometry, swept-back handlebars
    • fenders
    • chain guard or full chain case
    • 8+ gears
    • good brakes (not necessarily disc brakes, but they have to be strong)
    • low maintenance (good components)
    • child seat (30-50 lbs of kid)
    • bag for work (~30 lbs) (would like to use my own if possible)
    • basket (for last-minute stuff)
    • balloon tires (my route is so full of potholes and bumps!)
    • dynamo lights (for those late October, November, early March days that are warm enough to ride but getting dark early)
    • sprung saddle (Brooks B67)
    • pretty, classy looks

    Any advice? Should I try to build up this dream bike? Or does it exist?

    1. Have you looked at the Madsen? Miss Sarah from has (had one) one. Lighting will likely be an add on which ever bike you get.

    2. Yes, I looked at the Madsen, but it is "too much bike" for me with just one kid and one or two bags.

    3. Wanted: Mama Chari, like this:

  91. I really want a men's Raleigh DL-1. I'm in the midwest. paulpaulpaulthepaul(at)gmail(dot)com

  92. Have:
    Brooks B33
    Brooks Washer Grips (Black)
    Po Campo Logan Tote (2011 style brown canvas)

    Brooks B18
    Velo Orange Duel Leg Kickstand
    PDW Takeout Basket

    Feel free to email me at AstraeaBeauty at aol dot com

  93. Also, would be interested in buying or trading for a Pashley Roadster 26 Sovereign! (AstraeaBeauty at aol dot com)

  94. WANTED:

    Interested in finding one of those Indian DL-1 roadster knock-offs (project I'm working on). Yellow Jersey bike shop in Madison, WI used to import and sell the Eastman roadster, but not that they stopped, it's been a bit trickier tracking one down. I'm looking for the step-through frame version. Eastman/Avon are some of the most common brands here in the US it seems.

    If interested and you have one of these bikes (or part of one) please send me an email mfarrington at gmail dot com. I am happy to take care of shipping, etc too. Thanks!

  95. HAVE:
    single Tektro RX 4.1 inverse brake lever in all silver, new in box

    Single bar end shifter

  96. HAVE

    The "old" Musa knickers (like here: Size XS, color Olive. They're just a tiny bit too small for me (tried them on, was going to return, but missed the return window). Would love to sell or trade for something.

  97. Have: New with tags red castelli long sleave wool jersey Would fit a man who regularly wears a large tee-shirt; size xxl but it's Italian so thats like a large. Bit small for me but so nice and soft.

    Want: Sprung leather saddle in black or brown, rear or front light-weight touring rack, preferably in silver. Green canvas or brown/black leather saddle bag or handle bar bag. Will throw in some money if the trade article is up to snuff.

    1. I'll add my vintage DL-1 'This is sweet ride, and just in time for Tweed Ride. This is a hard to find bike, I spent months looking for one and only found one in Ohio. It is a great grocery getter, and wonderful on long stretches of road, like it's home territory, the countryside on England. Surprisingly quick and very regal upright riding position. Get this bike up to speed, and it simply flys! This is a highly desirable vintage bike, and it's in much better than average condition. I'm selling it with great reservations because I need the money to buy a bike I want more; desire is a cruel mistress.

      Made in Nottingham England, a Vintage 1973 Rod Brake Raleigh Tourist DL-1 Mens Roadster, 3 speed internal hub, large frame, fully restored and well maintained. Includes original manual, original multi-tool wrench (or "spanner"), and original saddle bag! Brooks leather saddle included, with new saddle clamp. Brake Pads, tires (tyers), tubes, seat post, and several small parts replaced with New-Old-Stock, used parts, or new parts, as appropriate. Magnificent Kool-Stop pads (expensive) added for enhanced braking power. Includes frame pump. Brand new Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tires (tyres). New Wald Wooden Basket added to front with custom-made stays. Bottom braket completely removed, re-greased and serviced at local bike shop. New chain and reduced gearing for faster off-the-line and a more useful 3rd gear, but I'll incude the original gear if you want it. New, LOUD "ding-dong" bell. Everything is in full working order, and as original as my restoration philosophy deems appropriate."

