Tender Is the Night

Coming home the other evening, I was charmed by the grace of this lovely cyclist in the Vienna twilight. With her silver flats, tutu skirt and perfect posture, she looks like a beautiful ballerina.

And on a nearby street, a woman walks her bicycle past a stationery shop, looking longingly at the illuminated display of fountain pens and leather journals.

Maybe it is the blinking lights mingling with the streetlamps, or the sound of the spokes in the dark, but there is something about bicycles and the city at night that evokes a sense of tenderness and magic.


  1. I replied to your post on the subject discussed about a series of posts on my blog,didn't know if you'd seen it.

    Vienna looks to be a beautiful place to live and ride! So many people out enjoying the bike,so many people passionate about them...warms my heart! :)

  2. Yes, sometimes I see a person cycling -- and maybe it's their outfit, maybe it's how serene they look -- but it makes me want to immediately get on a bicycle myself. Those people should get awards!


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