  98. WANT:
    Decent quality dynamo-powered LED headlamp. Looking for something like a B+M Lumotec IQ Cyo R Senso Plus headlight or equivalent.
    Carradice Camper Longflap OR Nelson Longflap transverse saddle bag. Prefer Camper, but would take another Nelson Longflap. It has to be a Longflap.
    Sturmey-Archer Dynohub in working condition. (May or may not be laced to a wheel, if laced to wheel, should be 26" x 1 3/8" (650A, 590mm) size.)
    Bluemel's fender set for 26" x 1 3/8" (650A, 590mm) size wheels.
    Leather bike saddle, ie Brooks, Wrights, Ideale. (What ya got?)
    Lauterwasser handlebars, like the ones Soma currently make.

    urbanadventureleague ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com

  99. Want to sell:

    Ladies 1936 Raleigh Tourist DL-1 just like the one on your blog here. It has been in my family since it was bought new and is un-restored and original. Brooks seat is torn but otherwise it's in wonderful shape.

    Located just west of Boston, Massachusetts. If interested email me at...

  100. My mom still has her Steyr bike from 1972... Has Olympic rings printed on it... One speed and in good shape. Anyone know anything about this bike?... We are in Atlanta GA...

  101. Have:
    Velo Orange Mixte build kit (size M) and VO chain guard

    Po Campo Logan Tote - 2011 version in Chartreuse print

    Location: greater Boston area
    contact: lucyluknits [at] gmail [dot] com

  102. Hi! I'm trying to choose between a Raleigh dl-1 and a Raleigh 3 speed from '69. Both bikes that you have similar ones of! I commute to work about 2 miles and go pretty slow. I just need to carry things in a basket and have something trusty. I do not need to carry it upstairs... yet.

    Do you have any recommendations on how to choose between these two bicycles?

    1. I had a DL1 and sold it a while ago on ebay. I now have a Raleigh Sport. If I had to choose I would get the more modern Raleigh Sport. My reasoning:
      1) I would worry more about the DL-1 being stolen and it is more valuable.
      2) The brakes are more modern on the Sports and the bike is much lighter making it more practical and comfortable to ride than the DL-1. Still the DL-1 is unbeatable on a sunny day in the country. It is a bike to rather value and have as a keepsake more so than an "everyday commuter."

  103. Bonjour.
    South west France near to Bergerac a country cottage available to rent at a reasonable price.
    Completely self contained and fully equipped.
    A very tranquil location set in own garden.
    Suitable for two people.
    The Dordogne region is very beautiful,lovely cycling roads and the area has lots of history.
    English speaking owner lives close by.
    Lots to see and do in the region.
    To contact..
    0033 (0)553584538

  104. Have:

    an unused pair of Rivendell Blue Jack Brown, 700 x 33.33 tires


    a similar 650b tire.

  105. HAVE:

    Lovely Bicycle/Bella Ciao Superba available.

    San Francisco

    Please contact: explorepeace (at) hotmail (dot) com

  106. Have: A very nice Nitto mustache bar. Size 25.4; heat treated aluminum; comes with two sets of shims to fit 26.0 and 31.8 stems.

    Wanted: Brooks B17 narrow or swift

  107. HAVE:
    Basil Kavan II (natural)
    - beige canvas & leather panniers.
    - like new condition (~15 minutes on a actual bicycle)
    - doesn't work on the intended ride due to heel strike

    largish saddle bag in newish condition

    front rack (VO porteur, Pass & Stow, Steco, Gamoh, SOMA, CETMA...)

  108. Hi,

    I Have:
    A 51 cm Velo Orange Polyvalent built up for randonneuring with Grand Cru touring hubs, handbuilt wheels, Brooks Swift saddle, fenders, lights, racks front and rear, along with a VO Compagne front bag.

    I can be contacted at wwilkson at gmail dot com

  109. Hi,

    I Have: A completely built up 51cm Velo Orange Polyvalent with handbuilt wheels w/Gran Cru touring hubs, racks, fenders, lights, VO Campagne bag, Rivindell Nifty Swifty tires, spare Panasela 650bX38 tires, spare tubes, shimano 600 (arabesque era) derailleurs, leather bar tape, Brooks Swift saddle.

    I can be reached at wwilkson at gmail dot come

  110. Hi' I'm looking for a 1950/60's Rotrax "Super Course" frame and fork, 23". I have a 1980's Bianchi, Columbus tubing small frame and fork for trade but will buy the Rotrax if you don't want to trade. I live in So' Cal. Will pay for shipping etc. if you've got one.

  111. Have a older campy record 10 speed ultra drive 175 mm 53/39 crankset with bottom bracket and a 12/25 10 speed cassette, all in pretty good shape, some scuffing on the crank arms. Just looking for enough to make it worth the time to pack it up and send it off. wgws / yahoo / com if you are interested.

    1. All this campy stuff is gone now, would delete the post but just don't know how....sorry.....

  112. Hello,

    I'm looking to buy a Rivendell Sam Hillborne in a 48cm. I'd prefer to find an older one of these frames, that was handmade in the US.

    I'd also be interested in any other similarly sized frames that folks out there may have; but I'm only looking for something that takes 650b wheels and that can be used for at least light touring.
    renyay @ gmail.


  113. Hello,

    I am searching for a 50cm (52 can work as well). women's Schwinn Traveler III (preferably in blue, but red is cool too).

    If you have one stuck in a basement or garage somewhere and are interested in getting rid of it please email me at: peaceloveelina @ gmail

  114. I have two Brooks Pro saddles for sale. One is black, the other honey. I believe they are in really good shape. They are over 20 years old and at most have 1000 miles on them (give or take).

    1. Have you sold your saddles yet?


  115. I am searching for a vintage bicycle seat - a Schwinn black and white "S" seat with the beehive coil springs and a crashrail on the back. It is for a 1959 Schwinn Corvette.
    please contact me

  116. Hello,
    I'm in the NY-metro area and am selling my 3-speed 1968 men's Raleigh Sport w/ Sturmey Archer internal three-speed hub. Frame and fork are straight and in great condition. Brooks leather saddle. English steel brakes, handlebar, and stem. Size is 20 inches from top of seat tube to bottom bracket. Top tube is 21 inches.

    Please email Emily at if you're interested & would like to see photos!

  117. Set of Continental Cyclocross Speed Ride 700c x 42 (38) folding tires from Rivendale (, used once (triumph of hope over reason, could see they rubbed but just had to ride them to make sure). Great tires for trails if you can fit them, or as winter commuters. Will trade for 700c tires ideally 32 mm to 38 mm but 28's or 25's might be ok. My contact - wgws yahoo.

    1. I have several sets of good quality tires in the size you are looking for, please get in touch if you are still looking for a trade.

  118. HAVE:

    Lovely Bicycle/Bella Ciao Superba available.
    San Francisco

    Please contact: explorepeace (at) hotmail (dot) com

  119. Anyone want to sell a Pashley Princess or for my husband a Pashley Roadster. Looking to buy a gently used one. Please post here.

    1. I am not sure if you are still looking but I have a Black Pashley Princess Classic for sale. Purchased new in 2009 and used infrequently. Gold Coast Australia. Contact

  120. HAVE:
    Shimano Tourney ST-EF40 EZ-F Shifter Set - V-Brake, 3x7-Speed, Black. Same as this one:

    Brake lever for road bike.

    Urbana, IL
    Please email me at if interested...

  121. Have:

    Early '70's Bottecchia mixte. Bought new then. Lightly ridden.

    Looking for someone to ride and love her.

    San Francisco Bay Area.

  122. Contact for '70's Bottecchia is 925-609-8189.

  123. Have a rotating stash of recyclable 3 speeds for late 40's to 80's, primarily British Raleigh and related..restoration and parts too. Contact Jim at (401) 523-5321

  124. Have:
    Black Pashley Princess Classic for sale. Purchased new in 2009 and used infrequently. Gold Coast Australia. Contact:

  125. I currently have these two ususual beauties for sale or trade. I will ship worldwide.

  126. Spring is here and I will once again try to sell this groovy Araya Excella that the owner has aged out of.

    This is a Japanese market, club ride, credit card touring, rando kind of a bike.

    The frame is made by Tange in Taiwan from Japanese Kaisei 022 Tubing.

    Rather than post my email address here I will refer you to my listing on a people to people bike marketplace.

  127. I am preparing to sell my rare and much loved Miss Mercian mixte. Frame is small and colour is French Blue. Will ship worldwide. Contact Petra at ppay

    1. Petra - there's someone out there keen to contact you, but your email address doesn't work. Please clarify what it is.

  128. Hello! I have a 1967 Raleigh DL-1 Tourist, Rod Brake Roadster in great shape,all original besides the tires i believe.
    it is a large sized bike with 28" wheels.. the front brake needs tightening and it needs a shift lever but this is a simple and cheap fix..
    the bike truly is a rare and incredible looking bicycle!.. i am located in Cambridge, Ma. i can be reached via email @ i have a ton of pictures i can send you!.. i would be interested in trading for a road bike (Bianchi?!) or i will sell to a good home, thanks!

  129. Hello,

    I have a 1954 (I believe) Gazelle men's bike.

    Black with white or cream on back of fender.

    Stubby original leather saddle

    This was a "garage find", has been hanging up since the 60s or 70s.

    Rideable the way it is, or really a great candidate for restoration

    Has a really cool wrap-around chain guard

    Really tall bike and comfortable "sit up straight" frame geometry.

    I am looking to trade for a nice vintage acoustic guitar.

    contact me at

    Pictures upon request.

  130. Hello! I have a barely used Batavus BUB. Matte black, step-through frame, comes with both front and rear rack. Fantastic commuter bike with great hauling capacity. I'm downsizing my bicycle collection, so I'm looking to sell rather than to trade. Located in Boston. Please contact me at whitewallaby {at} gmail {dot} com.

  131. I have / pashley butcher/delivery bikes and a lady's royal Enfield all non restored but in use,also I have a cast alloy humber factory sign 3ft6 x12 inch nice piece a must have for a collector

  132. Pashley butcher / delivery bike x2 also ladies royal Enfield curved bar 1949

  133. Hi - I'm in the UK and looking for a Volkscycle in decent condition. I might also be interested in certain Lambert or Viscount too...oh, and a Falcon Black Diamond.
    I have cash or some things to part trade (and old Dawes, a Viscount or two)

  134. Pashley Sovereign Roadster five-speed for sale. Purchased new four years ago and ridden three or four times. Recently serviced for the summer. Heavy English frame is not the right bike for hilly Omaha, Nebraska river country (yes, there are hills here). Please contact me at

  135. Looking for a ladies' DL-1 or similar to replace mine which was stolen a few weeks ago in Boston. I miss it terribly. Possible trade for my '49 Lenton Sports. Sarahindia at gmail dot com

  136. This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. Hi
    Looking for a set of Legnano Pista from forks 1960's
    Can you help ?
    Please email me on

  138. For Sale: Loop Frame rod brake roadster. Probably an Avon or Atlast (Indian manufacture), part-for-part interchangeable with the Raleigh DL-1.

    This is a single-speed bicycle with 28" wheels and a coaster brake (so you don't have to rely on the rod brakes). Full chaincase, rear rack, new white schwalbe tires, older Brooks B72 saddle. Email for photos, details etc. Price is $250 + shipping if outside the NYC metro area.